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Chinese city forces all women of child-bearing age to be fitted with IUDs or sterilized

Purpose of International Planned Parenthood Federation: Keep the money flowing

Irish PM: Abortion activists send letters in blood

Ireland Govt Called “Dishonest” for Saying New Bill “Restricts” Abortions

UK Research: Unborn Babies Can Show Pain In The Womb

El Salvador Outmaneuvers International Pro-Abortion Cabal

China Launches Huge Campaign to Force Women to Get IUDs or be Sterilized

Belgium Parliament Votes to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children

Mother of Baby Rescued From Sewage Pipe Victimized by One-Child Policy

Bishops Urge Irish Lawmakers To Stop Abortion Bill

Burma: 2-child policy enforced against Muslims

Tens of thousands rally in Dublin against Ireland’s proposed abortion law

Ireland warned over abortion law: Don’t follow mistakes of America

Study: Facial Expressions of Unborn Babies in the Womb Show They Feel Pain

Argentina Requires HMOs To Fund Fertility Efforts

Chinese City Plans To Fine Unmarried Mothers

El Salvador Supreme Court Puts Out Abortion Fire

Switzerland: Alarm as British man with dementia commits suicide at Dignitas

Women Deliver: The Polished Veneer and the Ugly Truth

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition challenges Global News on its one-sided euthanasia reporting

C-section OK For Pregnant Woman In El Salvador

ECHR: The Way Toward A Right To Assisted Suicide

China: Mother Dies After Forced Abortion at Six Months

El Salvador’s strict abortion laws a ‘form of torture,’ groups say

Late-Term Abortionist in Australia Loses Medical License

Canadians flood Parliament with petitions through MPs to end gendercide

Stealth Campaign Used to Push Abortion Drug Where It Is Illegal

How legal euthanasia changed Belgium for ever

1,700 converge on Quebec City to oppose gov’t plan to legalize euthanasia

Ireland: Abortion legislation ‘incompatible with the core values of human rights’

Pregnant Canadian women sue over faulty birth control pills

Push to Treat Reproductive Rights as Fundamental Rights

    Devex: The legislators called on heads of state gathering at both meetings in June to recognize family planning and sexual and reproductive health rights as “fundamental” to gender equality and development. The All Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health and the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development last week gathered over 50 parliamentarians from across the world to show a united voice in making sure the powerful clubs of wealthy countries talk about family planning during their meetings next month.

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Why Don’t Women In The Developing World Use Contraceptives? It’s Not Lack Of Access

UK: Push to legalise assisted suicide in court and the Lords

Court intervenes to save life of France’s ‘Terri Schiavo’

British schoolgirl ‘murdered for her organs’ in India, family claim

Famous Chinese Filmmaker Investigated For Breaking One-child Policy

Court of Appeal hears crucial end of life cases

Pope Francis Joins 40,000 Pro-Lifers at Italian March for Life

Canada: Conservative MP urges pro-life activists to stack nomination meetings

Georgians Wrestle With Abortion Issue As Gender Imbalance Grows

Catholic Church in Ireland faces abortion question

    Charles C. Camosy at Washington Post: The church, in part because Catholic institutions would be compelled to do these abortions, has reacted strongly against the measure. The Irish Bishops, for instance, point out that abortion, “is never a remedy for suicidal ideation and therefore should never be cited as a justification for the direct killing of an innocent human being.” There is even talk of excommunication of Irish lawmakers depending on how this all plays out.

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Inter-American Court IVF Ruling Draws Fire from Doctors and Lawyers

Kenyan churches successfully lobby to remove a U.S.-funded ad they say encourages adultery | World Magazine

    World Magazine: In the spot, broadcast over major channels in the East African nation during commercial breaks until it was pulled in March, two Kenyan women walk to a market and linger over vegetables, talking about their families. One complains that she is tired of putting up with her alcoholic husband who does not satisfy her sexually. She confesses she has a lover on the side, who even has a name in the ad, Mbugua. Her friend advises her to always use condoms with Mbugua—leading to the campaign slogan “Weka Condom Mpangoni” or “include a condom in your planning” in Swahili.

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Lord Falconer begins parliamentary bid to legalise ‘assisted dying’

Not a noble death: Nobel laureate euthanized by lethal injection in Belgium

Irish anti-abortion vigil at Knock draws thousands

58 Babies Develop Cerebral Palsy Annually in England Because Moms Had Abortion

Terms of Irish abortion bill agreed by Cabinet

Ireland publishes bill on so-called “life saving” abortions

Irish cabinet reaches agreement on abortion bill

Think tank calls on Australian Parliament to legalize euthanasia

Irish Court: No ‘right To Die’ For Paralyzed Woman

Mother In UK Forced 14-year-old To Get Pregnant

Polish Justice Minister Fired After Embryo Remarks

Australian government weighs heavy subsidy for ‘abortion pill’ RU-486

Planned Parenthood Threatens Nigerian UN Ambassador Over Abortion

Human embryos & beginning of life back at European Court

Analysis: European Leaders Use Laws of War to Pressure US to Fund Abortions in Africa

Ireland: Abortion legislation to go before Cabinet next week

Top researcher: iPS cells ‘probably’ already embryos, have already made cloned animals

IPas Promotes Abortion Acceptance Through Survey To Measure Stigma

Paralysed man continues push for assisted suicide

Push for Paralyzed Assisted Suicide in UK | Wesley J. Smith at NRO

Euthanasia: 4,620 per cent rise in cases in Belgium

UK: MP urges Govt to record gender of aborted babies

European Union Report Details Growth Of Human Trafficking

Turkish woman with transplanted uterus may now be pregnant

500,000 Filipinos Gather for Pro-Life Rally Before New Elections

Tens of thousands of Peruvians march in opposition to the legalization of abortion

Engineering our way to a eugenic future

What We Want Is The Head Of The Friar | New Yorker

Chen Guangcheng Shows Congress List of Chinese Officials ‘Responsible for 130,000 Forced Abortions’

Vatican adult stem cell conference gets underway