Pakistan: Muslim businessman uses blasphemy law against Christian rival

Chinese children “confiscated” and sold for adoption

Nebraska bill to limit telemedicine abortions moves forward

Jordan Lorence: Stanford Law School Debates Whether The Constitution’s Protection for Interracial Marriages Compels Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

Jordan Lorence: Breaking News – Minnesota Senate Approves Marriage Amendment

Erik Stanley: Three Years into the Pulpit Initiative – Has the IRS Responded?

Geron Uses Dangerous Embryonic Stem Cell Derivatives Again

UK: Judge demands review of damaging divorce laws

US to spend $30m fighting internet censorship

“Ugandan parliament yet to debate bill that would jail gay people for life”

RI: Lawmakers set to hear civil union bill

Reid defends labor board’s decision, cites Founding Fathers

    The Hill: Reid said the NLRB “acts as a check on employers and employees alike” and is consistent with the “spirit of checks and balances” established by the Founding Fathers. Reid’s defense comes as Republicans have gone on the attack against the NLRB over a complaint issued earlier this year that faulted Boeing for opening a new factory for its Dreamliner 787 fleet in South Carolina.

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News, Swedish parliament votes to campaign against conscientious objection to abortion

Psychologists: internet porn ‘encourages sex offenders’

UK: PM backs Christian political involvement

ACLU Demands That Two Public School Districts in Little Rock Stop Censoring LGBT Websites

TN: White County Schools ends Gideon Bible handout after ACLU complaint

Appeal For “Kidnapped” Swedish Homeschooler Draws Supporters

Liberty Counsel: Liberty University Challenge to ObamaCare Argued at Court of Appeals

    Liberty Counsel: Staver said, “To hear the Acting Solicitor General admit that if the court upheld this massive health insurance law, then Congress could force individuals to purchase certain kinds of food was an astonishing, but true, admission. If ObamaCare is upheld, then Congress would no longer have any limitations on its regulatory power. Today it is health insurance, and tomorrow it could be food, transportation, or housing. Big Brother would be able to be the CEO of every business and dictate our private choices. The implications are staggering. This law is the beginning of centralized government. The stakes in the outcome of this case could not be higher.”

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ADF: Got free speech at Ariz. colleges? Only if you’ve got money, two weeks

Charisma: Prayer Censorship Case Hits Appellate Court

    Charisma Online: In other words, the ACLU and AU are advocating censorship,” says Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) Senior Legal Counsel Brett Harvey. “They do not wish to allow private citizens invited by the board to express themselves consistent with the dictates of their own conscience.” . . . In a country whose founders opened public meetings with prayer, its public officials should be able to do the same. Nor should they be forced to whitewash the prayers of those invited to offer them simply because secularist groups don’t like people praying according to their own conscience,” says ADF Allied Attorney Mike Johnson. “We are confident that the 4th Circuit will acknowledge our nation’s heritage of prayer above the unfounded arguments to eradicate it.”

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House passes bill to speed up oil drilling

U.S. religious freedom head silent on Egypt

“Gay ‘marriage’ has no foundation in law say Irish family groups”

Kansas city commissioners vote to repeal gender identity policy

Attorney: Imams Will Sue Airlines

“Transgender Illinoisians Sue State Over Birth Certificates”

Reuters: “China signals greater tact on rights disputes with U.S.”

4th Circuit Judges Ask: Can Virginia Sue Over Obamacare?

Minnesota legislator threatens priest with IRS for defending marriage, then backs down

NY: “New Bill Supporting Same-Sex Marriage Is Introduced in Assembly”

N.C. poised to shift on abortion

Feds Re-affirm Illegal Students’ Right to Attend Schools

4th Circuit Dem appointees signal they are likely to uphold Obamacare

Senators Confirm Former ACLU Lawyer for Judgeship; Some Republicans Vote to Confirm

US. China make significant progress in talks

Missourians Will Vote On Expanding Free Exercise Clause In State Constitution

Somali Islamists briefly seize Puntland town

Korean Bible instructor held following China raid

Obama Schmoozes With Planned Parenthood President at Fundraiser

Forbes Predicts U.S. Gold Standard Within 5 Years

Easy outing for health care law?

Boeing Is Pro-Growth, Not Anti-Union

Michael Reagan: NLRB vs. Boeing — Tyranny vs. Freedo

    Michael Reagan at Townhall: Restriction of movement — telling citizens or groups they cannot travel or relocate freely. We are now witnessing a shocking example of that dictatorial practice at the hands of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which is insisting that a major U.S. employer may not move some of its operations from one state to another because to do so might somehow violate workers’ rights.

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Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) approves change in ordination standard to allow “same-gender” relationships

Navy halts move to allow “gay unions” by chaplains

Judge Refuses to Block Indiana Law De-funding Planned Parenthood

Legal Periodical: “Verbal Poison–Criminalizing Hate Speech: A Comparative Analysis And A Proposal For The American System”

Legal Periodical: “The Religious Land Use And Institutionalized Persons Act: A Perspective On The Unreasonable Limitations Provision”

    Yusuf Z. Malik, The Religious Land Use And Institutionalized Persons Act: A Perspective On The Unreasonable Limitations Provision, 78 Tenn. L. Rev. 531 (Winter 2011)

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Law Review: Disentangling Child Pornography from Child Sex Abuse

Legal Periodical: “Constitutional Protection Of ‘Sexting’ In The Wake Of Lawrence: The Rights Of Parents And Privacy”

Legal Periodical: “Adult Entertainment And Zoning: A Starting Point For Adopting Or Updating Adult Business Ordinances”

Legal Periodical: Tradition as Justification: The Case of Opposite-Sex Marriage

Burr chosen over DeMint for Finance seat

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) has selected Sen. Richard Burr (R., N.C.) to fill Ensign’s slot, sources confirm.

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