Matt Bowman: “ObamaCare’s Next Gift: After-Birth Contraception”

MO Senator wants doctors present for drug induced abortions

Ohio Liberty Council Refuses To Comply With IRS Request

French elections: PM Fillon prompts halal-kosher row

Kirk Cameron Responds to Critics, ‘Hate Speech’

Virginia Legislature Passes Bill to Protect Child-Care Agencies That Decline Homosexual Adoptions

Canada: Saskatoon Councillors endorse escort services bylaw

Report: Michigan Clinics Violating Dozens of Abortion Laws

Media, celebrities gang up on Kirk Cameron for defending natural marriage

Denise J. Hunnell: “After-Birth abortion: A Modest Proposal?”

Albert Mohler, Jr.: Something deadly this way comes: the insatiable appetite of the Culture of Death

Group calls study on mental health, abortion ‘debunked’: Says research shows ‘no causal link’

UK: Allow council prayers here too, say Welsh councillors

UK: 5 million Catholics urged to oppose redefining marriage

NM: ACLU sues over pregnant teen kicked out of school

Attorney: Full 9th Circuit hearing a plus for Prop. 8

Sacramento Bee: “Justice delayed as judge nominees wait”

Married Adults Are Three Times as Likely to Survive Major Surgery as Singles

“Gay marriage is now the issue through which the elite advertises its superiority over the redneck masses”

    Brendan O’Neill at the Telegraph: This is the reason gay marriage has become so central to modern political debate in America and Britain, despite there being almost no societal drive or urge behind it – because it lends itself brilliantly to expressions of a very elitist sensibility. It allows the upper echelons of society both to distance themselves from the old and the thick and to advertise their own mental, cultural and moral superiority.

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“Gay marriage laws reflect a new strategy by supporters”

Rabbi Adam Jacobs: “Infanticide: The New Abortion” | Huffington Post

    Rabbi Adam Jacobs at Townhall: It was for that reason that I found the headline of an article from the Telegraph dated March 2 to be so jarring. It was entitled “Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say.” Ah, you see, they are experts — medical ethicists associated with Oxford University, no less — so there’s really no reason to get too worked up about it. As they correctly point out, the only real difference between a late-term fetus and a newborn child is its location!

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Donald Trump: George Will is ‘overrated fool,’ GOP has great chance to win the White House

Community values matter: Mila Means aims to succeed Tiller in Wichita, but pro-lifers have thwarted her

Abortion bill stalls in Florida Senate

In Ohio, a fight over the Republican soul

Liberty Counsel Announces Partnership with Personhood USA to Protect Life

Steve Aden: Ultrasounds Are Only ‘Rape’ If They Prevent An Abortion

“Obama, Black Voters, and Same-Sex Marriage”

Student loans surpass auto, credit card debt

Afghan president endorses clerics’ strict code of conduct for women, worrying activists

Islamic groups hold rally in support of New York City police department

Rush Limbaugh: Do Democrats want uproar to continue? A media-generated histrionic?

Heart-broken grandmother refuses to think of five-year-old ‘transgender’ grandson as a girl

Obama Mandate Could Fine Religious Groups $2,000 per Employee

Catholic Cardinal sends letter promising to fight for religious freedom

NC city to revise rules after abortion foes sue

Virginia Senate approves right to sue for wrongful death of fetus

Phyliss Schlafly: Phony Divide Between Fiscal and Social Issues

    Phyliss Schlafly at Townhall: Contrary to politicians who want to call a truce about social issues, there is absolutely no way to separate social and fiscal issues; they are locked in a tight political embrace. Politicians who say we can ignore social issues or avoid talking about them, are really saying that they have no plan to cut federal spending and the growing national debt.

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4th Circuit: Qualified Immunity Protects Officers Who Barred Graphic Anti-Abortion Signs

Suit Invokes Whistle Blower Protections of Dodd-Frank Against Religious Organization

Time for NASA specialist’s trial | One News Now

When Being Pro-Life Isn’t Enough to Stop Abortion

The importance of religious recognition | One News Now

Florida: Attorneys brief School Board on prayer issue

Bill would designate SC Day of Prayer

Catherine Foster: We Can Kill in the Womb, So Why Not Out Of It?

N.C. University Rules Campus Club Not Christian Enough

Senate Showdown: Contraceptive Mandate Upheld in Congress | NC Register

Ex-gov announces run for Maine’s US Senate seat

Moldova votes to legalize chemical castration

Cathy Ruse: Limbaugh and Our Phony Contraception Debate

Democrats strive to swing Arizona

    The Hill: If the party is to grow, it needs to increase its reliance on the Southwest, where Democrats see opportunities in the fast-growing Hispanic population turned off by much of the GOP’s rhetoric on immigration — especially in Arizona, where an illegal immigration crackdown has driven a wedge through the electorate.

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Minn. school district settles bullying lawsuits

Israel court rules lesbian couple can both be recognized as mothers