Alan E. Sears: Why is the old rugged cross so ragged on?

ADF President and CEO Alan E. Sears writing at the Christian Post:  ”Which brings us back to that curious thing about those who would cut down crosses, cover them in boxes, and sue to have them removed from even the remotest of public places. They don’t really take exception to religious expression, so much as real offense at what a cross represents. And that’s especially interesting, because what the cross traditionally represents – a godly Life, a sacrificial Death, selfless love, redeeming faith – are noble things.  Why is it so absolutely vital to so many that the symbol of these ideals be removed from our public life? Why is it so crucial that people who don’t believe are never reminded of the One they don’t believe in? Just how fragile is their atheism that it demands not just elimination of any trace of belief, but the dismantling of our most essential freedoms of faith and self-expression?”