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Courts should hear taxpayer’s fraud allegations against Planned Parenthood | Alliance Defending Freedom

Utah case has no bearing on Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex marriage, Tulsa County says |

10 Nation-Shaping Victories of 2013 | Alliance Defending Freedom at Charisma

Supreme Court Sets Date for Hobby Lobby’s Challenge to Obama’s HHS Mandate

Ariz. school district to allow time for Planned Parenthood opponents | Alliance Defending Freedom

Supreme Court stay a promising sign for democracy, federalism, families | Deseret News Editorial

Opinions vary on impact of Supreme Court decision to put stay on same-sex marriages in Utah | Los Angeles Daily News

Suit filed to redefine marriage in Arizona

Planned Parenthood targets Tempe schoolchildren | Alliance Defending Freedom

Cake artists are citizens, not government servants | Alliance Defending Freedom

Analysis: The Little Sisters case and EBSA Form 700 | Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog

NY: Couple who are just friends allowed to adopt, judge says in landmark ruling

Sex, Drugs, and Religious Liberty

ADF: Uphold Texas law protecting post-abortive women

Pro-life ministry has reached almost 100 clinic workers | One News Now

Utah: Procreation argument dropped in stay application

Justice Halts Obama Contraception Rule for Catholic Nuns

Utah asks Supreme Court to stay decision on marriage

10th Circuit sets ‘expedited’ schedule for appeal of Amendment 3

New Egyptian constitution gives greater freedom to Christians

Attacks on religion, liberty | Robert George and Katrina Lanto Swett of USCIRF

ADF: VA hospital should lift ban on Christmas carolers

China Forces Woman Nine Months Pregnant to Have an Abortion

“Utah Ruling Means No Respite for the Supreme Court on Same-Sex Marriage” | NYT

Abortion pill mandate suspended for Pa. college’s employee health plan

Abortion pill mandate stopped for four Okla. universities

Okla. court halts enforcement of Obamacare abortion mandate

U. of Mich. sued for funding student events based on which views it prefers | Alliance Defending Freedom

Federal judge rules Utah marriage amendment is unconstitutional

NC activist group trying to limit educational choices for low-income families | Alliance Defending Freedom

NM Supreme Court redefines marriage | Alliance Defending Freedom

NM Supreme Court: State “is constitutionally required to allow same-gender couples to marry”

ADF stands with Phil Robertson’s right to free speech

North Dakota Government Tells Court: “There is No Right to Abortion”

A&E ‘indefinitely’ Suspends Duck Dynasty Star For Comments About Homosexuality

Hawaii churches in court Thursday to seek dismissal of atheists’ baseless lawsuit | Alliance Defending Freedom

Ohio Democrat: Investigate Every Homeschool Parent

Abortion Is A Mens’ Issue Too, One’s Sex Is Irrelevant

    Peter Hardy at LifeNews: I’m frequently berated with the comment that as a man I’m not allowed to have an opinion on abortion. Occasionally this same sentiment is expressed as a polite suggestion, and we should sympathise where women are worried that this is an attitude that wives should be under their husband’s control. But the overall impression I get is men are dismissed on the basis of their sex as an anti-intellectual manoeuvre to try to shut down critical enquiry on this ideologically-charged topic.

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Pending Senate bill will force Obamacare exchanges to disclose abortion coverage

PA: Corbett backs ban on sexual orientation discrimination

Yes, Virginia, there really is a war on Christmas | Kelly Shackelford at Fox News

ADF to top human rights court: Protect human dignity, there’s no ‘right’ to kill the weak

Federal court strikes down parts of Utah polygamy law (roundup)

AG: ND can issue marriage license to man already in out-of-state same sex “marriage”

Another victory! Federal Court rules for NY Archdiocese versus Obamacare abortion mandate

Mount Soledad Cross Will Be Purged From Veterans Memorial

“ESPN Reverses Course, To Allow Catholic Group’s Ad” | AP (12/13)

Taxpayers to pay for “gender reassignment”? Medicare under examination

Religious organizations challenge contraception mandate in federal court | Matt Bowman on Fox News (video)

Religious Freedom Highly Restricted for 75% of World’s Population

Belgian Senate Oks Child Euthanasia Bill

Dr. James Dobson sues over Obamacare abortion pill mandate | Alliance Defending Freedom

India Supreme Court refuses to engage in judicial activism in landmark decision | Alliance Defending Freedom

Christmas festival goes on despite atheists’ threats | Alliance Defending Freedom