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“Colombian LGBT rights advocates visit U.S.”

Hundreds of Chicago Middle and High School Students Debate World Issues at 11th Annual Global Classrooms Model UN Conference

Kazakhstan: Religious free speech “doesn’t exist”

Kazakhstan: Four raids, heart attack, eight fines – amid presidential claims of religious freedom

    Forum 18: Within 48 hours of a claim by Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev that “religious freedom is fully secured”, seven members of a small Pentecostal Church – four of them in their sixties – were given heavy fines for meeting for Easter Sunday worship. The leader, Aleksandr Balaev, was fined the equivalent of six months of his pension, he told Forum 18 News Service. Galina Gileva, who is 73, complained that during the raid police “brought me to such a position of stress that I suffered a heart attack”. The raid on the Church in Zhaskent was one of four recent raids on religious worship. Lt-Colonel Nikolai Narkhov, head of Karabalyk Police in Kostanai Region, refused absolutely to answer Forum 18′s questions as to why about 15 police officers and officials raided a Jehovah’s Witness meeting, seizing religious literature.

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Putin Warns France Marriage Could Affect Adoptions

Exiled Muslim Brotherhood plans return to Syria

Jerusalem court upholds women’s prayer rights at Western Wall

Analysis: European Leaders Use Laws of War to Pressure US to Fund Abortions in Africa

Russia Offers Controversial Code of Conduct for UN Treaty Bodies

Governments’ Attempts To Censor Google Have Doubled Since 2011

Swedish School Opens Gender-neutral Changing Room

On Remand From Supreme Court, Canadian Trial Court Says Key Witness Must Remove Niqab

Paris riots after vote to redefine marriage

Scotland: Victory for Catholic midwives in abortion conscience case

“France: Gay marriage legal as president plunges in polls”

Group seeking support for legal recognition of polyamorous ‘marriage’ in New Zealand

Britain’s House of Commons Debates Place of Sharia Law In England

Palestinian Christians Battle Israel Barrier Route

Ireland: Abortion legislation to go before Cabinet next week

Top researcher: iPS cells ‘probably’ already embryos, have already made cloned animals

Scotland: Kirk commission publishes civil partnership liturgy

More Beatings For American Pastor In Iran

Top Legal Adviser To Egypt’s President Resigns

Dozens of Afghan schoolgirls taken to hospital after ‘poison attack by Taliban’

Turkey: Amid Islamic Revival, What Right to Freedom from Religion?

Pope Calls For Release Of 2 Bishops In Syria

Push To Alter British Succession Rules Nearly Done

French opposition to marriage redefinition intensifies

In Pakistan, a rare Christian retaliation against Muslim violence

Anglican school where 75% of the pupils are Muslim drops Christian hymns from assemblies

Hungary OKs limit to Nazi, communist symbols

Egypt’s opposing parties argue over judiciary

Christian schools received $20M from infrastructure fund

France: Ordinary homophobia vs. friendly atmosphere

Egypt Persecutes Christians and Americans Pay the Bill | Ken Blackwell at Townhall

We deserve marriage rights | International Socialist Organization of NZ

“French police assault a priest protesting gay marriage. This debate is bigger and uglier than the mainstream media admits” | Telegraph

    Telegraph: Not so in France, where it’s turned incredibly French. It’s surprising to discover that, in a country with a proud tradition of secularism and political liberalism, only a slight majority of Frenchmen support the bill to legalise gay marriage that faces the National Assembly on Tuesday – and opinion is evenly split on a parallel bill to let gay people adopt children. More remarkable still has been the scale of the opposition’s street protests: the largest drew 340,000 to Paris in a demonstration of popular will normally associated with the Left. This has received very limited coverage in the European and American mainstream media, where there also seems to be a veritable blackout about the state’s violent response.

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The Heroism Of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    Wendy McElroy at Future Freedom Foundation: Many would disagree with Bonhoeffer’s simple and uncompromising Christianity but even those with no religious belief can find a rolemodel in his behavior. He and his family definitely disprove the theory of a German character flaw. They should make us pause before blaming a nationality or a race for the triumph of totalitarianism and make us consider, instead, the dynamics of how that tyranny came to be. As long as we blame only the character of individuals or defined groups, we will learn little about the more general institutional character of totalitarianism itself.

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British Supreme Court: The most striking fact about this place is its informality.

“For LGBT Youth, the UN Can Be MVP” | Huffington Post

Major Attacks By Islamic Extremists In Nigeria

The debate that wasn’t: New Zealand’s rushed marriage revolution

“French politicians scuffle over same-sex marriage legislation”

IPas Promotes Abortion Acceptance Through Survey To Measure Stigma

Paralysed man continues push for assisted suicide

Second bid to force same-sex “marriage” on Northern Ireland

“Gay marriage: church leaders at odds with opinion in the pews, study suggests”

Egyptian Religious Ministry Bans Interactions With Evangelical Church

Germany Cracks Down on Critics of Mega-Mosque

Push for Paralyzed Assisted Suicide in UK | Wesley J. Smith at NRO

Ban on teacher upheld in name of “British tolerance”

Euthanasia: 4,620 per cent rise in cases in Belgium

UK: MP urges Govt to record gender of aborted babies

Pakistan’s Musharraf flees court after judges order his arrest

Hidden implications and roots of the clash between natural law, “natural rights,” the rise of so-called “same sex marriage”

An Islamic Declaration of War on Christianity | Ryamond Ibrahim at Middle East Forum

Liberia’s New Top Judge Vows To Implement Reforms

Transgender Pakistanis Running For Election

European Union Report Details Growth Of Human Trafficking

Turkish woman with transplanted uterus may now be pregnant

Ireland: Chief Justice announces new forum for judiciary

Abductions of Christian Girls Increased in Egypt Since Regime Change

500,000 Filipinos Gather for Pro-Life Rally Before New Elections

“Widdecombe: Drop error- strewn gay marriage plans”

“Commentator: People forced to agree with gay marriage”

Zambia: Church, State agree to reject homosexuality

Sri Lanka: Fears churches may be hit by legislation on cults

Antisectarian Campaign in Egypt Urges Citizens to Remove Religion From ID Cards

North Korean reveals cannibalism is common after escaping starving state

Number of Mexicans converting to Islam rises

Bangladesh simmers as Islamic conservatives and progressives clash