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  • Posted: 12/21/2012
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  • Category: ADF in the News

Incoherent Ruling in Favor of HHS Mandate in Illinois | Ed Whelan at NRO

Local officials in France voice opposition to marriage redefinition

Brazilian judge redefines marriage | LGBT Weekly

“O’Malley to Md. Cabinet secretaries: Clear barriers to same-sex marriage rights”

Islamists plan rally to bolster divisive referendum

MO: Kirkwood adds sexual orientation to anti-discrimination law

Pope: Rejection of two created genders denies God, undermines human dignity | Text

Yemen: Buried Christian Empire Casts New Light on Early Islam

NJ: Menorah Placement at Town Hall May Be Unconstitutional, Says Atheist Group

UK: Atheist Peter Crawford in court for ripping up Koran at stall in Leicester

Federal judge dismisses suit challenging Senate filibuster

ACLU says new ‘nonsectarian’ prayer at Jackson Hole Rodeo is illegal

Americans U. for Sep. of Church and States says West Point prayer policy is unconstitutional

In Tunisia, Advocacy Group Sues Imam Over Anti-Jewish Remarks In Sermon

Missouri Court parts ways from 10th Circuit, rules against Obamacare mandate

Court Rejects Father’s Establishment Clause Challenge To Divorce Decree Provision On Religious Education of Children

Holiday Intimidation: The Grinches v. the First Amendment | Eric Metaxes at Christian Post

How Obamacare’s Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate Stole Christmas | Matt Bowman at LifeNews

Belmont Abbey and Wheaton Secure Key Victory in HHS Mandate Challenge

FFRF In A Fuss Over Christmas Lights

Christian Clerks, Notaries Given Impossible Choice

Sweden: Court terminates parental rights in homeschool case

Human Rights Campaign Challenges Hagel Comments

Obama to nominate Sen. John Kerry for Secretary of State

Wisconsin Court Upholds Domestic Partner Registry

Egyptian Islamists, Opponents Clash Ahead Of Vote

6 of 10 universities can’t figure out 1st Amendment

American Dream Fades for Generation Y Professionals

When Christmas Was Banned in Massachusetts | Kevin Seamus Hasson at WSJ

“Pope says future of mankind at stake over gay marriage”

Inter-American Court: Costa Rica’s IVF restrictions violate the American Convention on Life

At public meetings, fights over prayer drag on | AP

Speaker offered a prayer before announcing the defeat of ‘Plan B’

Fiscal cliff: John Boehner forced to abandon ‘Plan B’ after Republican rebellion

Will Boehner’s speakership survive until Plan C?