Falling sperm count sparks French fertility concerns

“Yes Virginia, Er, North Carolina, There Is Christmas Censorship” (Even At Universities) | Jordan Lorence at Speak Up Movement

5 Reasons Why Marriage Still Matters To You | Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

    Alliance Defending Freedom Blog: These election results are being touted as a dramatic turning point in American history. Our opponents claim that full-fledged acceptance of same-sex “marriage” by all of America is inevitable. Additionally, the U.S. Supreme Court will soon announce whether it will hear cases involving both the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Prop 8. These are two of the most significant legal battles in our fight to protect marriage in America. In light of these developments, many Christians are wondering if the struggle to preserve marriage is worth it. “What’s the use?” they ask. If you’re wondering why this battle is still important, here are 5 reasons why marriage still matters – and why it matters to you . . .

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Taxby’s Troubles: Senator Saxby Chambliss may have a primary problem.

UK: Complaint against High Court judge for supporting marriage dismissed

New poll: Illinois may be ready for same-sex marriage

Maryland: “Religious Wedding Vendor Seeks Exemption for Gay Marriages”

Atlanta passes resolution supporting the redefinition of marriage

Federal court upholds Nevada’s authority to protect marriage | Comment by Jim Campbell

The Crisis of American Self-Government

    Sohrab Ahmari at Wall Street Journal: So is it still possible to pull back from the brink of America’s Europeanization? Mr. Mansfield is optimistic. “The material for recovery is there,” he says. “Ambition, for one thing. I teach at a university where all the students are ambitious. They all want to do something with their lives.” That is in contrast to students he has met in Europe, where “it was depressing to see young people with small ambitions, very cultivated and intelligent people so stunted.” He adds with a smile: “Our other main resource is the Constitution.”

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Marriage ad absurdum | Kevin Staley Joyce at First Things

    Kevin Staley Joyce at First Things: One might add the observation that the more we broaden marriage’s public meaning, the thinner it becomes for individuals, signifying less and less of distinctive value. An article in The Atlantic last week lends one such vision of marriage, with its public meaning lost in a cloud of private objectives. Millie Kerr coyly wonders why we don’t extend marital recognition to single persons . . .

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Will Md. pro-life centers be forced to sign away their rights? | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Why the Sexist Marriage Proposal Won’t Go Away” | Amanda Marcotte at Slate

    Amanda Marcotte at Slate: Given the choice between two stereotypes—the passive princess whose charm and beauty brings a man to one knee or an insecure needball who nagged a reluctant man into marriage—women will pick the former every time. In order to change that, we’d have to dramatically restructure our cultural understanding of gender and romance, away from stereotypes of promiscuous men who love only reluctantly and overeager women who just want to put a ring on it.

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KS: Group seeks to halt police chaplaincy program

Canada: Tory MP stirs abortion debate with motion

“Poll: Attitudes toward gays changing fast” | USA Today

Marine denies mocking Manning’s homosexuality, another says “gender-identification” issues “not normal”

    AP: Asked by Coombs why Manning’s gender-identification issues increased his risk of self-injury, Blenis replied, “That’s not normal, sir.” “When you add that on top of a few other things we’ve talked about, it just shows he’s not stable,” Blenis said. “It’s a cause for concern.”

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Proponents Seek End To Ban On Abortion Coverage in the Military

Court casts doubt on Obama recess appointments

PA: Connellsville school district attorneys defend Ten Commandments monolith

Boehner to members: Leadership is watching their voting patterns, already punished four

Time Off for Religious Holidays: Learn From UPS’ Alleged Mistake

Abortion ‘is gravely immoral in all circumstances’: Ireland’s Catholic bishops

UPDATE: Church will not do “Charlie Brown” school shows due to controversy (includes video)

10,000 pro-lifers rally in Dublin amidst heated abortion debate

Abortion For Military Rape Victims Amendment Passes Senate | Huffington Post

Germany To Seek Ban Of Far-right Party

Miami-Dade Commission Re-institutes Opening Prayer

Indiana Legislator Wants To Require Science Teachers To Prove Truth of Their Teachings

3rd Circuit Upholds School Board’s Refusal To Submit Religious Content Issues To Voters

Colo. Couple Convicted For Mistreatment of Lamb Purchased For Religious Sacrifice

Minn. Funding Elective Abortions, Breaking State Law | One News Now

Class Of 2012: Young Europeans Trapped By Language

Rasmussen: 46% Favor Allowing Religious Exemption for Contraceptive Mandate, 41% Oppose

Egyptian Protesters Clash With Sticks And Stones

Big Law’s China Dilemma | Peter Zeughauser at WSJ

Charities lobby Congress to save their tax deduction

    The Hill: Groups that rely heavily on charitable giving will descend on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to defend the tax deduction for charities — a target in talks to reduce the deficit. Hundreds of representatives from churches, museums, arts and educational groups, and other nonprofits will argue any change to the tax deduction will curtail giving and harm those who receive services.

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NH: Pregnancy center says rights violated

BRICS: The World’s New Banker?

Testing: Lawyers have cornered the Justices on marriage | Tom Goldstein at SCOTUS Blog

Wisconsin Judge Orders Deadbeat Dad Of Nine (With Six Women) To Stop Procreating

They Can Hear You Now: Verizon Patent Could Listen In On Customers

Contraception and Women’s Wellbeing: NFP, Disillusionment, and the Poor | Helen Alvare at Public Discourse