4th Circuit sides with W.Va. school that suspended student for bullying classmate online

Australia: “Same sex marriage debate divides Labor”

Court gives Colombia Congress 2 years to redefine marriage

Abortion via Videoconference?

Albany priest named chief of army chaplains

    Catholic Culture: Father Donald Rutherford, a priest of the Diocese of Albany, has been named the US Army’s chief of chaplains. Father Rutherford, who holds the rank of major general, served in his diocese from 1981 until 1990, when Bishop Howard Hubbard released him for military service.

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UK: Doctors can pray with their patients, says medics group

Abortionist admits: babies sometimes born alive and left ‘wiggling around in the toilet’

Health Care Battle Reaches Supreme Court

Nebraska Abortions Down 10% Thanks to Fetal Pain Abortion Ban

NY: Court Rejects Vaccination Exemption Claim

Arizona Announces Large Housing Discrimination Settlement for Islamic Discrimination

Watchdogs: IRS rules mask political groups

Michael Medved: The “Gay History Law” Elevates the Irrelevant

Senate Committee Expected to Vote on Pro-Abortion Steve Six

Controversial law prof rejected by U.S. Senate might sit on Cal. Supreme Court for Prop. 8 arguments

ADF considering all options for appeal in embryonic stem cell funding case

Why is biggest U.S. creditor getting U.S. grants?

Barna Describes Religious Changes Among Busters, Boomers, and Elders Since 1991

    The Barna Group: The three oldest generational segments of America’s population have been actively redefining their faith over the past two decades. A new analysis of Barna Group data from nationwide tracking surveys covering the last two decades reveals that in regard to 14 religious variables examined, each of the generational segments has experienced significant change concerning about half of those variables.

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Judge Dismisses Suit Against Obama Embryonic Stem Cell Funding

Expert Attorney: No Sex Discrimination in Single-Sex Dorms at Catholic University

Pro-Market Group Victorious in Albuquerque Public Funding Challenge

Austin R. Nimocks: One Man, One Woman, and the Common Good: Marriage’s Public Purpose

U.S. Dept. of State: Return of Father Nguyen Van Ly to Prison in Vietnam

America’s Marriage Debate Depends on Civil Society

Flyers OK’ed…find ‘em in the office

Greg Scott: Sen. Franken Appeals to .00001% in Hearings on ‘No Respect for Marriage Act’

‘Instant churches’ convert public schools to worship spaces

UK: Pole Dancing Class For 7-Year-Olds Slammed