Is pornography bad for its consumers?

Steve Shiffrin writes at Mirror of Justice: “Wendy Maltz persuasively argues in the Psychotherapy Networker (a respected professional journal) that porn is bad for its consumers as well. Maltz decades ago used to recommend pornography to her clients. She now, together with many other analysts, has concluded that pornography distorts human relationships in very serious ways. It is a major cause of divorce and relationship difficulties. Maltz describes it as a cousin to sexual abuse . . . ”

(Warning some graphic descriptions) Wendy Maltz writes at Psychotherapy Networker via Alter Net: Is Porn Bad for You?
“Scott, a successful lawyer with a wife and two children, showed up at my office for his first session confused and angry about his relationship with pornography. He could see the damage his Internet porn habit was having on his marriage, health, and career, but he couldn’t stay away from it. His story is typical of men and women—of all ages, backgrounds, incomes, and lifestyles—who are seeking counseling for serious problems related to pornography. When I began counseling in the mid-1970s, cases like Scott’s were rare and almost inconceivable. Hardcore pornography was difficult to obtain. But in recent decades, new electronic technologies, such as cable television, computers, and iPhones, have transformed it into a product that’s available to anyone—anytime, anywhere, and often cheap or free. It’s become a substantial part of our economy, boasting annual revenues in excess of $13 billion in the United States and $100 billion worldwide . . . ”

Hat tip: Mirror of Justice