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Philip Hamburger: Underlying Hobby Lobby

Doug Mainwaring: The incremental totalitarianism of the push for same-sex “marriage”

Madison, Wis. anti-speech bubble zones suspended . . . for now

Ramesh Ponnuru: The anti-discrimination regime undermines liberty

9th Circuit to hear Nevada marriage case next month

4th Circuit to follow expedited schedule for Virginia marriage case

A Hobbesian choice: Religious freedom in the business world

Indiana couples file federal lawsuit to recognize same-sex “marriage”

Santorum slams conservatives who want to ditch cultural issues

Court strikes down entirety of Md. county’s “forced speech” law for pregnancy centers

ADF letters rebut Planned Parenthood claims, ask for recusal of school board member

ADF: Supreme Court should end govt speech discrimination against churches

Center for Arizona Policy: “We’re not going anywhere”

Arizona sued over rules limiting abortion-drug use

Okla. State University ends showdown with Cowboys for Life

DHS allows German home-schooling family to stay in US

ADF to Supreme Court: Americans have right to speak up for free speech

Gov. Beshear: Kentucky to pursue appeal in marriage case, will hire outside counsel

Elane Photography religious liberty case heads to Supreme Court | Washington Post

Ross Douthat: The terms of our surrender

Lawsuit seeks end to anti-speech “bubble” zones

Dumb, uneducated, and eager to deceive: Media coverage of religious liberty in a nutshell

Rich Lowry: Brewer’s foolish veto

U.S. Congressman Trent Franks addresses S.B. 1062 controversy

Settlement fixes vague UT-Knoxville speech policy

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes Senate Bill 1062

Deception, distortion on SB 1062 results in veto

Kellie Fiedorek: Setting the record straight on SB 1062

Judge strikes down Texas marriage amendment; AG to appeal

Local Ariz. business owner, children receive death threat over SB 1062 support

Major legal scholars send letter to Ariz. governor in support of SB 1062

Brewer to hold meetings over religious liberty bill | Arizona Daily Star (AP)

Bipartisan law profs warn Brewer: SB1062 “egregiously misrepresented”

County clerk asks 10th Circuit to uphold Okla. marriage amendment

Ryan T. Anderson: On religious liberty, AZ gets it right and NYT gets it wrong again

Andrew Walker: How now shall we bake?

Holder says state attorneys general not obligated to defend marriage amendments

Public university professors don’t have the right to evangelize, judge rules

US Supreme Court declines to hear lawsuit over taxpayer funding of abortions in Ariz.

Joseph La Rue and Kerri Kupec: SB 1062 provides needed protections, clarification | The Arizona Republic

Russell D. Moore: Are Christians hypocrites on weddings and consciences?

7th Circuit rules against Notre Dame in contraception case

Vaughn Walker’s “rational basis” decision in Perry now embraced by courts

AZ Senate: “Business owners can cite religion to refuse service to gays”

Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum won’t defend marriage amendment

Two universities unnecessarily cave to atheist group’s threats over Gideon Bibles

Alaska Supreme Court to consider whether parents need to know when child seeks abortion

Do religious liberty protections amount to “homosexual Jim Crow laws”?

Andrew Walker: Of conscience and cakes

    Andrew Walker at First Things: “The instances of cake bakers, florists, and wedding photographers being asked to lend their services to same-sex unions seems harmless enough. But they have a duty to obey what their conscience tells them is true. But also consider: If Christians can be compelled to lend a craft to something their conscience objects to, what can’t they be compelled to participate in? We’re talking about precedent; and the cases before us are bellwether test cases about whether private actors can be forcibly mandated to go against their conscience.”

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The Brave New World of same-sex “marriage”

U. of Ala. apologizes for removing “offensive” pro-life display

Ryan T. Anderson and Leslie Ford: Bake us a cake, or else!

European human rights court allows ADF to defend Italy’s marriage laws

7th Circuit to hear from Ind. church about cross ban

Fla. church zoned out of building gets day in court

ADF, county clerk considering appeal of decision against Va. marriage amendment

    “The people of Virginia understand that men and women bring distinct, irreplaceable gifts to family life, especially for children who deserve both a mom and a dad. Understanding that truth, the voters of Virginia approved a constitutional amendment to affirm marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The court’s reasoning, however, would permit nearly every relationship to be a marriage so long as it is grounded in choice and emotion, yet that’s not what marriage or true liberty has ever been. Because the court’s ruling interferes with the right of Virginians to determine the future of marriage in their state and raises serious constitutional issues, we are reviewing the judge’s decision with our client and considering our next steps.”

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Sens. Cruz and Lee introduce State Marriage Defense Act

Federal judge overturns Virginia’s marriage amendment

SPLC files suit challenging Alabama marriage protection laws

Belgium to allow children to kill themselves

ADF will continue vigorous defense of Hawaii churches

Four couples challenge Louisiana’s marriage amendment

Judge hears challenge to Texas marriage amendment

Federal judge: Kentucky must recognize out-of-state same-sex “marriages”

4th Circuit declares NC’s “Choose Life” license plate offering unconstitutional

U. of Ala. removes “offensive” pro-life display

ADF: A family’s business is not the government’s business

LDS Church, other faiths say traditional marriage is crucial to children, society

Nevada withdraws brief defending its marriage protection amendment

Couples sue to force Ohio’s hand on same-sex birth certificates

Hobby Lobby asks Supreme Court for exemption to Obamacare mandate

Attacks on Christians in India continue to go unpunished

Atheist group demands school stop allowing students to help starving children

White House delays health insurance mandate for medium-sized employers until 2016

    Washington Post: “The Obama administration announced Monday it would give medium-sized employers an extra year, until 2016, before they must offer health insurance to their full-time workers.”

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Justice Department will give nation-wide recognition to lawful same-sex “marriages”