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“Indian country torn over gay marriage”

    Miami Herald: With more Native Americans making similar demands, the Suquamish tribe is one of three that have signed off on marriage by same-sex couples, laws that apply only on their land. Legal analysts predict that more tribes will follow, giving new rights to what many Native Americans call “two-spirit” individuals, who carry both a feminine and masculine spirit. Still, the issue is far from settled in Indian country.

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NY: Married disabled couple sue for right to live together full time

Maine Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics Joins Other Child Welfare Organizations on Brief Sup

California Supreme Court wrestles with spousal rights case

Will same-sex marriage momentum influence the Supreme Court? | Lyle Denniston

Three Spiritual Journeys of Millennials | The Barna Group

Marriage redefinition passes Delaware Senate; Gov. immediately signs into law | Sussex Countian

Congress Tackles the Common Core National Standards and Databases

Louisiana Supreme Court Invalidates State School Voucher Program

Louisiana Voucher Remains Legal, AFC Urges Legislature To Resolve Funding Issue

Push for marriage redefinion is really about increasing state control | First Things

MN: State lawmaker faces recall for supporting marriage redefinition

Marriage Myth Busted: Women Not Looking for Sugar Daddies

Bill to redefine marriage clears Minnesota House panel; floor vote on hold

Brady resigns as Illinois GOP chairman amid marriage controversy

“RI Bishop on Gay Marriage: We’ve Entered ‘Post-Christian Era’”

Same-sex marriage will cost Minnesota $678,000 a year, report finds

“Ex-Iowa Official Guilty in Gay Marriage Fraud Case”

Boy Scouts of America Survey: 61% Support Current Policy of Excluding Homosexuals

“Pennsylvania School District Refuses to Change Policies on Transgender Students” | ACLU

California Supreme Court case: When ‘I do’ may not be enough

Marriage as Purposeful Institution

Laissez Faire Marriage Part II

The big same-sex marriage lie: They do want to change this basic institution

Same-Sex Immigrant Debate Set in the Senate

“Decoding the gay-marriage oral arguments” | Erwin Chemersinsky at ABA J.

ESPN Issues Language Guidelines to Promote the Homosexual Agenda

ESPN stands by Christian analyst who called homosexuality an ‘open rebellion’ against God

Why Is There a Campus Hookup Culture? Feminism, careerism, and secularism are to blame. | Dennis Prager at NRO

    Dennis Prager at NRO: In our dialogue, we agreed that her book’s subtitle was accurate, but we disagreed as to the cause. Freitas, who holds a Ph.D. in religious studies, blamed it on peer pressure, the sex-drenched social media of young people, and the ubiquity of pornography. I blamed three other culprits: feminism, careerism, and secularism.

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NYU Prof Is for Same-Sex Marriage but Really Against Marriage | Heritage Foundation

Cohabitation Nation: Sliding v. Deciding for Marriage

Mayor Mike Rawlings calls marriage equality resolution political and a misuse of Dallas council’s time

Law, Self Government, and Marriage | Benjamin L. Smith at First Things

    Benjamin L. Smith at First Things: Unfortunately the sentimentality surrounding this phrase can obscure the plain facts of the matter. New generations must replace old generations. There must be a never-ending supply of farmers, entrepreneurs, soldiers, voters, statesmen, taxpayers, intellectuals, and others for society to provide essential goods and services. Furthermore, there is overwhelming evidence of the sociological and economic benefits of traditional, heterosexual marriage. For all of these reasons the promulgation of heterosexual marriage contracts is justified by grave public necessity; the legal establishment of heterosexual marriage is justified by the common good.

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Delaware bill to redefine marriage clears Senate Committee, vote expected Tuesday

Austin mayor: No changes on same-sex benefits

Florida: ACLU sues Lake schools over gay-straight middle school club

MN: Dayton makes appeal for legislators to redefine marriage

“African-Americans, the Last Democratic Holdouts on Gay Marriage?”

AZ AG Horne agrees to Bisbee civil union changes

Carnegie Mellon unsure if naked woman mocking pope violates ‘our community standards’

Hundreds Exchange Vows As Colorado’s Civil Union Law Takes Effect

Prom dress code has New Jersey moms up in (bare) arms

WV: Principal reverses dress code decision

We hate to say we told you so: same sex marriage & polygamy

La. Teachers’ Union President: School Choice ‘Taking Our Children From Us’

Some Republicans help defeat Florida school choice legislation in Senate

Smith Women’s College Targeted After Saying No to Sexually Confused Student

    Edge Boston: trans woman won’t get to fulfill her dream of attending Smith College, a private women’s university in Massachusetts, because on government federal financial aid documents she is registered as a male . . . “We have a petition of over 3,700 signatures,” Schwartz said of the petition, noting plans to present the petition with the signatures to the school’s administration sometime this week. “We have a list of demands created as an organization

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“Pushing the G.O.P. to Support Gay Rights” | NY Times

“LGBT Leaders Look Past Gay-Friendly Wall Street” | Bloomberg

Missouri House Advances Amendment on Parental Rights

“Obama phones Jason Collins, offers support after athlete admits he’s gay”

Relationship Contracts: Experts: Putting Sex In Writing Could Make Your Union Even Stronger

Boy? Girl? California Bill Allows Students to Choose Bathrooms

Rhode Island: Final vote on Thursday on bill to redefine marriage

Something Rotten in the Boy Scouts

Scarred By Polygamy, Victims Confront ‘sister Wives’

Marriage Rests on the Thin Reed of Its Prestige

ACLU: Red Lion transgender student allowed to attend prom with girlfriend

Weatlhy GOP Pac pushes for marriage redefinition

NFL reminds teams of sexual orientation anti-discrimination policy

The Decline Of Men In One Word – Porn – And How Colleges Aid And Abet It

TN: Charter schools win $91 million for facilities

DE: Glasgow Church marriage sign stirs up social media

ACLU Warns High School Principal Who Removed Transgender Pennsylvania Student From Prom King Ballot

New Changes to Military Enlistment for Homeschool Graduates | HSLDA

Could Pregnancy be a Reason NOT to Get Married? | David Lapp at Family Scholars

    David Lapp at Family Scholars: In “Promises I Can Keep,” Kathryn Edin and Maria Kefalas find that among the poor single mothers they interviewed, “Nearly everyone has a morality tale to tell of two fools who rushed into marriage only to divorce.” And, “The harshest condemnation is reserved for those who marry because of pregnancy. Such marriages, they believe, are almost certain to end in divorce, and thus benefit neither the couple nor the child.”

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Pennsylvania district may become first in the nation to switch to all charter schools

“Gay couples can’t make joint political donations from individual account, FEC rules”

“Coordinated strategy propelled gay marriage in RI”

School forces girls to ask for lesbian kiss

“Transgender Red Lion High student denied chance at prom king”

Former Pawlenty aide backs marriage redefinition

Santa Fe City Council says ‘yes’ to marriage redefinition