The Obergefell v. Hodges (same-sex marriage) Mega-Post

In case you hadn’t heard, the Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriage today. Rather than flood you all with hundreds of individual posts, we’ve brought them all together for you below.

A brief note: just because we link something here does not mean that we endorse it. We’re giving you a snapshot of the coverage–much of the contents we very well may disagree with.

Before we get to the big old list (which will be updated through the day and early next week), some necessary resources that aren’t, strictly speaking, news coverage.

First things first, you can read the actual opinion issued by the Supreme Court. SCOTUS Blog has been covering the decision and will have other helpful links.

For our in-house coverage, you can start with our Obergefell v. Hodges resource page, which includes a summary of the opinion and some key quotes from the opinion. We also wrote a blog post responding to the decision.

Austin R. Nimocks wrote this piece for The Washington Examiner.

Jim Campbell wrote this piece for USA Today.

Ken Connelly wrote this piece for CNN.

Erik Stanley wrote this piece for The Gospel Coalition.

Doug Wardlow wrote this piece for Fox News.

Alison Howard wrote this piece for The Daily Caller.

James Gottry wrote this piece for The Hill.

Caleb Dalton wrote this piece for CNS News.

Kellie Fiedorek wrote this piece for The Washington Post.

With that, on to the big list of news: