Alabama: McGill prepares anti-abortion bill

WA Senate to vote on marriage bill Wednesday

Islamists dying for power in Holland

1st Circuit rejects NOM’s challenge to Maine election disclosure rules

    National Organization for Marriage v. McKee, No. 11-1196 (1st Cir. Jan. 31, 2012)

    LIPEZ, Circuit Judge. This appeal presents the second chapter of a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Maine laws imposing registration and disclosure requirements on entities that finance election-related advocacy. In a recent decision, we rejected claims made by one of the appellants here, the National Organization for Marriage (“NOM”), asserting that Maine’s laws regulating political action committees (“PACs”) are unconstitutionally vague and overbroad in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments. See NOM v. McKee, 649 F.3d 34 (1st Cir. 2011) (“NOM I”). We now consider similar contentions raised by NOM and co-appellant American Principles in Action, Inc. (“APIA”) concerning the law applicable to ballot question committees (“BQCs”). See Me. Rev. Stat. Ann. tit. 21-A, § 1056-B. Our decision in NOM I effectively disposes of most of appellants’ challenges to Maine’s BQC requirements. On the only substantively distinct issue — the constitutionality of the definition of “contribution” in section 1056-B — we conclude that the BQC law, like the PAC laws, is constitutional. We thus affirm in its entirety the district court’s grant of summary judgment for the defendants.

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Egypt’s “Contempt of Religion” Law Does Not Apply to Christians

UK: Abortion protestors prosecuted in free speech case

Sexual promiscuity costing UK billions of pounds

Delaware: Residents offer up prayers at IR meeting

Komen to Stop Grants to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

ACLU Seeks $173,000 from Cranston in Prayer Saga

Senator Marco Rubio Introduces Bill Protecting Religious Organizations from ObamaCare

Macedonian Orthodox Christian church set alight in conflict with Muslims

Sixty percent of Obama funds come from big-money bundlers

Alabama: Jackson County School Board Sides with “Bible Man”

Group fighting Minnesota marriage amendment raises $1.2 million

Washington State House Committee Approves Bill to Redefine Marriage

Forest Service says it won’t evict Jesus statue in Montana

Atheist group objects to White House participation in National Prayer Breakfast

Scotland: Opposition party leaders unite over same-sex marriage

Britain, Czechs snub Europe’s fiscal pact but won’t forge an alliance of critics

NC Gov. Beverly Perdue’s withdrawal from race shakes up prospects for marriage amendment

NH bill to repeal same-sex “marriage”: Enough votes to override veto?

VA: McDonnell backs bill to require ultrasound before abortion

Va. panel votes to end abortion funding for deformities

Washington Post poll finds 50 percent of Maryland residents support same-sex “marriage”

Maryland opponents of same-sex marriage protest: “Fix the problems we already have, not create new ones”

“Md. House Speaker Michael Busch speaks out on same-sex marriage”

CBO: Taxes Will ‘Shoot Up by More Than 30 Percent’ Over Next 2 Years

Contraceptive mandate could face tough sledding in Supreme Court

En Banc 5th Circuit to rehear restitution case for child porn victim

Georgetown U. Law Center: Moot Court Is Anything But

“Christie Says Gay Supreme Court Nominee Won’t Rule on Same-Sex Marriage”

Afghan Kin Accused of Killing Wife for Not Bearing a Son

GW Law School to host four Supreme Court justices

Boykin relieves pressure on West Point

WA: School Bullying Victim Receives $100,000 in Damages

Conservative Christian Group Backing Push To Allow Worship Services In City School Buildings | New York Daily News

Obama Appoints Architecht of Roe v. Wade to Appeals Court

Austin passes new anti-crisis pregnancy center ordinance; pro-lifers promise fight |

“Anchorage, Alaska gay-rights proposal doesn’t impact religious protection” | Alaska Dispatch

    Alaska Dispatch: You may have been confused about this whole issue if you read an article published earlier this month in the Catholic Anchor, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Anchorage. That article — picked up and featured by the Alaska Dispatch — said “religious liberty groups … are already raising concerns about the impact that the proposed law would have on faith-based institutions and nonprofits in Anchorage.” The article goes on to mention only one religious liberty group, the Alliance Defense Fund, a national legal fund defending “religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage and the family,” according to its website. The fund analyzed the initiative, according to the article. In that analysis, the fund determined the initiative would “undermine religious liberty.”

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Penn. landowners in uproar over private energy company’s virtual eminent domain powers

Islamist sect kills 5 people in northeast Nigeria

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