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Doubts about study of gay canvassers rattles the field

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Boy Scouts presidents calls for lifting the ban on gay troop leaders

Mental health’s LGBT blind spot

What the ‘mounting evidence’ on working moms really shows

Boy Scouts’ president calls for end to ban on gay leaders

National Review: For gay marriage and against Christian teaching

    Denny Burk: The National Review is a leading journal of conservative opinion. It should not be lost on us that many conservatives are eager to shed the albatross of traditional marriage. They view it as a political loser. Younger conservatives can hardly comprehend any reason to oppose gay marriage. At this point, the Republican party is divided on the issue with traditional social conservatives being the only ones holding the line. Those social conservatives have always been viewed as a key part of the Republican coalition. For the time being, they still are. But how long will that last? That a leading journal of conservative opinion would publish an article like this tells us something about the future of political conservatism in America.

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SPLC campaign would ‘ban help for gay people’

A majority of Americans now think gays are born that way

Louisiana Governor issues executive order protecting traditional marriage advocates

Data faked by same-sex marriage researchers

Gay-conversion therapy ban to be introduced in House

Divorced dads: For worse, for better

Jeb Bush to Brody File: There is no Constitutional right to gay marriage

Wawa sued by lesbian employee who helped start Gay-Straight Alliance

Third Circuit upholds federal porn regulations

Jeb Bush takes tougher stance against same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage and the ‘Loving’ precedent

Why parents should stop hoping their kids will get married

Why moms and dads both matter in marriage

Call it ‘gender fluidity’: Schools to teach kids there’s no such thing as boys or girls

The virtue of being a dad

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Divorce can mean a trip down the economic ladder for women

Mayor signs ordinance to protect housing rights for LGBT Tulsans, cites support for state religious liberty law

Marriage and dignity

What is marriage to evangelical millennials?

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Not dead yet? Marriage in twenty-first-century America

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Christian schools will have no choice about gay marriage

Oregon Governor to sign law banning sexual orientation change therapy for gay minors

The most troubling thing about same-sex marriage

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Gay alliance bashes university for hosting debate with conservative Christian author

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Tex. bill would bar local officials from issuing same-sex-marriage licenses

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A muted conversation on traditional marriage

Do mothers matter?

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Feds, States spar over restrooms for transgender workers

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Kennedy’s doctrine of dignity weighs heavily in marriage debate

Gay marriage and biopolitical tyrrany

Gay exceptionalism: The disco on a hill

The “right side of history” is sometimes wrong

The abolition of marriage

Poll: 58% of Americans want to see Supreme Court legalize gay marriage

Meet the gay celibate Catholic who’s shaking up the sexuality debates

    Religion News Service: My deepest identity will always be “child of God.” But identifying as a lesbian is a succinct way to honor my experiences in gay communities. In these places, I learned a lot, confronted my own privileges, and met some amazing people. I don’t want to reject those people or experiences. I also always think of the teenager just starting to acknowledge his or her feelings. Almost everybody in that position is going to think in terms like, “Wait–when people say ‘gay’ I think they mean me….” I want those people to know that there’s a life and a future for you within Christianity.

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Smith College to admit men

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