Chile Gets Pro-Life Award; Opposing Abortion, Helping Women

Paul Benjamin Linton legal analysis: President overlooked Supreme Court ruling, Baker v. Nelson, in refusing to defend DOMA

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Mourns Passing of Senior Judge Cynthia Holcomb Hall

Abortion Centers in Texas Evade Laws, Dump Records and Waste

Australia: Scripture Union website informs public debate on school chaplaincy

Calif AG asks court to lift “gay marriage” stay

Utah bills to make elective abortion more difficult under debate

Alabama Teachers Sue over Law Criminalizing Use of Union Dues for Political Activity

TN: ACLU says critical thinking undermines confidence in evolution

Prospects for NC marriage amendment looking good

Maryland Catholic leaders urge continued fight against marriage redefinition

Unborn child to ‘testify’ on OH abortion bill

About those ‘laws that would OK killing abortion providers’

    Pajamas Media: Americans United for Life Vice President of Legal Affairs Denise Burke tells the “anti-life media once again got their facts wrong” in reporting about AUL’s “Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act.” She said the model legislation seeks to ensure that a pregnant woman and her unborn child are protected from criminal violence and that her decision to carry her child to term is respected and that the model legislation was drafted in direct response to the well-documented and growing problem of pregnancy-related violence against women.

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Virginia: Abortion clinics fear new law could shut them down

Same-Sex Unions in Peru: A Long Shot, Except at Roiling the Presidential Race

Patrick J. Buchanan: Why Gov. Scott Walker Must Win

Proposed bill may quiet conversation on homosexuality

EU court bans insurance sex discrimination

House GOP Leader Won’t Rule Out Funding Planned Parenthood in Final CR

Walter E. Williams: Public Employee Unions

RI: Union takes action against school board

Australia: MPs attack Bible ‘madness’

Federal Report: Almost Half the Babies Aborted in NYC Were Black

Rev. Sirico: Commentary on Catholics and Unions

Unethical Patent for Human Embryo Manipulation

David French: “Intolerance in Wisconsin: The University’s Role”

Will Md. Marriage be Decided by Voters?

Planned Parenthood opponents change approach on ordinance

Chile presented with Int’l Protect Life Award by ADF, pro-life organizations at U.N.

Neb. Legislature begins debate on abortion bill

Fidel Castro expected to resign as Cuba party chief

The Schools the Big Firms Love: U of Chicago, Harvard

    Am Law Daily: The NLJ’s annual survey of “go-to” law schools shows that the University of Chicago Law School had the highest percentage (58.97 percent) of 2010 graduates end up at NLJ 250 firms. Cornell Law School (58.33 percent) was not far behind. Columbia Law School and the University of Pennsylvania Law School also can boast that a majority of graduates landed at top firms.

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Top Firms Drawing Fewer Top Law School Grads

In boost for GOP plan, Fed chief says cuts won’t derail recovery

Obama Admin Appeals Judge’s Ruling on Pro-Abortion Obamacare

China tightens media controls amid protest calls

EU justice chief: company boards need more women

“DOJ sticks to its guns on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

China’s holdings of US debt larger than reported

Don’t Forget About All Those CA Obama Voters Who Provided Prop. 8 Victory Margin

Judge: Gosnell Can’t Avoid Civil Lawsuit in Botched Abortion

Brett Harvey: The Facade of Independence

Now government wants to control tidiness of churches

    Bob Unruh writes at WorldNetDaily: But the ADF said the trouble started because the church “treats seriously the God-given call to help the poor and disadvantaged…” “So this church opened its facilities to help those in need with food and a place to stay. On several occasions, this church opened its doors to people who lost their home, were currently homeless, or otherwise unable to find a place to live. This church provided food for those who were hungry. It had a closet where it kept food to give away to those in need. In essence, this church decided that merely talking about doing God’s will was not going to cut it. It put its faith in action and actually used its facilities to carry out God’s command to care for the needy,” the organization confirmed. “The city also made such illogical conclusions that while using a church room to talk about caring for the homeless would serve a religious purpose, actually caring for the homeless in that room would not serve a religious purpose,” the ADF said. In its tax appeal for 2008, the ADF argues the church is entitled to the full benefit of tax exemptions for churches.

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David French: “All Our Destinies: Why I’m a Calvinist”

    David French writes at Patheos: “I don’t feel closer to God,” I said, “but I do know that I depend utterly on Him for the next breath of life in my body and for the breath of life in my wife and children.” Some people call that fatalistic. But that misunderstands the difference between fate and Providence. Christ is the author and finisher of our faith, and that means there is plan, a story, a purpose—one that we cannot discern and will not discern until that day when we know as we are known. Events don’t just happen; they unfold and are revealed according to the plan of a loving God.

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Is DOMA really dead?

“U.S. resists gay DOMA claim”

Charles G. Koch: Why Koch Industries Is Speaking Out

Vitter: One drilling permit is not enough

Obama Offers Flexibility to Implement Single Payer Faster

    Heritage Foundation: President Barack Obama knows all of this, which is why he told the visiting National Governors Association at the White House yesterday that he supports changing the date that states can begin applying for waivers from some Obamacare mandates from 2017 up to 2014. Specifically, the President endorsed legislation by Senators Ron Wyden (D–OR) and Scott Brown (R–MA), claiming: “It will give you flexibility more quickly while still guaranteeing the American people reform.” President Obama is at least half right here. Wyden–Brown would give states some flexibility—but only the flexibility to implement a government take over of health care faster.

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Obama, DOMA, and Constitutional Responsibility

Corporate Tax Rate Is Major Barrier to Economic Growth

NY: “Panel Finds Canadian Gay Marriage Valid in Probate Case”

Rutgers Dorms Going Co-Ed After Student’s Suicide

A Union Education: What Wisconsin reveals about public workers and political power

Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash

    Washington Times: Evidence outlined in a Pentagon contractor report suggests that financial subversion carried out by unknown parties, such as terrorists or hostile nations, contributed to the 2008 economic crash by covertly using vulnerabilities in the U.S. financial system. The unclassified 2009 report “Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses” by financial analyst Kevin D. Freeman, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times, states that “a three-phased attack was planned and is in the process against the United States economy.”

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