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  • Posted: 11/28/2011
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China looking to snap up EU factories, railways

Homosexual flag hoisted over Oxford University college

Canadian polygamy case likely to be appealed | The Christian Institute

Australia: “Left believes it has numbers to change policy on same-sex marriage”

A Matter of Conscience

Erik Stanley: City Settles ADF Lawsuit by Exempting Churches from “Driveway Tax”

Richard W. Garnett: Why to scrap the contraception mandate

Supreme Court refuses to resolve confusion over restitution for child porn victims

Hard times for law firms spell pro bono cuts

ACLU pro-religious symbols?

Islamic leaders demand that new Libyan constitution be based on Shariah law

Brazil government seeks to shut down Catholic TV network in ongoing conflict over abortion

Mexican presidential front-runner opposes government protection for unborn

Will Evangelicals Stand Up for Religious Liberty?

NYT Editorial expresses dismay that Obama considers accomodating Catholic conscience on contraception

Nigeria Militants Kill Children Of Christian Convert, Missionaries Say

MI: Nurse Says He Was Fired Over Treating Muslim Women

Nigerian town and churches burn in Islamist sect attack: police

At UN Vatican reaffirms stance against condoms for HIV/AIDS prevention – Analysis

Abortion Nearly Triples Breast Cancer Risk, New Study Finds

New Jersey nurses charge religious discrimination over hospital abortion policy | The Washington Post

Is There a Retirement Crisis?

Health-care case brings fight over which Supreme Court justices should decide it

Planned Parenthood Prez: Most Difficult Year in Our History

Attorney: Canada ‘dodges a bullet’

Madison Prep v. Freedom From Religion Foundation

Will demographic shifts save Obama in 2012? | The Washington Post

The Future of the Obama Coalition: Abandon the White Working Class |

Legal Periodical: Acculturation Through the Middle Ages: The Islamic Law of Nations and its Place in the History of International Law

Kuwait cabinet resigns amid political crisis | Al Jazeera English

300 In Maldives Protest UN Human Rights Commissioner’s Speech

Christian Worker At Heathrow Sues Over Treatment By Muslim Co-Workers

Republican presidential field shows diverse views on foreign policy

Nate Kellum: “Xmas Doesn’t Convey the Hope of Christmas”

Steven Aden: Abortion Discount on Sundays

Number of N.J. residents receiving food stamps doubled in last four years

Asian women now reject marriage

Janet M. LaRue: Obama’s Thanksgiving Proclamation Strikingly Different From Predecessors’

Alan E. Sears: Give Thanks to America: God Shed His Grace on Thee

    ADF President and General Counsel Alan E. Sears at Townhall : So as we approach Thanksgiving, we must remember that we do so as a nation rich with history surrounding this holiday. And when we sit round our tables full of plenty, especially in these trying economic times, we ought to bow our heads and hearts to God as did colonial Americans and American statesmen gone before us. Truly, we are fortunate to live here, and not in some communist regime where our land is not our own. And surely we are blessed to have our daily bread…and some Turkey and dressing, too.

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Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B

“Bay Area couple at center of federal gay rights showdown” | San Jose Mercury News

Two men seeking right to preach at Duluth light fest | Post Bulletin

Pastor, church in Oklahoma threatened with death, destruction for standing against homosexuality

TX: Judge likely to allow recall election to proceed

Morocco’s Arab Spring election won by Islamists

China ‘keen’ to invest in West’s infrastructure

More kids skip school shots in 8 states

“Top Marine says service embracing gay ban repeal”

Rep. Barney Frank won’t seek re-election

Ohio Third-Grader Weighing 200 Pounds Placed in Foster Care

    An eight-year-old Ohio boy who weighs more than 200 pounds was taken from his family last month and placed in foster care after social workers said his mother was not doing enough to control his weight, The Plain Dealer reported.

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Legal Periodical by Douglas Laycock: Government-Sponsored Religious Displays: Transparent Rationalizations and Expedient Post-Modernism

Legal Periodical: The Religious Liberty of Judges