Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty: Bibles are out – ‘gay pride’ is in

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Bibles are out – ‘gay pride’ is in


WASHINGTON — The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty says it strongly condemns the decision by U.S. Department of Defense officials to celebrate “Gay Pride Month.”

The details of how the military will celebrate have not been made public, but the Pentagon announced Friday that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta wants to honor the contributions of homosexual service members. Ironically, although DoD makes attempts to strengthen traditional families, it has never promoted a “heterosexual month” to honor the contributions of heterosexual members who make up at least 97 percent of the military.

“I find it interesting that in the same week that the decision was announced to no longer allow Bibles to be published using military insignia, the Pentagon announced the celebration of homosexuality – something the Scriptures clearly condemns,” said Chaplain (COL) Ron Crews, USAR retired, executive director for the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty.

“By openly affirming bisexual and homosexual behavior, military leadership is coming into direct conflict with the morals and standards held almost universally by chaplains and service members of virtually every major faith group in the military,” Crews explained. “This blatant attempt to ‘celebrate’ a minority view of political correctness will not endear military families to the military.”

The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty is an organization of chaplain endorsers, the faith groups that provide chaplains for the U.S. military. The endorsers in the Chaplain Alliance speak for more than 2,000 chaplains serving the armed forces.