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OR: Bakery unlawfully discriminated against same-sex couple, state finds

Judge declares NC abortion ultrasound law illegal

ADF to 3rd Circuit: Counseling is protected free speech

Appeals court strikes down most of NYC anti-pregnancy center law

Ohio appeals same-sex “marriage” death certificate ruling

President Obama’s Proclamation for Religious Freedom Day 2014

ADF, allies: Canadian Supreme Court should again uphold laws against doctor-prescribed death

McCullen v. Coakley buffer zone commentary roundup

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments In Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone Case

American Atheists sue over Oklahoma Capitol Ten Commandments

Federal judge rules against Okla. marriage amendment

ADF to Kansas Board of Regents: Rescind anti-social media policy

US Supreme Court to hear arguments Wednesday in ‘Cradle of Liberty’ buffer zone case

Argument preview: “Buffer zones” and free speech

Catholic non-profits win preliminary injunction against contraceptive coverage rules

Judge: NM doctors can give meds to help people die

Arizona’s abortion ban won’t be revived by Supreme Court

Maryland AG: “Utah same-sex marriages are valid in Maryland”

ADF to Supreme Court: Gov’t shouldn’t force Americans to choose between making a living and living free

Hawaii churches prevail against atheists’ baseless lawsuit | Alliance Defending Freedom

US Supreme Court takes up critical free speech case | Alliance Defending Freedom

Federal government to recognize same-sex marriages in Utah

Cruz Calls President ‘Dangerous And Terrifying’: ‘Lawlessness On A Breathtaking Scale’

Wedding Bills Ring on Capitol Hill | FRC

    FRC Washington Update: Of course, the Obama administration has tried to fill in the blanks by ordering states to recognize all unions, regardless of what their individual constitutions say. In doing so, the Obama administration has created what the Supreme Court specifically condemned: “two contradictory marriage regimes within the same state.” While the court didn’t strike down every state marriage law, the President has tried to — using the power of his federal agencies to offer Social Security, veterans, Medicaid, and other benefits to every couple (regardless of where they live) in a backdoor attempt to expand same-sex “marriage” to every state in America. But, as Rep. Weber points out, that doesn’t jive with the Supreme Court’s opinion, which insists that states have the “historic and essential authority to define the marital relation.”

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The State Marriage Defense Act | Gerard Bradley at Public Discourse

“Calif. Caterer Refuses to Do Gay Wedding Based on Christian Beliefs: ‘I Hope You Appreciate My Honesty’”

Forced abortion highlights abuses in China policy

Hawaii Supreme Court: Parents Have Right to Attorney in Child Welfare Cases

Courts should hear taxpayer’s fraud allegations against Planned Parenthood | Alliance Defending Freedom

Utah case has no bearing on Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex marriage, Tulsa County says |

10 Nation-Shaping Victories of 2013 | Alliance Defending Freedom at Charisma

Supreme Court Sets Date for Hobby Lobby’s Challenge to Obama’s HHS Mandate

Ariz. school district to allow time for Planned Parenthood opponents | Alliance Defending Freedom

Supreme Court stay a promising sign for democracy, federalism, families | Deseret News Editorial

Opinions vary on impact of Supreme Court decision to put stay on same-sex marriages in Utah | Los Angeles Daily News

Suit filed to redefine marriage in Arizona

Planned Parenthood targets Tempe schoolchildren | Alliance Defending Freedom

Cake artists are citizens, not government servants | Alliance Defending Freedom

Analysis: The Little Sisters case and EBSA Form 700 | Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog

NY: Couple who are just friends allowed to adopt, judge says in landmark ruling

Sex, Drugs, and Religious Liberty

ADF: Uphold Texas law protecting post-abortive women

Pro-life ministry has reached almost 100 clinic workers | One News Now

Utah: Procreation argument dropped in stay application

Justice Halts Obama Contraception Rule for Catholic Nuns

Utah asks Supreme Court to stay decision on marriage

10th Circuit sets ‘expedited’ schedule for appeal of Amendment 3

New Egyptian constitution gives greater freedom to Christians

Attacks on religion, liberty | Robert George and Katrina Lanto Swett of USCIRF

ADF: VA hospital should lift ban on Christmas carolers

China Forces Woman Nine Months Pregnant to Have an Abortion

“Utah Ruling Means No Respite for the Supreme Court on Same-Sex Marriage” | NYT

Abortion pill mandate suspended for Pa. college’s employee health plan

Abortion pill mandate stopped for four Okla. universities

Okla. court halts enforcement of Obamacare abortion mandate

U. of Mich. sued for funding student events based on which views it prefers | Alliance Defending Freedom

Federal judge rules Utah marriage amendment is unconstitutional

NC activist group trying to limit educational choices for low-income families | Alliance Defending Freedom

NM Supreme Court redefines marriage | Alliance Defending Freedom

NM Supreme Court: State “is constitutionally required to allow same-gender couples to marry”

ADF stands with Phil Robertson’s right to free speech

North Dakota Government Tells Court: “There is No Right to Abortion”