Strategist: Nomination close to statistical ‘impossibility’ for Romney’s rivals

Romney politely encourages rivals to fold

    AP: His delegate lead growing, Mitt Romney gently nudged his Republican opponents toward the sidelines on Wednesday and said he was on track to wrap up the presidential nomination before the party convention next summer.

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9th Circuit to begin review of Cebull incident

Victory in Court for Personhood Colorado; Petition Set to Move Forward

UN Secretary General: Persecution of “gays” is “attack on the universal values the United Nations”

“Muslim envoys walk out in protests at U.N. gay rights debate”

Demographic Winter is Crippling the Economy

Abortion foe polls 18% against Obama in Oklahoma

D.C. Council approves same-sex divorce bill

Cranston, RI to pay ACLU $150K toward attorney’s fees in prayer banner litigation

Dem Convention Chair says marriage redefinition should be in party platform

“Journal disavows study touted by U.S. abortion foes” | Reuters

Virginia Gov. McDonnell Signs Abortion-Ultrasound Bill

ADF: “Md. police to take ‘Constitution 101’ class after illegal pro-life arrests”

NPR Op-Ed: “The Catholic Church Is Not For Women”

Vietnamese officials seize more Catholic parish land

Washington: Judge to decide if same-sex law ‘redefines’ the word marriage

Edited Obama Race Video Released

Gingrich rejects dropping out; focuses on Ala., Miss.

GLAAD to be totalitarian

Environmentalists claim contraception, Agenda 21 will end global warming

Bill mandating insurance for abortion defeated in Wash. Senate

Vatican website taken down by pro-abortion hackers

University at Buffalo: Looking for controversy? Join the pro-life club

“Gay-straight alliance” asks Notre Dame for official recognition

Sandra Fluke, religious colleges and unexpected rules

Amish Defendants Say Hate Crimes Law Is Unconstitutional and Inapplicable To Alleged Assaults

Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission Issues New Report

Fla. bill that permits ‘inspirational messages’ at schools will likely face lawsuits over prayer

Rep. Dennis Kucinich defeated in Ohio

Obama Ally Won’t Release Alinsky Tape

WSJ: Bishop Dolan’s Liberty Letter

Alabama: “Nabors: will answer to judge, not FFRF”

Vt. town suspends traditional prayer at meeting

Birth-control mandate setting a precedent | One News Now

“ADF stepping in to defend marriage” in Hawaii | One News Now

Gray Area: College should be a place to share religion openly. | The State Hornet

Catherine Foster: Not all women are in favor of contraception mandate | The Hill

Editorial: The prayer issue goes on

Anti-abortion protesters set for settlement in Harford arrest

Hawaii lawsuit shows civil unions help redefine marriage

Harvard Business School Program: Is the Affordable Care Act Constitutional?

    The HBS Joint Program will focus upon two of the four arguments that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear:
    Whether Congress has the power under Article I of the Constitution to enact the individual mandate provisions of ACA?
    If the individual mandate is not constitutional, then to what extent can the mandate be severed from the rest of PPACA? Or, is it a necessary part of the law whose other provisions, especially the insurance reforms (such as prohibiting denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions), cannot stand on their own?

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NJ Court: Child’s surname can be changed by custodial parent according to best interests standard

    Charles Toutant at the NJ Law Journal (subscription only), March 6, 2012: A state appeals court on Tuesday held that a surname picked by the primary custodial parent is presumed in the child’s best interests, creating a clash with a panel that found otherwise. The ruling in Holst-Knudsen v. Mikisch , A-3596-10, applied existing caselaw to reject the contrary holding on Jan. 20 in Emma v. Evans , A-2303-10, that the presumption in favor of the custodial parent should not apply to children born in wedlock. The Holst-Knudsen panel said it did not read two Supreme Court rulings on the issue “as making a distinction between children born out wedlock and those born to married parents.”

    The opinion.

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Just War and the Iran Crisis

Super Tuesday Results

    AZ Republic: USA Today and the Republic are live-blogging results from Super Tuesday, where voters in 10 states are casting ballots in the GOP presidential race. Total delegate counts at CNN Popular vote totals at Real Clear Politics

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Ohio Rep. Schmidt becomes first member ousted in 2012 primary