Texas court got it right; taxpayers shouldn’t be victimized by predatory abortion businesses | Alliance Defending Freedom Comment

LifeNews: Texas Judge Rules State Can De-Fund Planned Parenthood
A Texas state judge has delivered a ruling in response to the second legal challenge Planned Parenthood has brought against the state for removing the abortion business from its taxpayer-funded women’s health program.

AP: Texas Judge Oks Ban On Planned Parenthood Funding
Texas may cut off funding to Planned Parenthood’s family planning programs for poor women, a state judge ruled Monday.


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“Texans shouldn’t forced to fund abortion industry giants like Planned Parenthood, so the court got this right,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Mike Norton. “Texas law reserves taxpayer money for real healthcare for women and protects Texans from being financially coerced into abortion advocacy. Women deserve better than Big Abortion’s predatory business model and taxpayers deserve better than to be victims of Planned Parenthood’s waste and abuse of public dollars.”

While Alliance Defending Freedom is not involved in this case, it represents Abby Johnson, a former Texas Planned Parenthood clinic director who alleges that Planned Parenthood defrauded the same Texas Women’s Health Program of more than $5.7 million. The case, United States ex. rel. Johnson v. Planned Parenthood of Southeast Texas is pending in the Southern District of Texas. The alleged fraud by Planned Parenthood of Southeast Texas is part of more than $100 million of waste, fraud, and abuse identified nationwide by Alliance Defending Freedom in a report released to the U.S. Congress Feb. 7.


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