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NM Supreme Court redefines marriage | Alliance Defending Freedom

NM Supreme Court: State “is constitutionally required to allow same-gender couples to marry”

ADF stands with Phil Robertson’s right to free speech

North Dakota Government Tells Court: “There is No Right to Abortion”

A&E ‘indefinitely’ Suspends Duck Dynasty Star For Comments About Homosexuality

Hawaii churches in court Thursday to seek dismissal of atheists’ baseless lawsuit | Alliance Defending Freedom

Ohio Democrat: Investigate Every Homeschool Parent

Abortion Is A Mens’ Issue Too, One’s Sex Is Irrelevant

    Peter Hardy at LifeNews: I’m frequently berated with the comment that as a man I’m not allowed to have an opinion on abortion. Occasionally this same sentiment is expressed as a polite suggestion, and we should sympathise where women are worried that this is an attitude that wives should be under their husband’s control. But the overall impression I get is men are dismissed on the basis of their sex as an anti-intellectual manoeuvre to try to shut down critical enquiry on this ideologically-charged topic.

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Pending Senate bill will force Obamacare exchanges to disclose abortion coverage

PA: Corbett backs ban on sexual orientation discrimination

Yes, Virginia, there really is a war on Christmas | Kelly Shackelford at Fox News

ADF to top human rights court: Protect human dignity, there’s no ‘right’ to kill the weak

Federal court strikes down parts of Utah polygamy law (roundup)

AG: ND can issue marriage license to man already in out-of-state same sex “marriage”

Another victory! Federal Court rules for NY Archdiocese versus Obamacare abortion mandate

Mount Soledad Cross Will Be Purged From Veterans Memorial

“ESPN Reverses Course, To Allow Catholic Group’s Ad” | AP (12/13)

Taxpayers to pay for “gender reassignment”? Medicare under examination

Religious organizations challenge contraception mandate in federal court | Matt Bowman on Fox News (video)

Religious Freedom Highly Restricted for 75% of World’s Population

Belgian Senate Oks Child Euthanasia Bill

Dr. James Dobson sues over Obamacare abortion pill mandate | Alliance Defending Freedom

India Supreme Court refuses to engage in judicial activism in landmark decision | Alliance Defending Freedom

Christmas festival goes on despite atheists’ threats | Alliance Defending Freedom

Colorado ruling takes the cake: Activist court cooks up a new rule to undermine religion | Washington Times Editorial

Democrats Use New Power To Tilt Appeals Court, Millett confirmed

Louisiana Court tosses fines on abortion provider

Do Mennonites Who Make Cabinets Have Religious Liberty in America? | National Review

Polish Court Approves Crucifix In Parliament

Abortion Foes Would Let Women Sue Clinics Over Regulation

AUL Launches the “New Frontier” in Protecting Women from Abortion Industry Abuses

Col. court denies baker’s freedom in same-sex ceremony suit | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Judge Orders Colo. Cake-maker To Serve Gay Couples” | AP

Policies at nearly 300 Pa. school districts conflict with court ruling | Alliance Defending Freedom

Ireland: University shuts down Legion of Mary for purity initiative — deemed ‘homophobic’

“Colorado School Official Backs Transgender Remark” | AP

Abortion Coverage Lurks in Insurance Plans Including Congress’

The righteousness in Hobby Lobby’s cause: Business people shouldn’t be required to check their faith at the door. | Rick Garnett at LA Times

Lithwick’s confusion about “humanity”, corporations, and babies | Rick Garnett at Mirror of Justice

UK: Court of Appeal Recognizes in Law Sunday as Christian Rest Day

Atheist group seeks to deny poor children Christmas gifts | Alliance Defending Freedom

Is there a war on Christmas? | Doug Napier on MyFoxPhoenix (video)

UK: “School gives go ahead to treat 6-year-old girl as a boy”

SC: Judge refuses to block prayer, graduation at churches for Greenville Co. schools

“Gay couple’s complaint against Colo. baker gets hearing: Becomes a cause celebre for activists” | Washington Times

‘Preferred’ pronouns gain traction at US colleges

7th Circuit In Chicago Questions Wisconsin Abortion Law

Harvard poll: 57% of Millennials disapprove of Obamacare

Co-parenting children is new, upcoming trend | ABC WearTV

Group Working to Spread the Truth About the Constitutionality of Christmas | Doug Napier on O’Reilly Factor Video

Catholic university students sue to stop Obama’s abortion pill mandate | Alliance Defending Freedom

ADF: Colo. cake artist shouldn’t be forced to support same-sex ceremonies

“Abortion Rider” Now In The Hands Of Michigan’s Republican-led Legislature

Kansas school bans fliers with Bible verses | Alliance Defending Freedom

Police in India Slow to Investigate Torture, Killing of Christian Boy | Morningstar News

    MorningStar News: The body of his small son, Anugrag Gemethi, nicknamed Anmol, was found in a pond on Nov. 18 after he failed to return home from a friend’s house the previous day. His face was mutilated beyond recognition, there were burn marks on his stomach, his toes were chopped off and one hand and arm were deeply slashed, Gemethi said . . . Attorney Tehmina Arora of Alliance Defending Freedom-India said the murder shows how elusive religious freedom is in India. “This is a tragic and brutal killing of a young child, seemingly to curb the free exercise of his and his parents’ religious beliefs,” she said. “In a nation where we have constitutionally guaranteed freedom of conscience and religion, no one should be targeted, let alone murdered, for their faith. This is a sad and painful reminder of how far we have to travel before these fundamental rights become a reality.”

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“Miss. Judge Refuses To Grant Gay Couple’s Divorce”

The Case For Conscience: Conestoga And Hobby Lobby Accepted By The Supreme Court | Alliance Defending Freedom

Elementary Obfuscations: NYT House Editorial on HHS Mandate Cases | Ed Whelan at NRO

“UK B&B Owners Lose Appeal Over Gay Discrimination” | AP

Supreme Court accepts Pa. Mennonite cabinetmakers’ challenge to abortion pill mandate | Alliance Defending Freedom

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Landmark Hobby Lobby Case | Becket Fund