U.S. Supreme Court to hear Prop. 8, DOMA cases | Alliance Defending Freedom Statement by Jim Campbell

NC: Governor Perdue Kills Merit Selection

Detroit Free Press laments free exercise of religion in connection with advancing abortion bills

Senate panel advances lesbian judicial nominee for the E.D.N.Y.

Single Belles, Single All the Way: The marriage gap is a problem we can’t afford to ignore. | Mona Charen at NRO

UK: “Government breaks promise on same-sex marriage in churches”

More premature babies surviving, study finds

Divorce: A Widely Ignored Self-Inflicted Tragedy

    Stephen M. Krason at Crisis Magazine: How can one talk about changing the libertarian divorce laws—much less the divorce culture—in the Age of Obama, when the national administration and the ruling political party is pushing the most permissive sexual and family agenda in American history? There is no place to work from but the ground up, and we should always keep in mind that the bright future of new historical ages is often fashioned in the throes of a troubled and declining socio-cultural era.

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Australians debate seal of confession in cases of sex offenses

“Gay marriage: David Cameron backs church role”

Irish Bishops, Pro-Lifers Mobilize Against Proposed Abortion Law Changes

Washington issues same-sex “marriage” licenses

Egyptian Protesters Converge on Presidential Palace

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes Bill To Create Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange

Judge Yanks Anti-christian Officials’ Chain: Blasts attempt to subvert court order against speech restrictions in public park | WND

Gonzaga To Begin Offering Contraceptive Coverage Next Month

“Voting in churches raises church-state separation issue”

“Freethought San Marcos: Nearly half of Austin area city councils violate religious liberty”

73% of New Jobs Created in Last 5 Months Are in Government

The Uniformity Clause – Another ObamaCare Challenge?

Report from en banc Fourth Circuit oral argument in pregnancy center compelled speech cases | WalshLaw

Marriage redefinition – implications for churches | Joel Oster on Faith Matters in Maine

School removed God reference from first-grader’s poem | WWWNTRadio

Street Preachers Keep Access To Holiday Festival For 2012 | Religion Clause Blog

Florida: Judge Charged With Improper Sale of Religious Material In Courthouse

“Mormon Church Wants More Compassion For Gays” | AP

Sri Lanka Opposition Pull Out Of Judge’s Hearing

Berkeley students seek Christmas ban on Salvation Army bell ringers

Syria’s Assyrians, caught in the middle

    Middle East Forum: Of all the Christian communities in Syria, the Assyrians, that is, those Christians who identify as such by virtue of belonging to the Assyrian Church of the East, arguably have the most complex relationship with the Assad regime. Assyrians are concentrated in the northeast around Hasakeh, with others settled in Damascus and Aleppo. As was the case in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, a problem for Syria’s Assyrian community has been the traditional denial of the Assyrian identity by the pan-Arab Baathist ideology. This has culminated in the destruction of numerous Assyrian villages in the north of Iraq as part of Saddam’ss Arabization program.

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Liberty Counsel Files Emergency Appeal to Block California’s Change Therapy Law

SCOTUSblog’s coverage of the marriage cases

Mich. Legislators Defy Unions, Ok Right-to-work

Atheists’ Grinch game in Santa Monica | William Becker at the Washington Times

Pearl Harbor Dead Remembered On 71st Anniversary

Supreme Court asked to review Nevada same-sex marriage ban

UN Agency for Refugees Firmly in Grasp of LGBT Advocates