“N.J. gay couple fight for custody of twin 5-year-old girls”

ADF: Court suspends city of Duluth’s First Amendment ban

China to Restructure North Korea

UNFPA Armenia Report: 7,000 Women Have Sex-Selective Abortions Preferring Boys

The Marriage Economy: ‘I Couldn’t Afford To Get Divorced’ : NPR

Canada: Mixing church and state? New religious-freedoms office worries critics

Two more male judges appointed to UK supreme court

“Transgender people fight for civil rights and public understanding” | Chicagotribune.com

Americans by 2:1 Margin Prefer ‘Merry Christmas’ to ‘Happy Holidays’

Sunni leaders warn of sectarian chaos in Iraq

Australia: Woman dies after abortion clinic visit

Steven Aden: Abortion in a Bottle for all Girls 17 and up

Thomas Sowell: “Romney is a smooth talker, but what did he actually accomplish” compared to Gingrich

Texas Medical Board Sets Hearings for Two More Abortionists

Scotland: “SNP considers plan to buy off concerns over gay marriage”

Abortion Practitioner Arrested for Medicaid Fraud in Georgia

Could Iraq descend into a civil war again? Shiite PM is moving against Sunnis

Two Iowa faith leaders back Rick Santorum

Malaysia: Settle Islamic state issue now, says Hasan Ali

Couples Avoid Marriage Because They Fear Divorce

Duluth City Council weighs in against state marriage amendment

MI: “State bills seeking to void Kalamazoo’s gay-rights ordinance, domestic partner benefits opposed by City Commission”

“Nigeria: Much Ado About Same-Sex Marriage”

The Latest Proposition to repeal Prop. 8

“Story of same-sex unions in U.S. told through changing series of maps, charts in book”

Unrestricted availability of abortifacient morning-after pill in Spain results in soaring sales

India: 50,000 Girls Become Victims of Abortion Monthly

Planned Parenthood Loses $200K Tax-Funded Grant in Michigan

Prominent Law Professor Says America’s Founding is Based in Bible and Faith

For Law Schools, a Price to Play the A.B.A.’s Way

The New York Times on ABA Accreditation of Law Schools

2 Muslim men kicked off flight sue airlines

IL: Episcopal Church Denied Summary Judgment In Property Dispute With Break-Away Diocese

Are Ron Paul’s foreign policy views essential for conservatism and domestic limited government?

    Jack Hunter at The Daily Caller: Many Republicans love Ron Paul’s limited-government philosophy but have problems with his foreign policy. This is understandable given the state of today’s Republican Party. But what many Republicans probably don’t realize is that Paul’s foreign policy is part of his limited-government philosophy — and it’s a crucially important part. If the American right does not begin to at least consider Paul’s foreign policy, it will continue to forfeit any hope of advancing a substantive conservatism.

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FFRF fires back at Texas Attorney General

Judge: Colo. fails to provide enough for schools

TX AG backs challenged Nativity scene on courthouse lawn

OH: Baby Jesus stolen from Nativity scene

Nativity display to remain at Travis Air Force Base

MI: Atheist Group Wants to Place a Sign Next to a Nativity Scene in Warren

PA: Ellwood City Council votes to move nativity in 2012 to appease FFRF

“NYCLU to City and Brookfield: Accommodate Christmas Prayer Vigil in Zuccotti Park”

States making way for school choice (OneNewsNow.com)

Wildmon endorses Gingrich

Steven Aden: Planned Parenthood’s Recipe for Holiday Cheer Includes Abortion

Chuck Norris: Feds’ War on Religion (Part 1 of 2)

Lawsuit filed after lesbian couple denied room at Hawaii Kai bed and breakfast | Hawaii News Now

Defending the public celebration of Christmas | One News Now

Los Angeles-area lesbian couple’s lawsuit claims discrimination by Hawaii bed and breakfast | Newser

GOP elites: Ignore Ron Paul if he wins Iowa

Romney: Gingrich’s idea about judges not practical

AT&T abandons T-Mobile merger; Limbaugh says due to Soros/Obama investment in competitor

Senate GOP to Obama: Don’t make recess appointments to NLRB

Fertile sperm donor draws criticism from FDA, docs

Top political videos: Gay marriage, Obama, Perry

Gingrich assails judges as he courts conservatives

U.S. Supreme Court: February and March calendars — day by day

Administration urged to treat same-sex couples as family in deportation proceedings

    On Capitol Hill, 69 members of Congress recently sent a letter toDepartment of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder, whose respective offices are conducting a joint review of the roughly 300,000 currently pending immigration cases, asking that same-sex couples are included in a rubric for closing low-priority deportation cases because of family ties.

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Legal Periodical: What Did Jesus Do?: Answering Religious Conservatives Who Oppose Bullying Prevention Legislation

AR: Group submits proposed anti-abortion amendment to attorney general

NV: Carson Judge Rules Personhood Initiative Petition Can Go Forward

Congressmen can’t say ‘Merry Christmas’ in mail