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U.S. to rebuke Israel at the UN

Phyllis Schlafly: Free Trade With Protectionist China Cheats America

China launching body to screen foreign investment

Obama admin argues for stronger UN

IMF calls for dollar alternative

House rejects GOP-effort to make UN repay $179 million overpayment

British PM reignites multiculturalism debate

New anti-government protests in Albania

Israel says Obama is a naif who doesn’t know what he is doing to the Middle East

Why a nervous China aims to shield citizens from Egypt news

Jordan’s King Fires Cabinet Amid Street Protests There

Senate Dems reject call to cut Israel aid

Israel shocked by Obama’s “betrayal” of Mubarak

Despite China’s might, US factories maintain edge

Sweden’s national library seeks guidance on child porn

Egyptians brace for Friday protests as internet, messaging disrupted

Legal Periodical: The Criminalization of HIV/AIDS Transmission Through Sexual Contact in the Canadian Context

    Marco Fanara, The Criminalization of HIV/AIDS Transmission Through Sexual Contact in the Canadian Context (June 3, 2010). Available at SSRN:

    “This paper is not intended to present a ‘shock and awe’ reflection the criminalization of the transmission of HIV/AIDS through sexual contact in Canada, rather the objective is to present you, the reader, be you an academic, legal scholar, advocate or everyday concerned citizen HIV positive or negative, with a clear, logical, albeit brief, pragmatic introduction into the arguments surrounding criminalization and why it is not the best legal and/or public health approach to preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS through sexual contact. To begin, a brief overview of the current Canadian laws being used to prosecute the transmission of HIV/AIDS will be presented, followed by objectives of sentencing and the various legal arguments often referred to justify to criminalization. Next, arguments against criminalization, from both the public health and legalistic perspective, will be presented. In closing, alternatives to criminalization will be suggested.”

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Alberta Archdiocese: School funding can’t come from gambling

Egypt protests widen, toll rises to six

Canada: “Is B.C. ready for an openly gay party leader?”

Egyptian police crack down on new protests

Hezbollah moves toward Lebanon government control

“Pacific churches in Australia upset over gay ministers”

GM’s China sales pass US for first time in history

China bank moves to buy U.S. branches

UN: Violence, rape spread across Ivory Coast

WSJ: Red Scare reprise

China’s ambitions are not modest

It’s time to stand up to China

The power of Al Jazeera

China’s Internet population rises to 457 million

China logs double-digit growth in 2010

Cameroon: “Controversy over EU project for homosexuals”

Sweden: More effective and better protection is needed for children online

Kenya: Counselors raise alarm over youth addiction to pornography

UK government plans major health care reform

As Vietnam booms, Communist Party struggles to keep up

UK: Meltdown on our maternity wards

Hu highlights need for U.S.-China cooperation, questions dollar

New US lawmakers want action on China currency

BlackBerry agrees to filter out porn in Indonesia

OPEC ministers say world can handle $100 oil

German gets 4 years for making porn in Somalia

RIM ordered to block porn sites in Indonesia

Mexican police find 14 headless bodies in possible cartel execution

Child pornographers using global spam: Italy

U.N. refugee agency warns on Greek anti-migrant fence

A Tale of Two Queens: Christmas 1957 v. Christmas 2010

China military eyes preemptive nuclear attack in event of crisis

China media report mystery stealth fighter photos

World Bank issues its 1st yuan bonds in Hong Kong

European nations begin seizing private pensions

Severed head hung from bridge in Tijuana, Mexico, tunnel to U.S. found

Ciudad Juarez residents flee Mexico’s “dying city”

China shuts over 60,000 porn websites this year

10 al-Qaida suspects detained in Turkey

Euro turns to problem for Eastern Europe

China’s online population hits 450 million

Obama bypasses Senate, appoints envoy to Syria

Suspicious death ignites fury in China

China to cut crucial rare earths export quotas

Last police officer in Mexican border town missing

Phyllis Schlafly: Re-evaluating “free trade” with China

China moving toward deploying anti-carrier missile

Dutch arrest 12 Somalis on suspicion of terrorism

EU won’t legislate on communist crimes

Suspected Rome bomb contained no explosive

UK terror plot aimed British landmarks, shopping

UK: Deputy Commons Speaker “comes out as gay”

Italian judge upholds seizure of Vatican assets

Biden says US to be out of Afghanistan by 2014

Clinton worried by talk of cutting US foreign aid

More than 12,000 killed in Mexican drug war this year, officials say

Frank Dikötter on Mao’s mass murders

Mullen: Taliban hideouts can be shut down