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ACLU, ADF call ‘foul’ over university’s treatment of the first amendment

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  • Posted: 07/02/2014
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ADF fights off atheists’ lawsuit against pair of churches

Planned Parenthood curriculum promotes risky behavior

Parents appeal Atherton’s transgender policy

Supreme Court will hear church’s challenge to Gilbert’s sign ordinance

Supreme Court will hear Gilbert church-sign case

Gov’t officials clash with church over signs advertising worship services – and the case could become the next important religious freedom battle

BSU faces lawsuit over limits on campus protests

Hobby Lobby ruling may vindicate Colorado company

American pro-life campaigners free to stand for what they believe in

U.S. Supreme Court hits birth-control rule

Geneva pleased with court ruling on contraceptive coverage

Supreme Court rules for religious liberty in Hobby Lobby case

Supreme Court delivers momentous religious freedom victory

Court: Closely held companies can’t be required to cover contraceptives

Supreme Court strikes down abortion pill mandate (video)

Voiding of buffer zone at abortion clinics could force Western Pa. change

Interpretation of ruling on meeting prayer puts effects in question

Pictures of faith at work: This family waits, prays for Obamacare ruling

Rick Santorum: Baker that would not make a cake for same-sex wedding sent to ‘re-education camp’

Montgomery County pays $375,000 to anti-abortion pregnancy center

How NOT to cover the ruling in the Hobby Lobby case

Town of Greece decision may change how Supreme Court looks at First Amendment

Federal appeals court strikes down Utah marriage law, Okla. awaits ruling from same panel

Politicians, groups react to same-sex marriage ruling

Law of Life Project celebrates free speech victory

Overruling the people: Marriage showdown coming

Court voids Austin pregnancy-center law

Supreme Court punts on Establishment Clause case

Court strikes down Austin, Texas law designed to shutter pregnancy centers

Anti-pregnancy center law struck down

Twenty-one ways to defend religious liberty

Nation’s capital considering discriminatory ‘non-discrimination’ act

DC bill could coerce pro-life organizations against their mission

Arizona church facing foreclosure raises $68,000 to stay open

One more step to ensure free speech in NYC

Supreme Court maintains ban on graduations in churches

Maryland county must pay $375,000 for attempting to shut down pregnancy centers

Montgomery County pays $375,000 for violating pregnancy center’s free speech rights

Unborn baby alerts doctors and saves his mother’s life

After denying promotion to conservative prof, UNC must pay his $700k legal tab

Diocese of La Crosse announces keynote speaker

Md. county pays attorneys’ fees in court case

Court tells VA community colleges to loosen free-speech rules

Attorney: courts overturning marriage laws use ‘raw judicial power’

Appeals court rules NYC anti-pregnancy center law largely unconstitutional

Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal over graduation ceremonies held in evangelical church

Colo. marriage amendment case: Emotion vs. reason?

Court backs pro-life ads as free speech

Family to lose health plan, pay for abortions under Obamacare

Forsyth County asks court to drop ban on sectarian prayers

Costs mount for NC school in discrimination case

Supreme Court won’t wade into fight over graduations in churches

Proponents of traditional marriage Sam Rohrer, Rick Santorum among speakers at Washington rally

University must pay $700,000 legal bill for retaliating against Christian prof

Family to lose health care plan, must pay for abortions under Obamacare

U.S. Bishops unanimously reauthorize religious-liberty initiative

Planned Parenthood offered free Bibles

UNCW criminology professor wins case, UNCW to pay $700,000+ in legal fees

Obama Administration’s attacks on religious freedom intensifying

Judge rules UNCW must pay professor $700,000 for legal fees

Moore, Warren predict Hobby Lobby win at Supreme Court

House Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitution and Civil Justice hearing