Islamist organization demands Tunisia legalize polygamy

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Sex education has little impact on teen pregnancy

DNA shows no genetic difference between 80,000 year old human and modern

5 churches attacked in Kenya

“Midwives, nurses can safely perform abortions” | Reuters

Australia: Abortion pill to become more readily available

“Judge urges lesbian couple in adoption fight to take on Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban”

Kenya: NCCK to Sue Over Attacks Targeting Churches

Over BBQ and Beer, GOP Lawyers in Tampa Warn of ‘Stolen’ Election

Walker County, Ga., school officials say no student rights violated (with video)

Asian Population Conference Laments Aging But Touts Abortion and Contraception

Muslim extremists attack Libyan school, mosques

Who Speaks for Reform in Islam?

    R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. at Washington Times:The problem with Islam, as I see it, is that it has never reformed itself to accord with the modern world. Of all the major religions, it looks not to the future but to the past. Its impulse comes not from reformers looking to a future living in comity with Westerners. Its impulse comes from fundamentalists looking backward to centuries long gone, and the fundamentalists want to impose their vision of the world on all civilizations. If there are modernizers in Islam, they do not speak up. They do not even protect their ancient mosques.

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