The Path of Lease Resistance | FRC Washington Update

Family Research Council Washington Update: If I told you the story of a faithful citizen who punished for praying in an upstairs room, you’d probably think I was reading from the Book of Daniel. Try Fox News. That’s where Todd Starnes shares a shocking report of religious hostility–not in an oppressive foreign country, but in quiet Spring Lake Park, Minnesota . . . Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? Fortunately for Ruth, our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom have. Attorneys for ADF set to work almost immediately, debunking the myth that residents have to forfeit their religious rights to live in a HUD development. In a letter it fired off to Osbourne Apartments, ADF explains that “[The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development] does not prohibit discussion about religion in the facilities to which it provides funding… simply because the government provides a benefit with public funds does not mean that all ‘mention of religion or prayers’ must be whitewashed from the use of the benefit.”