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Plaintiff describes conspiracy to bring down gay therapy group

A heart to heart talk with a ‘pro-gay’ Christian

What Paul would say to Matthew Vines

    The Stream: What interests me here is Vines’ tweeted claim that St. Paul would approve of homosexual couples and families if only he knew some. Using Jesus’ observation that we will know them by their fruits (MT 7:16) — the first chapter of his book is titled “A Tree and its Fruit” — Vines argues elsewhere that Christians should approve same-sex relationships because they bear good fruit. Apparently Paul didn’t see that kind of relationship in his world, but if he had seen it, he would have revised the opening of his letter to the Christians in Rome.

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Circuit approves use of automated software in porn sweep

No, the difference between Dolezal and Jenner is not ‘fraud’

Diocese quits social justice organization over participation in gay pride parade

Red State Families: Better than we knew

How family fragmentation impacts poverty in America

The single best piece of marriage advice ever given

Everything we think we know about marriage and divorce is wrong

    Catalyst: Have you ever lamented the fact that the divorce rate was the same in the church? Or that most marriages are just hanging in there, not vibrant and happy? Without realizing it, those of us who have shared that information have been, as Andy Stanley put it in the Foreword to my new book The Good News About Marriage, “A small part of a very large problem.” We have been both accepting and adding to a deep sense of cultural discouragement about marriage. A discouragement that instead of motivating people, leeches hope from marriages. A discouragement that, it turns out, is based more on myth than reality.

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Marriage is a social justice issue

The north-south divide on two-parent families

Don’t use my pain as a weapon: Infertility and same-sex marriage

11-year-old boy played in his yard, CPS took him, felony charge for parents

Albert Mohler on how to survive a moral revolution

Feds: Employers should give transgender staff bathroom choice

Fewer young people say I do — to any relationship

    Gallup: Along with the decline in marriages among 18- to 29-year-olds in the U.S. in recent years, Gallup trends on Americans’ living arrangements reveal that the percentage of young adults “living together” has hardly budged. This means that not only are fewer young adults married, but also that fewer are in committed relationships. As a result, the percentage of young adults who report being single and not living with someone has risen dramatically in the past decade, from 52% in 2004 to 64% in 2014.

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Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

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