Wendy Wright: “Triparenting” Hogwash Slapped Down

“Cuomo Fund Fills With Money From Thankful Gay Donors” | NYTimes.com

TIME: “Zach Wahls: Iowa Teen’s Pro-Gay Marriage Speech Leads to Online Fame”

European Court: Internet providers can’t be forced to monitor users

Nova Scotia: Sexting teens warned about child porn

Andy Stern: “China’s Superior Economic Model” | WSJ.com

    Andy Stern at WSJ.com: Andy Grove, the founder and chairman of Intel, provocatively wrote in Businessweek last year that, “Our fundamental economic beliefs, which we have elevated from a conviction based on observation to an unquestioned truism, is that the free market is the best of all economic systems—the freer the better. Our generation has seen the decisive victory of free-market principles over planned economies. So we stick with this belief largely oblivious to emerging evidence that while free markets beat planned economies, there may be room for a modification that is even better.”

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Zhai Meiqing at the forefront of Chinese philanthropy

Russia must ban ‘disgusting’ gay propaganda, says deputy PM

Archbishop Nichols responds to critics of his civil unions approach | Catholic News Agency

IL: “City rushes adult business law”

Speaker squanders taxpayer money on ‘equality’ crest

Kan. lawsuits on abortion rules moving slower

“England’s top Catholic bishop endorses gay civil unions” | LifeSiteNews.com

LSN reporter Matthew Hoffman speaks to Brazilians about dangers of homosexual movement

U.S. group campaigns for constitutional amendment to protect parental rights – video

Thousands Rally to Demand School Choice at NJ Legislature

Florida bishop would end health coverage rather than obey Obama contraceptive mandate

America’s Public Sector Union Dilemma

    Lee E. Ohanian at American Enterprise Institute: There may be considerable savings from state and local government reforms that systematically develop competitive compensation analyses. Bringing public sector wages closer in line with private sector wages by reducing them by 5 percent can reduce state fiscal deficits considerably. Compensation analyses should also take into account other beneficial components of public sector employment, including much greater job security. Public sector unions must understand that taxpayers will no longer accept uncompetitive agreements with unions.

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“Anti-abortion activists want to bring ‘personhood’ fight to Ohio ballot”

Minnesota Abortion Clinic to Close: First in State in Two Decades

OR Congressional Race: Cornilles details abortion positions after coming under Democratic attack

Gingrich: Life begins at implantation

Kan. lawsuits on abortion rules moving slower

Steven Aden: My iPhone won’t help me kill my baby

UK: Prayers banned from Gloucestershire County Council meetings

UK: Tradition of prayers before council meetings under threat after legal challenge

Christian groups set up Nativity scene at Supreme Court premises

Irish government forms panel to review abortion law

Major Canadian paper demands gay-straight clubs in Catholic schools

Lamar Smith: The White House needs to come clean on Elena Kagan and the Affordable Care Act

D.C. Cir.: Cloture filed on Halligan nomination

Michael Brown: The educational assault on innocence

    OneNewsNow.com: Did you hear about New York City’s comprehensive drug education program for all students in middle school and high school? The teachers inform the students that abstaining from drug use is best, but since it’s impossible to stop them from doing drugs, the teachers give out cards that list the most common drugs, explaining which are the most dangerous. They also distribute needles to kids who are involved in shooting drugs to help them avoid getting contaminated needles, thereby reducing their chances of contracting or passing on communicable diseases.

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IN: Evansville adds sexual orientation to nondiscrimination ordinance

Australia: Julia Gillard loses on same-sex “marriage” despite win on surplus

Court Rebuffs New Claims By Officer Disciplined For Refusing To Attend Event At Mosque

South Dakota High Court says statute of limitations bars alleged 40 year old clergy abuse

The Rhetoric of Chastity: Making Abstinence Sexy

Swedish academic argues for triparenting

“Salvador Dallies in Gay Rights”

Judge Put Off Ruling On Same Sex Pension Case – KTVI

Posner Opinion Includes Ostrich Photo to Portray Lawyers Who Ignore Precedent

ACLU: The whole world is watching – and videoing – and it’s legal

Pelosi Calls Catholic Bishops “Lobbyists” For Obamacare Concerns

Complaint against ‘discriminatory’ single-sex dorms at Catholic U. tossed out

Minister: China wants to invest in US roads, rails

HHS urged to reject report on essential benefits

Ultraconservative Islamists make gains in Egypt

EPA Proposes Ban on Rat and Mouse Poisons

Muslim Brotherhood Takes Elections by Storm

U.S. Jobless Rate Unexpectedly Declines to 8.6%