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“No ‘witchhunt’: New Scout alternative will allow gay scouts, too, but emphasize chastity”

“The Future of Same-Sex Marriage” | NY Times Editorial

Sex on Campus: She Can Play That Game, Too

The ‘Federal Law of Marriage’: Deference, Deviation, and DOMA

“Demographic Change Amplifying Racial Inequities” | AP

Firing woman to avoid extramarital affair is unfair, but not gender bias, Iowa Supreme court rules

Transgender At Age 6 : Family Embraces Decision To Let Daughter Live As Boy

“Opponents Want Calif. Court To Stop Gay Weddings” | AP

HRC poll shows most Virginians oppose marriage redefinition

Oklahoma marriage challenge drags on into ninth year

Federal judge will hear arguments on Michigan marriage amendment, adoption in October

ACLU unlikely to legally challenge Ohio same-sex marriage ban

What must be done for the future of marriage | Ryan T. Anderson at Wash. Examiner

Bad things happen to children when marriage is redefined | Ryan T. Anderson at Wash. Examiner

“PPP poll shows more Iowa voters back same-sex marriage” | Des Moines Register

Williams Institute Study: “Same-Sex Couples Make Great Parents” | Think Progress

Dreams delayed or denied, young adults put off parenthood

Indiana marriage debate heats up

    Walter Nicgorski at South Ben Tribune: Indiana officials right to act on gay marriage ban South Bend Tribune Editorial: No need for marriage ban Evansville Courier & Press: Same-sex couples seeking marriage in Indiana could be charged Same-sex couples applying …

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ACLU challenges marriage in PA, NOM says it is telling that they are using the courts

HBO to Produce Documentary on Marriage Legal Fight

“11th Circuit Revives Gay Ukrainian’s U.S. Asylum Claim”

Federal benefits won’t extend to domestic partners under DOMA ruling

ACLU and Lambda Legal file three new marriage challenges: NC, PA, VA

OPM Memos and Letters on Same Sex “Marriage”

Moore: Church’s views ‘seem freakish’ to culture

OH: Former GOP AG Petro backs campaign to redefine marriage

“America’s Change of Mind on Same-Sex Marriage and LGBTQ Rights” | Barna Group

“Homosexuality and the pews: Seven signs influencing congregational acceptance of gays and lesbians” | ARDA

    Association of Religion Data Archives: But until recently, there had been relatively little research on the responses of religious communities. New studies by researchers such as Andrew Whitehead, reported in the latest issue of the Review of Religious Research, and Gary Adler, who shared his findings in the journal Social Problems, are providing insights into which congregations are more likely to be welcoming to gays and lesbians, and what this means for the future. The studies analyze data from the 2006-2007 National Congregations Study, which asked a series of questions about how welcoming communities are to gays and lesbians in committed relationships. Some key indicators of congregational attitudes emerged . . .

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Girl Scouts of Northern Calif. March In S.F. Pride Parade | CNSNews Video

School Trangender Bill, Pay-for-egg Bounty Head to Governor | Cal. Family Alliance

Only 5 Days For Lower Court Opinion To Cite SCOTUS Decision On DOMA

“The big enchilada: Are same-sex marriage bans now illegal?” | Fortune

“Gay Marriage Ruling Already In Use In Other Cases” | AP

Same-Sex Parenting: Child Abuse?

A Roe By Any Other Name – Make no mistake: Windsor ends the same-sex marriage battle. | Mona Charen at NRO

Why The Reagan Democrats Departed | Patrick J. Buchanan at Human Events

How Will the Church Respond to the SCOTUS Rulings? | Engage Family Minute

After Windsor: Michigan same-sex partners benefits suit advances | Marty Lederman at SCOTUS Blog

Poll: Support for marriage redefinition hits high after ruling | USA Today

Rep. Gohmert: What’s Next – Legalized Polygamy?

Judge: Trial possible on Mich. DOMA lawsuit

DOMA ruling: Echoes of Roe vs. Wade | Maggie Gallagher at Mercury News

Ohio governor signs statewide voucher expansion for low-income students

Marriage Decisions of Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit Undermine Rule of Law | Liberty Counsel

“Marriage” – A Question of Usage | Ed Whalen at NRO

“In Conservative Wyoming, Signs of a Thaw on Same-Sex Marriage”

    NY Times: For State Representative Cathy Connolly, Wyoming’s only openly gay legislator, this winter brought a rare moment of promise: her bill to create domestic partnerships advanced further than anything like it in the history of this deep red state — sailing through committee and onto the floor of the full House. Victory seemed possible.

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“First day of gay marriage in Delaware”

“Ten states to tackle gay marriage next” | NBC

“Both sides say Kennedy opinion on gay marriage could doom state laws”

“Gay Couple May Be 1st To Win Green-card Petition”

“Republican Consultants Sign Up to Help ACLU Push Gay Marriage” | Rush Limbaugh

“Gay lawmaker to fight Alabama’s same-sex marriage ban” | USA Today (chart included)

Christie: SCOTUS DOMA ruling is bad and an example of judicial supremacy

“Marriage Ruling Renews GOP Centrists-vs.-Base Feud” | AP

A Gay Marriage Muddle: Even the dissenters aren’t sure what the majority is saying. | WSJ

Analysis of Same-Sex Marriage Decisions– Installment 3: The Amazing Power of A Decision Based On Standing | Howard Friedman at Religion Clause Blog

The Supreme Court’s Marriage Decisions by the Numbers | Heritage Foundation

Rahm Emanuel: ‘Gays are the next Jews of fundraising’

ACLU Hires Steve Schmidt to Lobby GOP on Marriage Redefinition: $10M War Chest for 50 State Initiative

In Silicon Valley, the Same-Sex Marriage Debate Was Already Over | Wired

Obama Asks Holder Implement DOMA Ruling Swiftly

Rainbow Flag Flies At Ct. Governor’s Residence

“Pentagon to extend benefits to gay service spouses”

“Gay couples can immigrate under DOMA ruling”

“After Demise of DOMA, Lambda Legal Plans Swift Action in New Jersey”

Growing Pains: The Trouble with Colo.’s Gender-Bending Civil-Rights Ruling

MN: Support for marriage redefinition costs Republican Sen. Branden Petersen

Germany: “Anti-discrimination” Policies Always Were Ridiculous. But Now They Turn Into A Serious Danger.

The real threat to marriage | Religion News Service

    Tom Ehrich at Religion News Service: As I officiate at a family wedding in this charming coastal city, it seems to me the institution of marriage is alive and well — and in serious trouble. The trouble isn’t out-in-the-open homosexuality, birth control, abortion, assertive women, or any of the right-wing alarms. The trouble is poverty. The less affluent you are, the more likely you are to have a child without the benefit of a partner, at an age too young for effective parenting, and in chaotic living arrangements.

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What’s Behind The US Decline In Marriage? Pragmatism | Forbes

    Trevor Butterworth at Forbes: A good marriage is unrealistic given the economic stresses haunting blue collar America and especially low-income black communities: the loss of earning power and status among low and unskilled men, and large numbers in prison or engaged in drug dealing. The simple fact behind the decline of marriage in the US is economic pragmatism. “Marriage is becoming a class privilege,” said Kefalas. All the talk of recession and culture and cohabitation and education is a way of avoiding talking about the economic collapse of an entire class of American male.

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The Same-Sex Marriage Lie | Ryan T. Anderson at the Christian Post

Tucson approves civil unions for same-sex couples

Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus discusses the potential consequences as the Supreme Court decides two landmark marriage cases

Prayer service for marriage redefinition at National Cathedral

“Same Sex Marriage Fast Facts” | CNN