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Australian ethicist celebrates “in vitro eugenics”

NHS Back Door Euthanasia Payments to End in UK Pathway

Sam Parnia – the man who could bring you back from the dead

Filipino Catholic groups band together to back poll candidates who oppose contraceptives law

Chen tells US lawmakers China breaking promise

The demographic time bomb and euthanasia | Peter Saunders at CMF Blog

Insight: The backroom battle delaying reform of China’s one-child policy

Chinese woman dies from forced sterilization after doctor’s warning

Eugenics threat growing in IVF industry: British fertility expert

We can’t ignore slavery in the bid to lift millions out of poverty

Harvesting eggs from aborted babies to create IVF babies? Ten years later the story still horrifies

13th annual March for Life in Prague draws largest-ever crowds

Czech society ageing, but less than other EU countries

French gov’t now pays 100% of abortion costs

UK Government Approves Genetically Engineered “Three-Parent” Embryos

Researcher: 1.72 Billion Abortions Worldwide Over Last 40 Years

    LifeNews: After reading the article, I asked Dr. Brian Clowes, director of education and research at Human Life International, to investigate the number of worldwide abortions since 1973. The results were staggering! He estimates that there have been more than 1.72 billion abortions over the last 40 years, a trend that is not lessening but growing exponentially as more and more countries embrace and legalize contraception and abortion as methods of population control, which is always sold as “family planning” and “reproductive health.”

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UK: Downing Street calls police in response to abortion display

International Lawyers Claim Malta’s Protection of Unborn is “Torture”

Decision on Canada’s motion to condemn sex-selective abortion expected Thursday

U of Quebec professor teams with Planned Parenthood to root out Quebec’s pregnancy help centers

Mind-Boggling Abortion Statistics from China

Fertility expert warns of child ‘eugenics’ dangers

Irish abortion debate reflects growing church-state tensions | Washington Post

Mother Victimized by China’s One-Child Policy Commits Suicide

Every Dollar Spent On Condoms Means Less Dollars In Taxes

Romania’s March for Life looks to stem demographic bomb, protect life

Uruguayan pro-lifers force popular vote on abortion law following petition drive

Chile, Ireland and abortion

Seven-Month-Old Baby Becomes Victim of Forced Abortion in China

France Starts Tense Debate On Sex Life Of Disabled

Scotland: ‘Let teens make assisted suicide plans’ says MSP

Canada: MPs Not Allowed to Vote to Condemn Sex-Selection Abortions

Brazil Doctor Group Urges Legalization Of Abortion

Abortion Advocates at the UN Handcuffed By Previous Agreement

Colombian court blocks attempt to impose abortion on Catholic hospitals

New Study: Abortion Can Lead to Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Property owner harassed by municipality over pro-life Christian Heritage Party sign

Three-person IVF moves closer in UK

Despite abortion views, Biden, Pelosi receive Communion in Vatican Mass

B.C. Court of Appeal hears assisted suicide case

Sweden: Abortions more common despite morning-after pill

Britain’s growing elderly population is a massive challenge which requires a radical solution

Chinese woman saved from forced abortion at last minute: thanks Congressman Chris Smith

Killing Alzheimer’s Patients: Switzerland is Kevorkian as a Country

Scotland: Fear persists assisted suicide will not be adequately monitored

N. Ireland: Bid to outlaw private abortion clinics blocked

336 million abortions under China’s one-child policy

Nepal: Abortion, The Preference For Baby Boys And A Gender Imbalance

Analysis: UN Conference Using Deceptive Data to Shape Policy

    C-FAM: The Agence France-Press reported on March 5, the second day of the Commission, “Much has been made at [CSW] of a World Bank report which estimates that more women aged 15-44 are killed violently than die of malaria, HIV, cancer, accidents and war combined.” The statistic is used by multiple UN agencies and appears on the official UN resources for speakers. On March 13, it was cited in a New York Times editorial criticizing the Holy See and its allies for holding firm against feminist efforts to turn the CSW meeting into a call for global abortion access.

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Negotiators Stymied at UN over Abortion Language

UN Statisticians Have Solved The “Unmet Need” For “Demand”

Ireland: Amendment making it illegal to perform abortions outside the NHS blocked by Sinn Fein

US, EU Ask To Delete “inherent Right To Life, Liberty” At UN

Who’s behind India’s barbaric mega sterilization camps?

UN Report Claims Not Offering Women Abortion Equals Torture

Head of UN development programme says reproductive rights central to female empowerment decries Russia, Malta, Vatican

Swiss bishops approve ‘morning-after pill’ for rape victims

UN Event Promotes Life in the “Tough Cases”

UN Agreement on Violence Against Women Threatened by Abortion Advocates

Doctors warn UN that abortion harms mothers

Vatican Chief Justice: Pro-Abortion Politicians Must Not Receive Holy Communion

Canada: Tory MP’s motion to condemn sex-selective abortions up for debate March 2

Communism: What You Don’t Know is Killing Unborn Children

Canadian Court Should Fix Errors It Made in Euthanasia Case

Slanted Media Reporting On Commission On The Status Of Women

Australia parents face India surrogacy barriers: expert

Quadruplets Turn One After Mother Rejected Abortion Advice

UK: Still meaning in life, says man with locked-in syndrome

Ireland: Stormont rally opposes any abortion law change

Pro-lifers claim abortion is holding the Swiss economy back

Northern Ireland assembly members seek to outlaw private abortion clinics

UK: Leading GP backs giving out morning-after pill at schools

New Evidence Challenges UN Commissioner’s Call for Comprehensive Sex Ed

Audit Of Family Planning Money Should Include International Aid