Political earthquake? Social conservatives awaken to the public union menace

Family Research Council’s Washington Update (3/10/11) carries a report titled: The Dues and Don’ts of Union Membership. It indicates:

While some see it as a messy fight over worker rights, others see it as a fight for democracy . . . As shocking as yesterday’s riots were, it’s even more stunning how many Americans don’t make the connection between the Left and the unions. While members are faithfully sending in their dues, some of them have no idea that their leaders are not focused on making America competitive–but using their power to underwrite an agenda most of them would never support. From labor to education, unions have been walking in lock-step with the liberal agenda and this administration. We witnessed it with ObamaCare, as unions spent millions endorsing a law that many have since been exempted from. At the National Education Association (NEA), the radical politicking is legendary. The NEA officially supports same-sex “marriage,” abortion, and more recently, kids’ programs on sexual satisfaction. It even has its own Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Caucus. When Planned Parenthood made headlines for supporting child prostitution, Service Employees International Union rushed to the organization’s defense. Of course, these organizations don’t go out of their way to tell members about their positions, because they know a majority would oppose them! It’s time we started pulling back the curtain on the real union agenda so that more Americans understand where their dues are going.