Will IRS Crack Down on Church Politicking? | Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches

Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches: Through efforts such as Pulpit Freedom Sunday, pastors openly flout the law. Enforcement of the rule, and the revocation of a participating church’s tax-exempt status, though, could trigger a constitutional challenge to it . . . The next Pulpit Freedom Sunday is scheduled for October 5, 2014, just before the midterm elections. The website for the event, a project of the Christian right legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom, claims “the future of religious freedom depends on a free pulpit to communicate fundamental, biblical principles to congregations across America” and urges pastors to “join a growing movement of bold pastors preaching Biblical Truth about candidates and elections from their pulpits.” . . . But ADF appears determined for a showdown. Its website notes that Pulpit Freedom Sunday grew from 33 participants in 2008 to 1,621 in 2012. And ADF has offered to represent any pastor investigated by the IRS free of charge.