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New Mexico Supreme Court to hear marriage case

10th Circuit: Utah sexual solicitation statute doesn’t violate First Amendment

GOP tries to finesse vote on ObamaCare, Conservatives not buying it

Roll Call: Top Republicans Refuse to Sign Pledge to De-Fund Obamacare

Os Hillman Got It Totally Wrong About the Christian-Owned Bakery in Oregon

Syrian Rebels to Christian villagers: ‘Either You Convert To Islam, Or You Will Be Beheaded’

AFL-CIO Hopes To Expand Membership Beyond Unions to Left Wing Groups

Obama abortion pill mandate stopped | Alliance Defending Freedom

Hawaii Dems meet on draft bill to redefine marriage

Lawsuit against Obama’s abortion pill mandate moves forward | Alliance Defending Freedom

San Antonio passes contentious discrimination ordinance

“Athletics – IOC to consider action over Isinbayeva gay comments”

Abortionists challenging Louisiana law lose at 5th Circuit

Counties ask NM high court to decide marriage

Chinese Government Collected $2 Billion in One-Child Policy Fines in 2012

Australian PM Aggressively Advocates Marriage Redefinition, Twists Bible in Diatribe Aimed at Pastor | Video

In Praise Of Rand Paul & His ‘Bible-Thumping’ | Rod Dreher at The American Conservative

The Next Abortion Case Is Here | Linda Greenhouse at NYT

Epidemic of babies thrown into trash cans a revival of pagan custom of ‘exposure’: Catholic deacon

Ky. Gideons’ freedom to distribute literature like others reaffirmed | Alliance Defending Freedom

Pastor can hand out Bibles to bikers at Wis. city’s Harley-Davidson Festival | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Judge Sides With Ohio Gay Couple On Death Form”

Oregon bakery that refused wedding cake for same-sex ceremony closes

No City of Man Without the City of God | Alan Sears at Townhall

Atheists not required to recite Pledge seek to stop it anyway | Alliance Defending Freedom

Texas Guard Refuses To Process Same-sex Benefits

Arizona initiative to redefine marriage languishes

Iowa Board of Medicine bans “webcam” abortions | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Justice Ginsburg To Officiate At Same-sex Wedding”

Mich. brief: Children benefit from having mom, dad | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Federal judge orders VA to obey Supreme Court on same-sex benefits” | NBC

The ‘Human Rights’ Juggernaut: Does the First Amendment protect wedding ­photographers? | Weekly Standard

    Mark Hemingway at Weekly Standard: For one thing, it’s hard to argue that wedding photographers provide the same service to all customers, as is typical under public accommodation laws. “When you order public accommodation, you have to sell your hamburgers to everybody, you have to rent your hotel rooms to everybody. That’s just a uniform product being sold to everyone without discrimination,” Jordan Lorence, a lawyer for the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Christian legal group representing Elane Photography, told The Weekly Standard. “There are some commercial professions—like a videographer, a speechwriter, a website designer—where there’s no standard product. The product is inherently expressive. Then when you add to that a ceremony that’s expressing ideas, going to a wedding photographer and saying I want you to use your photojournalistic skills to tell the story of my event in the best way possible, you have this huge freedom of speech issue.” . . . Lorence’s use of the term “photojournalist” is also telling. Professional photojournalists sometimes moonlight as wedding photographers. It seems odd that First Amendment protections would apply to a person being paid to document events in some circumstances and not in others. “I think the New Mexico supreme court totally blew it, because they keep talking about photographers like they’re segregated lunch counters dispensing hamburgers,” said Lorence.

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DeMint: If Defunding Obamacare Isn’t Worth Fighting For, ‘Nothing Is’ | Video

Obamacare poll shock: 77 per cent want the individual mandate repealed or delayed, as the House passes a bill to block IRS enforcement

9th Circuit upholds California Ban on Change Therapy

“Treasury and IRS: All Gay Marriages Will Be Recognized For Federal Tax Purposes”

“HHS: Gay Spouses Eligible for Key Medicare Benefits”

Ind. church appeals cross ban | Alliance Defending Freedom

Are Churches at Risk from Redefined Marriage? | Erik Stanley at NRO

Cruz: Some Republicans only want political cover on Obamacare

Ohio college sued for limiting free speech to less than one percent of campus | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Gay-marriage backers head to court”

UK: Police probe guard for barring trans man from female toilets

IRS issues final rules on Obamacare’s ‘individual mandate’

A bad picture in New Mexico: State supreme court tramples Christian beliefs | Washington Times Editorial

“Divide heats up over religions, gay marriage” | (AP)

Major tests on religion shaping up | Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog

Huge shortage of caregivers looms for baby boomers, report says

Pa. Supreme Court to take on kindergarten attendance case

NM Clerk Ordered To Issue Same-Sex “Marriage” Licenses

“Photographers Discriminated Against Gay Couple, Court Rules” | WSJ

Boehner: Hints He Will Nix Defund Obamacare

Eighty in House support Obamacare Defunding; Dismay over Boehner opposition

Army can’t say if Manning gender swap would be permitted, ACLU weighs in

NM Supreme Court to Christians: There is a ‘price’ for your beliefs

Washington Attorney General: Catholic Hospitals Must Provide Abortions

ObamaCare birth-control mandate on fast track to Supreme Court | The Hill

Doctors support Okla. RU-486 law requiring FDA standards | Alliance Defending Freedom

‘Webcam’ abortions face scrutiny in Iowa | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Civil Rights Includes Gays 50 Years After March” | AP on CNS

NM County Issuing Same-sex Marriage Licenses

US again urged to designate Boko Haram as terrorist group | Alliance Defending Freedom

Multiple partner relationships could become norm, says BBC

Judge blocks Oklahoma ‘morning after’ pill law

Court upholds LA law requiring porn actors to use condoms