Wisconsin and Hawaii latest marriage battlegrounds

    Baptist Press: “Supporters of traditional marriage gained a big legal win at the Wisconsin Supreme Court June 30, although both sides in the nationwide struggle over marriage’s definition now are watching Hawaii and California, two states where the next round of political and legal battles will take place. … In Hawaii, Republican Gov. Linda Lingle has until Tuesday, July 6, to make her decision on a bill that would legalize civil unions in the state. She could either sign, veto or let the bill become law without her signature.”

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“Doctor discovers possible ‘cure’ for lesbians/feminists”

    365Gay: “Dr. Maria New, of Mount Sanai School of Medicine and Florida International University, is one of the few female pediatric endocrinologists and an established member of the National Academy of the Sciences. New is currently working on an experimental hormone that is thought to prevent lesbianism and put a stop to females that have ‘abnormal’ masculine tendencies, such as disinterest in babies, childrearing, and girl’s toys, or ‘masculine’ career preferences.”

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“HUD issues guidance on LGBT housing discrimination complaints”

UK: Male forced marriage on rise

CEDAW committee elections promise more of the same in abortion promotion

NARAL wants pregnancy centers removed from internet directories

G8 countries launch global initiative on maternal health without reference to abortion

Majority of citizens in four Latin American countries oppose abortion

Reframing the abortion debate: focus on fetus

    GPB News: “More than 350 bills have been introduced in state legislatures this year to restrict abortion. At least two dozen new laws have passed. In many states, the fierce debate over abortion now centers directly on the fetus. Eighteen states now have laws requiring either that doctors perform ultrasounds before an abortion, or that women be allowed to see one. Some states want to go even further — getting doctors to describe the fetus to the mother. But Gloria Nesmith of the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta says doing an ultrasound is already routine.”

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Concerned lawyers form Chinese Rights Defense Association to protect petitioners

NRA: Kagan “should not serve on any court”

Lindsey Graham to New York Times: “I ain’t gay”

High Court rules against Christian group at California law school

Keynes vs. Hayek: The great debate continues

Australian Catholic Weekly: Same-sex adoption risks child’s rights

“Gay U.S. citizens seek to claim residency for foreign spouses”

Human Rights Campaign endorses Kagan

Vatican lawyer Jeffrey Lena on immunity and responsibility

    Vatican Radio interviews Jeffrey Lena, the California-based attorney currently representing the Holy See in the Oregon case of Holy See vs John Doe: “What the Supreme Court did was decide that it wasn’t going to address a question which we had wished to bring before it. That was a question that on the substantive law I think we were right. The United States agreed with us, but the Supreme Court simply determined that at this time, it was not interested in hearing the case. The fact that it wasn’t interested in hearing the case, as I say, did not deny immunity and was no comment on the merits of our position.”

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CA: Log Cabin Republican’s case challenges DADT

RI: Carcieri vetoes “hate crimes” expansion

School choice in the Republic of Georgia

FL: Chaplain link on fire district’s website must include disclaimer

Federal judge rules that a PA blasphemy law is unconstitutional

WI Supreme Court rejects single subject challenge to marriage amendment

Casey Mattox: Kagan and ACOG were wrong

New Swedish school law sharply restricts freedom

Law Review: Your Conscience, Your Right: A History of Efforts to Violate Pro-Life Medical Conscience, and the Laws That Stand in the Way

    M. Casey Mattox and Matthew S. Bowman, Your Conscience, Your Right: A History of Efforts to Violate Pro-Life Medical Conscience, and the Laws That Stand in the Way, The Linacre Quarterly 77(2) (May 2010): 187–197.

    Attacks on the conscience rights of health-care professionals are increasing. This stems from the seven stages of liberal legal activism which begins with the assertion that a specific (immoral) activity should not be illegal and ends with the condemnation as criminals of those who disagree with the immoral activity. The history of legal activism in the United States with regard to abortion is traced, including attempts to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions and sterilizations. These include challenges on the national and state levels with conscience-protection legislation enacted both in Congress and in state legislatures. However, these laws provide no
    explicit means by which a medical professional or institution may seek redress for a violation of their conscience. This has led to recent failures of conscience protection, such as when Catholic Charities in New York was forced to provide insurance coverage for contraceptives and a Catholic nurse was forced to assist in a twentytwo-
    week-old dismemberment abortion. The conscience protection regulations issued near the end of President Bush’s second term would be helpful in ensuring greater education about and adherence to the laws and respect for conscience rights, but the Obama Administration has proposed rescinding the Bush Administration
    regulations. Catholic Medical Association members must stand and defend their conscience rights in this time or risk the loss of those rights in the near future. The Alliance Defense Fund and its allies are ready to assist medical students, professionals, and institutions who are willing to stand in this gap and refuse to sacrifice their
    consciences to the anti-choice agenda being promoted by those who call themselves “pro-choice.”


    Adapted from a presentation delivered by M. Casey Mattox at the first annual symposium for Catholic health-care professionals, “Conscience and Ethical Dilemmas
    in Catholic Healthcare,” hosted by the Archdiocese of Baltimore Respect Life Office and Baltimore Guild of the Catholic Medical Association, Baltimore, MD, May 9, 2009. This symposium predated the deliberations on health-care reform in Congress. As this article went to press Congress passed and President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law. The impact of that bill on the longstanding conscience protections discussed here remains to be seen.

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Rep. Paul’s audit the Fed bill fails, 229-198

Burma clamps down on travelling monks

Islamically-correct “Made in Italy” products

    Europe News: “Islamically-correct ‘Made in Italy’ products that can be exported to Muslim countries and follow Italian gastronomic excellence – including tortelloni and lasagne – but also the most advanced drugs and the best cosmetic specialist products. And in order to respect, also in Italy, the Koranic laws. This is the sense of the ‘halal’ brand, sponsored by the Italian Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Development, Health and Agricultural Policy, which today at the Foreign Ministry in Rome, have signed an inter-ministerial agreement to support the Coreis initiative.”

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Kevin Theriot: Court rescues mission from religious attack

Italy confident in crucifix appeal

TN “Religious Freedom Act” may help Murfreesboro mosque

Florida school district bans Bibles on Religious Freedom Day

Britain delays new EU airport security rules over Sikh concerns

MN abortions fall for third year to new low; pro-lifers elated

    LifeNews: “The latest report on abortion issued today by the Minnesota Department of Health reveals the decrease is part of a three-year trend of fewer abortions statewide since the Positive Alternatives program has funded efforts to help pregnant women in need. The annual Abortion Report shows abortion businesses in the state reported a total of 12,388 abortions in 2009 compared with 12,948 the previous year.”

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Just cause and natural family planning

Video of Grassley to Kagan: Is marriage reserved to the states? Is Baker v. Nelson settled law?

WA: Ecclesiastical abstention doctrine does not bar negligent supervision claim against church

Overly broad zoning ordinance is prior restraint on expressive religious use of land

“ACLU Asks Government To Ensure That Religiously-Affiliated Hospitals Provide Emergency Reproductive Health Services”

Kagan evasive on partial-birth abortion memo

    National Right to Life News: “What we know for sure is, as NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson once put it, ‘The bottom line is that thousands of additional babies were mostly delivered alive and then stabbed through the back of the head, thanks to the deceptive but successful political strategy, to which Elena Kagan lent all of her considerable talents, that blocked the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act from becoming law during the Clinton Administration.’ In slip-sliding around her real role, Kagan is demonstrating the very qualities that make her critics nervous: a political adroitness at fudging her true role in providing political cover for pro-abortion Democrats.”

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Establishes Victory For Justice Gableman And The First Amendment

WSJ: The Supreme Court “erodes freedom of association”

6th Circuit: Airline did not discriminate in firing Muslim for poor performance

Maggie Gallagher: How to spot a legal progressive

N.M. can’t regulate activist groups, 10th Circuit says

“The Supreme Court rightly holds that public law schools can deny affiliation and funding to religious groups that discriminate against gay students”

Frank Turek: Judicial activism vs. liberty

The banality of Elena: “Don’t be surprised when . . . Kagan finds a constitutional right to gay marriage”

SCOTUSblog: Term’s final four decisions

The limitless power of the Obama-Kagan Congress

Reconciling religious freedom and anti-discrimination policies

Where best to be poor?

    National Center for Policy Analysis: “Forty-three percent of all poor households actually own their own homes; the average home owned by persons classified as poor by the Census Bureau is a three-bedroom house with one-and-a-half baths, a garage and a porch or patio. … The typical poor American has more living space than the average individual living in Paris, London, Vienna, Athens and other cities throughout Europe (these comparisons are to the average citizens in foreign countries, not to those classified as poor). … Seventy-eight percent have a VCR or DVD player; 62 percent have cable or satellite TV reception.”

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Kagan says Justices aren’t umpires in departure from Roberts

John Hancock: A neglected American hero

In MA, a politically correct casino debate

Google says China partially blocks search service

China launches global 24-hour English TV news

MSU: No apologies for pastor’s graduation speech

NPR discussion explores pre-Roe abortion rhetoric

    Medical News Today: “In the ‘Fresh Air’ interview, Greenhouse discussed the emergence of ‘right to choose’ rhetoric and why medical and public health communities came to support legalization of abortion. ‘It’s natural to think of the cause of abortion reform as having been … part of the second-wave feminism of the 1960s,’ but in fact it was ‘originally an issue that was put forward by the public health community,’ she said. Greenhouse also discussed early influences on the antiabortion-rights movement, including J.C. Willke’s ‘Handbook on Abortion.’”

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Sweden charges 2 with attack on cartoonist’s home

Homogenization and CLS v. Martinez

Google to add pay to cover a tax for same-sex benefits

Will Presbyterians redefine marriage

“Wis. high court upholds gay marriage ban”

Supreme Court ruling supports Hastings College of Law’s student groups policy

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds traditional marriage amendment

Sweden punishes parents choosing to homeschool child

CT: Richmond selectmen defend settlement