Colorado taxpayers forced to send $10 million to Planned Parenthood abortion biz

ADF appeals illegal funding of abortions with Colo. taxpayer dollars

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Religious Liberty

Uphold doctrine, avoid discriminations

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Sanctity of Life

Standing against the human “dignity deniers”

Pro-life teacher fired after opposing Planned Parenthood sues school district for $390,000

Man takes mentally disabled teen he raped to two abortion clinics, neither report abuse

View to a Kevorkian kill

Indiana Attorney General files complaints against four abortionists

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Marriage & Family

Learning friendship from parents

What makes a marriage last? A happy wife, according to research

Families may differ, but they share common values on parenting

Parental incarceration might be worse for children than parental divorce or death

Liberals teach kids tolerance over faith; conservatives teach kids faith over tolerance, new survey finds

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Redefining marriage was unnecessary – Farage

Clergyman in legal fight against C of E over same-sex marriage

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Bench & Bar

BP pulls old college trick, fiddles with line spacing to beat court filing page limit

Bob Cooper replaced as Tennessee Attorney General

Bonner elected to president of Wyoming State Bar

The meandering judicial philosophy of Judge Posner

Building legacy, Obama reshapes appellate bench

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Canada: Conservatives won’t rule out another attempt to reappoint Nadon

Canada: Supreme Court to rule Friday on Nadon’s appointment

Spain moves to curb universal jurisdiction


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