Iowa Dems worried about marriage issue in critical Senate race after Supremes thrown out of office

ThinkProgress LGBT: Democrats Quiet On Marriage Equality In Key Iowa Senate Election
“Cindy Golding, the Republican candidate for District 18, has said she would support holding a popular vote on marriage equality, while her Democratic challenger, former news anchor Liz Mathis, has thus far avoided the issue . . . ”

The Daily Iowan: Iowa Senate vote could re-spark gay marriage issue

Radio Iowa: Race for open state Senate seat is heating up
When pressed, the Democrat candidate Mathis limits her comments to supporting the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision declaring Iowa’s law banning same sex marriage as unconstitutional. Republican candidate . . . Goldring says her personal stance is not the issue. “I believe the issue is that the people of Iowa need to vote on it and we need to put the issue to rest, because it is a very divisive issue and we have so many issues in this state that are much more important for our economy, for the families, for business, that this issue needs to be put to rest,” Golding says. She says we need to vote on it and get on with business.

Public Policy Polling on Iowa marriage amendment – October 14th