Same-sex “marriage” and the incubation of Big Brother

    “The fact is that the progression of laws allowing same-sex marriage requires the regression of laws that recognize and promote familial bonding between birth-parents and their children. Court rulings for same-sex marriage have already relegated children to a more peripheral role in defining the state’s interest in marriage.This leaves a vacuum inevitably to be filled by the state itself. With an ever diminishing role for birth-parents, the state is sure to produce ever more laws defining the parent-child relationship.”

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71 Congressmen Ask Sebelius to Come Clean on Telemed Abortion Funding

California Elementary School Changes Course After Banning Christian Song From Talent Show

2nd imam is out at Islamic center near WTC site

Pro-family group puts pressure on European Court over notorious homeschooling case

Utah lawmaker aims to up abortion clinic checks

VA: House passes bill permitting prayers in schools

    Gazette-Virginian: HJ 593 would add the following to the Virginia Constitution:

    “Amends current free exercise of religion provisions of the Virginia Constitution to permit prayer and the recognition of religious beliefs, heritage, and traditions on public property, including public schools in order to secure further the people’s right to acknowledge God. The amendment also prohibits (i) the composing of school prayers by the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions, and (ii) requiring persons to join in prayer or other religious activity. The current free exercise of religion provisions of the Virginia Constitution mirror those in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and provide for the free exercise of religion and prohibit compelling persons to participate in religious activity.”

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Utah: Bill Says Marriage Ordained By God

AP: “Transgender activists face multiple challenges”

Unionizing TSA ‘a pretty bad idea’

Two die in prison and over 100 detained in church raids in Eritrea

Two Candidates for D.C. Federal Court Head to Full Senate

Albert Mohler, Jr.: Moral Collapse at Ms. Magazine – Sex-Selection Abortion as a ‘Problem’

“Gay groups to release transgender bias study”

Senate panel OKs Santa Clara judge for U.S. court

Virginia Senate Dems kill several pro-life bills

Georgia: Legislator wants to ban abortions after 20 weeks

N.J. Assembly panel advances pilot school choice bill

Justice Ginsburg Says She Won’t Retire Before 2012; Hints She May Stay Until 2016

‘Better-Faster-Cheaper’ Work Model for Lawyers Has Led to Burnout, NY Bar Report Says

Wyoming marriage bill advances in Senate Committee

New anti-government protests in Albania

ACLU threatens to sue Georgia over immigration bills; first hearing on bill to get under way

Three More Videos Show Planned Parenthood Helping Sex Traffickers

More Bishops speak out against Saskatchewan marriage commissioner ruling

South Dakota bill mandates pregnancy help center counselling before abortion decisio

WA: Pro-lifers pack hearings on bill targeting crisis pregnancy centers

Battle to De-Fund Abortion, Obamacare Starts Next Week

Obama Officials Consider Requiring Insurers to Offer Free Contraceptives

Rasmussen: Most Adults Think Movies Hurt Society, Lead To More Violence

Rasmussen: 32% of Voters Are Both Fiscal and Social Conservatives

Antonin Scalia: European Union and European Court of Human Rights are undemocratic

Gallup: Americans Split on Desired Influence of Organized Religion

Groups Condemn Congressman’s Criticism of Muslim Colleague

Break-Away Anglican Diocese Not Entitled To Episcopal Diocese Property

Thomas More Law Center Appeals Conviction of Young Christian Missionary Arrested at Dearborn Arab Festival

Is Higher Education a Public Good?

New Jersey Gov. Christie Vetoes Planned Parenthood Funding Bill

Russell D. Moore: Where Have All the Presbyterians Gone? Nondenominational churches are the fastest growing in the country.

    Russell D. Moore writes at the Wall Street Journal: Fewer and fewer American Christians, especially Protestants, strongly identify with a particular religious communion—Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, etc. According to the Baylor Survey on Religion, nondenominational churches now represent the second largest group of Protestant churches in America, and they are also the fastest growing. More and more Christians choose a church not on the basis of its denomination, but on the basis of more practical matters. Is the nursery easy to find? Do I like the music? Are there support groups for those grappling with addiction?

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Michelle Malkin: The Interior Department’s Culture of Contempt

    Michelle Malkin writes at Townhall: The second deepwater drilling ban (which oil spill czar Michael Bromwich admitted was “roughly congruent with the original moratorium”) was “lifted” in October, but still no permits were issued. This is because Team Obama’s eco-radicals never intend to approve them.

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Tennessee Proposes to Neuter Teachers Unions

L.A. boy can use religious song at school talent show

French High Court Affirms Traditional Marriage

    C-FAM: A similar legal campaign may not be far off for France, since the case is “ripe for review by the Strasburg court,” according to Roger Kiska, Legal Counsel at the Alliance Defense Fund. However, he foresees no chance of the European Court of Human Rights being able to successfully challenge the Council’s decision. According to Kiska, a same-sex marriage case was brought before the court already, which resulted in a ruling that it is “within a state’s margin of appreciation to decide upon its own family laws.” The French Council’s decision that the difference in treatment in family laws is justified falls within the “margin of appreciation” outlined in the European court’s ruling, and thus the Court should be unable to challenge France’s decision

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Firefighters Win Case Over Forced Participation in Homosexual Parade

School Reverses Ban on ‘Jesus’ Talent Show Song

Mike Adams back in court

Baltimore Judge’s Ruling Helpful to Other Pregnancy Centers, Says ADF

Church and State (Universities)

    Inside Higher Ed: The American Council on Education, joined by six other national higher education groups, is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hear an appeal of a lower court’s finding that the University of Wisconsin at Madison improperly denied funding for some activities of a Roman Catholic student group . . . Jordan Lorence, senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, which sued the university on behalf of Badger Catholic and works on behalf of religious individuals and organizations, criticized the higher education groups for their stance on the case. “It’s very disappointing that this brief was written because the universities are basically asking the Supreme Court to be free of the First Amendment when it comes to equal access to facility use and equal access to student fee money,” Lorence said. “To allow a university to pick and choose between the private groups it will support on campus is diametrically opposed to the First Amendment.” . . .

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Christian educator at center of 1st Amendment case

Virginia to seek immediate appeal to SCOTUS on health law