‘Being gay is a sin’: Swedish Salvation Army

Navy says chaplains may perform same-sex unions

Young, mentally ill Christian man arrested for blasphemy in Punjab

Boehner says ‘trillions’ in cuts loom on debt vote

“Gay donors fuel President Obama’s 2012 campaign”

“Gay student claims harassment at Christian college”

UK: Disabled people fear change in the assisted suicide law

Missouri Pro-Lifers Worried About Tax-Funded Human Cloning

LifeNews: European Law Doesn’t Force Czech Republic to Offer Abortions

Akin for some accountability: Military ignores DOMA

Va. AG Ken Cuccinelli: Reasserting Federalism in Defense of Liberty

    IMPRIMIS reprint of Va. AG Ken Cuccinelli speech: Let me explain a bit about our lawsuit. Our first legal argument is that the government’s attempt to use the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to mandate the purchase of a private product—in this case, health insurance—goes beyond Congress’s power. The reason there has never been a mandate like this in all of American history is because, up until now, everyone knew Congress lacked the power to impose one. I often give the example of the colonial period, when the colonists were boycotting British goods while demanding that King George III and Parliament repeal the Stamp Act and the Intolerable Acts. I am sure it was to the king’s dismay, but his own lawyer—the solicitor general—told Parliament that the boycott was legal under British law. In other words, the colonists could not be forced to buy British goods.

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Charisma: Cheap Foreign Abortions Challenged in Czech Republic

Gronstal: Legislation to block a Nebraska abortion doctor likely

U.S. Olympic official forced to resign due to support for marriage

Elizabeth Marquardt: When Scholars are Afraid to Say What’s True

Christian Colleges Are Latest Target of Homosexual Activists

NY: Advocates of marriage redefinition bus supporters to Albany

India’s Supreme Court suspends ruling on disputed Ayodhya holy site

Vote on DOJ’s Cole Is Another Test on Filibusters

Forsyth Prayer Case Heading to Court

Ed Whalen: More DOMA Sabotage by Eric Holder

Abortion and Federalism

Efforts by GOP lawmakers to curtail private-union powers faltering in most state capitols

Arab Christians moving from Muslim communities

Iowa lawmaker says compromise abortion bill in works to block proposed Council Bluffs clinic

“Gay men nearly twice as likely to have cancer, study finds”

    MSNBC: However, the findings do not necessarily mean that being gay, lesbian or bisexual increases risk of cancer, said study researcher Ulrike Boehmer, of the Boston University School of Public Health . . . The study was published online today (May 9) in the journal Cancer . . .

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Quebec judge orders three-year-old into daycare for ‘socialization’

Gov. Jan Brewer wants Supreme Court to overturn SB 1070 ruling

Iowa Senate Leader under pressure over abortion support

Religious freedom in political sphere being eroded by secularism: Vatican

Newt Gingrich to Announce Republican Presidential Bid Wednesday

Herman Cain Expected to Formally Launch GOP Prez Bid Soon

Minnesota newspapers hurl insults as they oppose the marriage amendment

Justice Dept. to Continue Policy Against Same-Sex Marriage

Court Denies TRO In Establishment Clause Challenge To Tennessee School System Practices

Egypt Clashes Turn Spotlight on Radicals

Swiss group wants easier suicides for elderly

Church burning deepens tumult of Egypt transition

Charlotte Observer: Retail Notes

    Charlotte Observer (includes large photo): Chapman Cox, a retired lawyer and former general counsel of the U.S. Department of Defense, recently joined the McIntosh Law Firm of Davidson as a legal assistant consulting its lawyers on managing the firm’s estate planning and probate practice . . . Cox, a Marine Corps officer, also served as assistant secretary of the Navy and assistant secretary of Defense. He is chairman of the Alliance Defense Fund and trustee of several private trusts . . .

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Forsyth prayer case heading to court

4th Circuit Set to Hear Appeal of Legislative Prayer Injunction

Closing the door on education innovation: Nationalization of the K-12 curriculum

China blocks outspoken author’s Australia trip

Fresh religious tensions brewing in Malaysia

“Gay rights papers” on display at the Library of Congress

High unemployment in battleground states could hamper Obama’s campaign

Christians protest violence in Cairo demonstration

Libraries’ porn policy lets kids sneak a peek