High court to hear TV profanity, nudity case on Tuesday

2011: The year the LGBT agenda was officially adopted as US Foreign Policy by the US Department of State

Spain’s New Government Remains Silent on Defense of Traditional Values

Michael J. New: Why Were So Many Pro-Life Laws Passed in 2011?

“Gay marriage opponent to run for D.C. Council seat” | Washington Blade

Manatee Co., Fla.: Tougher Rules at Topless Bars

James Taranto: “Mourning in America: Pro-abortion extremism lies behind the ‘weird’ attack on Rick Santorum” | WSJ.com

Obama administration defends healthcare law in Supreme Court brief

Media spins Santorum flap to make marriage support appear politically unpopular

    The media is trying to make it appear like it is politically unpopular to support the traditional definition of marriage.

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“Colorado Republicans are coming out … for civil unions” | LGBTQ Nation

Loophole could force Colorado churches to open facilities for same-sex civil unions

UK: The return to religion

Obama Administration Plans Immigration Rule Change For Family Of Citizens

Obama’s abuse of power threatens to shut down Senate

Nigeria needs help if it is to crush Boko Haram

UK: A civilised nation will not pressure the sick to end their lives

Iowa lawmakers say action unlikely this session on abortion restrictions and marriage amendment

Pro-life groups unite behind politician’s call to reopen Canadian abortion debate

Studies show Catholic trends in marriage mirror society’s

NY school district cuts ties with Planned Parenthood after parental outcry

Illinois Parental Notification Law Gets Pro-Life Support

Shock: 40% of Pregnancies in New York City Still Aborted

Planned Parenthood: 51% of Its Clinic Income Comes From Abortions

Abortion Advocacy Groups Operate at Six Catholic Colleges

SCOTUS expected to weigh Montana campaign finance appeal

Sen. Menendez, a Democrat, blocks federal judge’s appointment to 3rd Circuit

White House proposes 0.5 percent pay increase for federal workers

PA: Ellwood City Mayor Opposed to New Nativity Scene Location

MS: Extinguished Bentonia Crosses

Ohio pharmacy refuses to sell Plan B to man, says drug is being used for rape victims

ACLU enters Virginia GOP loyalty oath battle

“Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran (Unfortunately)” | The Atlantic

UK: All people are equal — but not all behaviour is

Forsyth Prayer Appeal Decision Expected Soon from Supreme Court | Fox

Pastoral Protest: Seven are arrested in New York for protesting a discriminatory ban against churches | World Mag

NYC boots church out of housing project | BP

Obama’s Defense Drawdown: Entitlements begin to crowd out the American military

Richard Land: What Iowa Says About the Religious Right | WSJ

    Richard Land at WSJ.com: Polling from CNN shows that 57% of Iowa’s caucus participants were self-identified evangelicals, as in 2008, and they voted 32% for Rick Santorum. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry each received 14% of evangelical votes, with Ron Paul (18%) and Michele Bachmann (6%) taking all but a smattering of the remainder.

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Census: Number of U.S. youth shrinks

Many doctors going broke | CNN

Could Typo Rewrite Iowa Caucus History? Romney not the winner?