Marriage culture called key to stable middle class

    Washington Times: The disappearance of marriage in “middle America” is tracking with the disappearance of the middle class in the same communities, and “strikes at the very heart of the American Dream,” scholars Elizabeth Marquardt, David Blankenhorn, Robert I. Lerman, Linda Malone-Colon and W. Bradford Wilcox said in a paper released Sunday. They offer 10 recommendations to President Obama and other policymakers to renew a marriage culture.

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Egypt’s top prosecutor submits resignation

Argentina launches process to break up media group

Religious freedom for military being negotiated by Senate-House conference committee

Montana Supreme Court rejects same sex couple’s demand for marriage benefits

Who is Tim Scott? Black senator-to-be should make tea party proud.

UK: “Internet porn: Automatic block rejected”

UK: Voters didn’t elect you to redefine marriage, Govt told

Idiotic Claims for Scalia’s Recusal in Marriage Cases | Ed Whelan at National Review

Scott would be nation’s 7th black US senator

CDC’s Report Severely Undercounts Number of Abortions Nationwide

    LifeNews: National and state abortion reporting laws and policies in the United States are a patchwork that falls far short of fulfilling the potential of this information to inform and guide public policy. The composite picture they reveal is at once impressionistic and incomplete, non-contemporaneous and of limited use in providing a true and timely rendering of the impact of public policies and attitudes on the reality of abortion in the United States

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Anti-Islam groups rally in Norway

Chaplains call on Congress to protect conscience of service members

Spain Threatens to Deport Filmmaker for Anti-Islam Documentary

Blasphemy and Islam: Our fundamental rights are under attack.

UK: “Gay Essex dads to sue government over church same-sex marriage ban”

Maine: Notaries must perform same-sex ‘marriages’ or violate human rights law

Egyptians narrowly approve Sharia constitution

Canada: Faced with ‘feminization,’ churches want to reach men

New Draft on Contraception Coverage Expected Soon (WSJ – subscription)

Legalized prostitution significantly increases human sex trafficking: study

    LifeSiteNews: A study of the impact of legalized prostitution has found that countries where prostitution is legal experience larger reported human trafficking inflows than countries in which prostitution is prohibited. Professor Eric Neumayer of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a team of researchers analyzed data on human trafficking from a global sample of 116 countries in order to determine what effect a country’s domestic policy on prostitution has on trafficking, whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims.

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Canada: Forcing Catholic school to teach “secular” religion course is ‘totalitarian,’ critics say

Euthanasia ‘trivialized’ in Belgium: report by bioethics institute

The Baby Bust Generation | Jeff Jacoby at Townhall

Most Governors Refuse to Set Up Health Exchanges

“Scalia has no right to rule on same-sex marriage” | Bill Press at Chicago Tribune

LA: “New state Supreme Court justice clearly has his mind made up: James Gill”

    James Gill at Times Picayune: The case for an appointed state judiciary just got much stronger. No jurist under any system is likely to be apolitical, but convention has always required some pretence of impartiality and restraint. Not in the recent Supreme Court election. From the get-go, the winner of the race, Jeff Hughes, declared himself a pro-lifer who loves guns and favors capital punishment. As for marriage, he is for the traditional kind, and you can take him at his word on that because, at 60, he is about to try it for the third time.

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UK: Judges take on ministers over supreme court

“Decision on gay ‘conversion therapy’ ban depends on other rulings”

How Bancroft Became Conservatives’ Law Firm of Choice for Hot-Button Cases

Bill Renews Debate on Merging Highest Two Texas Courts

U.N. Human Rights Panel Says France Violated Sikh Student’s Religious Freedom Rights In Banning Turban

Business Owned By Pizza Mogul Challenges Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

Walmart worker says she was fired for praying with customer

Illinois court rejects challenge to Obamacare mandate, says corporations can’t exercise religion

KY: Claim Against Archdiocese By Bookkeeper Who Exposed Abusive Priest’s Presence Is Dismissed On 1st Amendment Grounds

Utah’s New Attorney General Outlines His Policies On Polygamy Prosecutions

“Tens Of Thousands In Paris Street For Gay Marriage” | AP

Faith schools account for six out of 10 top-scoring primaries

Philippines Oks Divisive Contraceptives Bill

Tim Scott to Be Named for Empty South Carolina Senate Seat, Republicans Say

It all boils down to the question of Pilate | Polonia Christiana

Obama looks for women to fill cabinet

Pressure on contraceptives mandate

School Yoga Tries To Avoid Religious Controversy

Tinkering with Inconsistency: First Amendment Student Speech

    The First Amendment’s protection of freedom of speech applies to the states through its incorporation into the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Students in schools retain First Amendment rights; however, school officials, acting as parens patriae, have latitude to discipline students for their speech in some instances. This analysis will focus on the First Amendment rights of students, with particular emphasis on off-campus speech. Part one will discuss the Supreme Court precedent on the issue of student speech on and off the school campus. Part II will analyze the inconsistencies among the lower courts when addressing student speech cases. Part III will summarize the current state of student speech litigation, and Part IV will examine the New York City Department of Education’s policies related to student speech.

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Chile Apologizes to Lesbian Denied Custody of Kids