Obama prayer leads to sergeant being suspended

CA: Lake Forest to consider moratorium on adult businesses

Rep. Peter King has “nothing but contempt” for New York Times

King makes resolutions in Christian flag controversy

Judge Reinhardt’s memorandum opinion explaining his decision not to recuse himself in Prop 8 case

European nations begin seizing private pensions

Rasmussen: Voter Concern About Economy Hits Highest Level In Over Two Years

IRS extends tax filing deadline to April 18

    Reuters: “The Internal Revenue Service kicked off the U.S. tax filing season, announcing on Tuesday that taxpayers will have until April 18, 2011 to file their 2010 returns and pay their tax bills because of a holiday on April 15.”

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Feminist backlash to Ross Douthat’s column on abortion

    Atlantic Wire: “Douthat wrote that while some women long to have children but are biologically unable, others find themselves contemplating abortion in the midst of an unwanted pregnancy. He went on to note that adoption rates have declined since 1973–the year Roe v. Wade was decided–and lamented that so many pregnant women choose to have abortions rather than give birth and allow their children to be adopted. The column, with its implication that infertile couples and women considering abortion should just meet in the middle, has attracted no end of ire in the blogopshere. Below, a sampling of the responses.”

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Kansas: Citizens fight to keep strip club out of Jefferson County

TX: Strip clubs challenge Fort Worth law on exterior paint

Alan Sears: Mission’s impossible agenda: Taxing churches, based on attendance

Iran arrests Christian missionaries: official

Vatican responds to Egyptian imam: “No war may be waged in God’s name”

The Economist: Evan Wolfson and Maggie Gallagher debate same-sex “marriage”

    Evan Wolfson and Maggie Gallagher debate same-sex “marriage” at The Economist. Excerpt from the moderator’s remarks: “On the other side of the debate, Ms Gallagher argues that the ‘key purpose of marriage in both law and culture’ is the creation and raising of children. ‘If gay unions are marriages, then this is no longer what marriage is about,’ she says. But is this really the defining element of marriage? After all, barren women are allowed to marry. In fact, as Jonathan Rauch has pointed out, sterile heterosexual unions in America far outnumber homosexual ones. Do those relationships fall outside the marriage model?”

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We may be used to them, but provocative ads are spiritually harmful

    AISH.com / The Jewish Ethicist: “These ads are considered acceptable in modern society because imagination is considered something harmless. Fantasizing about forbidden activities is generally considered benign as long as it is not translated into action. Jewish tradition does not agree with this approach. Judaism attributes great power to the imagination, and imagining a transgression is comparable in many ways to committing one.”

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MO: St. Joseph City Council may rescind funeral protest law

Mayor Bloomberg’s office spearheaded drive for Ground Zero mosque, new docs show

Europe ups security for Copts amid online threats

Abusive priest suits force Archdiocese of Milwaukee to file for bankruptcy

UK: Women who want to be housewives won’t admit it, says new report

Australia’s Cardinal Pell blasts Christian politicians who defy Church teaching

New UN maternal health commission may promote abortion

Pro-life counselor arrested in Milwaukee pleads not guilty

States prepare “fetal pain” bills, other measures

MD: Lawmakers, regulators look at options to tighten oversight of abortion providers

UK: “We can learn something from rich girls’ abortions”

Calif. welfare code: Homosexuality inborn

9th Circuit: Mt. Soledad war memorial cross is unconstitutional

9th Circuit seeks guidance from Cal. Supreme Court in Prop 8 marriage case

2nd Circuit: TV can’t be fined for ‘NYPD Blue’ nude shot

HHS buys “ObamaCare” Google rankings

Chilean court to rule on same-sex “marriage”

“Not all gay activists support gay marriage”

Iowa’s Branstad: Judicial disregard for the Constitution isn’t grounds for impeachment

Dying with dignity hearings set to resume in Quebec

Switzerland: Doctor acquitted of assisting suicide

Philippines: Foetus found in plane bathroom

Malta: Gift of Life objects to incentives for embryo freezing

Italian court: Lesbian mother cannot be denied custody

“NC official stands by gay predators remark”

Bill Saunders: Give parents perinatal hospice option instead of abortion

Malaysia: PM’s aide blamed over Christmas crucifix removal

NYC rabbi sues Army over no-beard policy

UK: Ex-top judge warns against penalizing Christian beliefs

“Sexting” minors are target of S.C. bill

WA: Everett bans nearly-nude coffee servers

The ACLU’s untold Stalinist heritage

Pakistani governor opposing blasphemy law killed

Pro-family groups get involved in RNC debates

Obama ready to deploy executive powers against GOP Hill

Kyle Olson: Kids aren’t cars; schools shouldn’t be assembly lines

Cal Thomas: Constitutionalists vs. “Interpretationists”

    Cal Thomas writing at Townhall: “The Constitution, according to liberal thinking, was written at a time when people — including some of its signers — owned slaves and so we moderns must interpret and regularly update it, like computer software. These ‘interpretationists’ are like people who appeal to biblical authority when it appears to support their earthly agenda, but ignore it when it offends secular pursuits.”

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AALS Panel: “Ideological diversity and discrimination in American law schools”

Heritage Foundation: The fight for the filibuster

GOP governors poised to play key role in healthcare battle

Don Marquis and Michael Tooley discuss abortion on Philosophy TV

    Philosophy TV: “According to Tooley, abortion is morally permissible: a fetus is not a person, so it cannot have a right to continued existence. To support his view, he defends a neo-Lockean account of personhood grounded in psychological continuity. Against Tooley, Marquis defends an animalistic view of personhood, and argues that most instances of abortion are wrong for the same reason that killing you or me would be wrong: an abortion deprives a fetus of a future of value.”

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Underlying tensions behind Egyptian church bombing discussed

White women lead surge of Britons converting to Islam

Severed head hung from bridge in Tijuana, Mexico, tunnel to U.S. found

“Uganda court rules media cannot out gay Ugandans”

Delay sought in DADT repeal litigation

Daniel Pipes: Is Saudi Arabia opening up?

Oil drilling stalled by bureaucracy even after ban is lifted

Pope denounces vile acts against Christians in Iraq, Egypt; imam criticizes interference

    Vatican Radio: “‘An offense against God and all humanity’, that is how Pope Benedict XVI has described the New Year’s eve bombing of a Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria, Egypt, and the ongoing campaign of violence against Christians in Iraq. Speaking to a densely packed St Peter’s Square after the Sunday Angelus prayer, the Pope spoke of his sorrow and pain on hearing news of the latest spate of killings targeting Christians communities.”

    AGI: “The imam of Al-Azhar condemned the Alexandria attack but criticised the Pope’s ‘interference.’”

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LiveLeak: Muslims chant “Allahu Akbar” after car bomb kills 21 Christians

Casey Mattox: First Amendment Bowl Picks IV — Orange, Sugar, et al.

A Penn. push for parental involvement rights

HUD: ‘Christian roommate’ ad okay

Survivor of Iraqi church siege killed in robbery

UK: Study: “Straight men kissing more” and “spooning”

“Barcelona to erect monument to gays and lesbians”

Designer Genes

Legal Periodical by Ian T. Benson: Is Canada Moving Towards or Away from Religious Inclusivity in the Public Sphere?

    Ian T. Benson, Is Canada Moving Towards or Away from Religious Inclusivity in the Public Sphere? (May 18, 2010). Religion in the Public Square in Canada Conference, Rome, Italy, May 2010 (hosted by the Canadian Embassy, Vatican See). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1654365

    “In recent years, the Canadian judiciary has played an increasingly prominent role in determining the place of religion in the public sphere. Some of their decisions have led to greater religious inclusivity, while some have led to an increasing marginalization of religious communities. This paper examines the impact of some of these decisions on the public dimension of religious life. It considers the role of freedom of religion, equality, faith and belief in the lives of both religious and nonreligious citizens. It argues that the role of law is not to promote a single, monolithic conception of citizenship, but instead to foster a diverse and tolerant multicultural society that protects the sanctity of its citizens’ beliefs. Consequently, the public sphere may be best understood as a realm of competing belief systems, all of which must be accorded proper respect.”

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