“Gay Activists” Recruit School Kids Give Away ‘OK4U2BGAY’ T-Shirts

Omaha: “Council Approves Gay Discrimination Ordinance”

“Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues Scott Lively, a U.S. Evangelist”

ADF comment on UNC-Greensboro’s response to Christian club’s lawsuit

GLAAD “Commentator Accountability Project” targets free speech

Canadian Parliament to debate abortion April 26

Idaho Senate panel OKs abortion ultrasound mandate

Poll shows majority oppose same-sex marriage in Scotland

“Social Justice: Is Marriage Equality a Civil Right?” | Huffington Post

    Yujhan Claros at the Huffington Post: It’s time for the minority of Americans who cannot say “I do” to be granted full participation in American society. Marriage equality is the only way to reverse the wrongs that have resulted from the identification and subsequent persecution of homosexuals. With equal protection under the law, we can hope that society will become more accepting and that fewer LGBT people will senselessly die because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

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Can Britain Tolerate Christians?

Slate on the Santorum kids: Do Home-Schooled Kids Get Spring Break?

Senate Deal Allows Confirmation Votes for 14 Judicial Nominees

UK bus driver faces disciplinary action over marriage petition

UK Labour Peer: Redefinition of marriage could have Orwellian results

Dissidents occupy Cuba church, seek papal audience

Morocco Rape Victim Commits Suicide After Forced Marriage To Rapist

“Did Ron Paul get robbed of Virgin Island victory?”

Massive pro-life banner greets Australian legislators for 70 days parliament in session

Raquel Welch: the ‘era of porn’ has ‘annihilated’ men

    LifeSiteNews: “It’s just dehumanizing. And I have to honestly say, I think this era of porn is at least partially responsible for it,” Welch said of rampant sexual addiction. “Where is the anticipation and the personalization? It’s all pre-fab now. You have these images coming at you unannounced and unsolicited. It just gets to be so plastic and phony to me.

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Wisconsin Assembly passes abortion, sex education bills

After IVF we became pregnant with triplets, but my wife wanted two of the babies aborted

Liberty Counsel: Department of Justice Continues Frivolous Prosecution of Pro-Life American

Is your mayor representing you? Stow, OH mayor, others criticized for supporting marriage redefinition

    Recordpub.com: “I have a voice, and she’s taking it away. I can speak for myself, and she does not need to speak for me,” Kinnan said. During the March 5 Council meeting, another resident told Drew he didn’t support her decision. Ward 3 Councilman Brian Lowdermilk echoed the opinions of those who disagreed with her choice

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“Same-sex marriage opponents in Md. start collecting signatures”

KY: “House panel turns down anti-bullying bill despite pleas from parents” | Lexington Herald Leader

UK: Organization Calls for Removing The Divine Comedy from School Curricula

AZ bill prohibits “wrongful birth” causes of action

Sen. Tom Coburn: Presidents are entitled to their nominees

10th Circuit: Child Porn Defendant Loses on ‘Viewed’ but not ‘Received’ Claim

Court rules WA marriage referendum can move forward, but revises “redefining marriage” language

India expels Chabad Rabbi for not claiming religious activities on visa application

New York Times ad calls Catholic Church ‘autocratic, woman-hating, sex-perverting’ Old Boys Club

New York Times rejects anti-Islam ad after running anti-Catholic ad

Dallas ISD, the ACLU and the Continuing Debate Over Graduations in Churches

Whistleblower Lawsuit: Planned Parenthood In Texas Filed Millions In Fraudulent Medicaid Claims

WI: ACLU sues school for searching student’s Facebook account for sex messages

China’s New Law on Detentions Puts Spotlight on ‘Black Jails’

UNC-Greensboro reverses course on pro-life group | World

Rick Santorum, Intelligent Design, Afghanistan, Da Vinci Painting | Christian Post

Speak Out: School Board Sued for Service Policy

Fair treatment for churches in Florida town | One News Now

Hurt ‘feelings’ not enough for federal case: Mt. Soledad Memorial dispute based on ‘offended’ observer

UNCG will recognize Christian group | Deseret News

Suit: TX Planned Parenthood guilty of $6M fraud | Baptist Press

Christian legal group sues Fairfax schools over service-learning policy | Washington Post

Wisconsin State Assembly Passes Special Needs Scholarship Legislation

Walter Williams: Compliant Americans

    Walter Williams at Townhall: Part of the problem is that people who act as instruments of government do not pay a personal price for usurping parental authority. The reason is Americans, unlike Americans of yesteryear, have become timid and, as such, come to accept all manner of intrusive governmental acts.

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ADF: “Crony stonewall crumbles: Court order prompts release of Planned Parenthood grant application in NH”

MA: Petition in opposition to new campus calls Liberty University “homophobic”

Romney won Tuesday delegate haul

Michael Stokes Paulsen: Vanderbilt’s Right to Despise Christianity

Ron Paul: Fed Up with the Fed

    Cong. Ron Paul: Yet if you think about what this 2% inflation target actually is, you realize that it is an explicit policy to devalue the dollar and reduce its purchasing power. And it adds up quickly over time. Two percent annual price inflation means that prices rise 22% within a decade, and nearly 50% within two decades.

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UK abortion clinic targeted by US religious group

Analysis: Romney losses show disgruntled GOP base

    AP: “The fact is, in both states, the conservative candidates got nearly 70 percent of the vote. And if you’re the front-runner – if you’re the front-runner and you keep coming in third, you’re not much of a front-runner,” Gingrich said.

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GOP contenders turn to Illinois

PA: Superintendent Threatens Termination of Homeschooling

Santorum wins Alabama, Mississippi GOP primaries, Romney wins Hawaii