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20140110 US Supreme Court takes up critical free speech case
20140109 Forced abortion highlights abuses in China policy
20140108 Courts should hear taxpayer’s fraud allegations against Planned Parenthood
20140107 Ariz. school district to allow time for Planned Parenthood opponents
20140106 U.S. Supreme Court stops Utah same-sex “marriages”
20140103 ADF: Uphold Texas law protecting post-abortive women
20140102 Obama Administration Losing 88 Percent of HHS Mandate Court Cases
20131231 Utah asks Supreme Court to stay marriage decision
20131230 ADF in 8 of Top 10 Church-State and Religious Liberty Developments in 2013
20131220 Federal judge rules Utah marriage amendment is unconstitutional
20131219 NM Supreme Court redefines marriage
20131218 Hawaii churches in court Thursday to seek dismissal of atheists’ baseless lawsuit
20131217 Yes, Virginia, there really is a war on Christmas
20131216 Broad support for NM photographer reflected in new briefs filed with US Supreme Court
20131213 Mount Soledad Cross Will Be Purged From Veterans Memorial
20131212 Religious Freedom Highly Restricted for 75% of World’s Population
20131210 Christmas festival goes on despite atheists’ threats
20131209 Polish Court Approves Crucifix In Parliament
20131206 Col. court denies baker’s freedom in same-sex ceremony suit
20131205 Business people shouldn’t be required to check their faith at the door
20131204 SC: Judge refuses to block prayer, graduation at churches for Greenville Co. schools
20131203 Abortion pill mandate stopped for Mo. family business
20131202 Kansas school bans fliers with Bible verses
20131127 Landmark cases accepted by U.S. Supreme Court
20131126 U.S. Supreme Court to hear two cases challenging Obamacare abortion mandate
20131125 WI federal judge rules clergy tax-free housing exemption is unconstitutional
20131122 Federal Court: Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese Doesn’t Have to Comply With Obamacare Abortion Mandate
20131121 ADF to 13,000+ school districts: Christmas is constitutional
20131120 Ariz. to US Supreme Court: Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund abortion
20131119 ADF: Italian Catholicism teacher has freedom to convey church teaching on sexuality
20131118 Weighing Free Speech in Refusal to Photograph Lesbian Couple’s Ceremony
20131115 Obamacare Abortion Mandate, Religious Liberty at the threshold of the U.S. Supreme Court
20131114 Attacks on school choice program rebutted at NH Supreme Court
20131113 Check religious values at the door when you run a business?
20131112 7th Circuit: HHS abortion mandate loses again
20131108 Photographer asks Supreme Court: Is abandoning my freedom the ‘price of citizenship’?
20131107 Senate vote approving ENDA, endangers religious liberty, undermines small businesses
20131106 ADF: Albuquerque law protecting unborn babies from pain is legally, medically sound
20131105 Town of Greece to Supreme Court: Americans should be free to pray
20131104 U.S. Supreme Court won’t rule on RU-486 abortions
20131101 Alliance Defending Freedom Brings Key Cases To Current Supreme Court
20131031 16 states ask Supreme Court to affirm Ariz. law against abortions that cause babies pain
20131030 At-risk youth, taxpayers gouged in effort to exclude religious contractor
20131029 Okla. Supreme Ct. responds to U.S. Supreme Court: Abortion law explained
20131028 Fed Judge: Texas Abortion Limits Unconstitutional
20131025 Fecundophobia
20131024 18 states encourage Supreme Court to hear Pa. abortion pill mandate case
20131023 Ohio college stops confining speech to 1% of campus
20131022 Federal Judge Refuses to Dismiss Challenge to Obamacare IRS Tax Credit Rule
20131021 Supreme Court asked to stop gov’t discrimination against church signs
20131018 New Jersey Supreme Court court to allow same-sex “marriages”
20131017 Colo. illegally funding abortions with taxpayer dollars
20131016 Court halts abortion pill mandate for Mich. family business
20131015 Third Petition for Cert. Challenges Obamacare Abortion Mandate
20131014 Student solidarity with silenced babies on firm legal ground
20131011 Letter: Tenn. student-led game-day prayers constitutional
20131010 Ariz. church appeals to state’s high court over $50K tax bill
20131009 Students free to exercise religious liberty on ‘Fields of Faith’
20131008 European high court to again review doctor-prescribed death for woman not terminally ill
20131007 WA: Judge Admonished For Publicly Refusing To Perform Same-Sex “Marriages”
20131004 Court throws out NAACP challenge to Ariz. law against sex, race-based abortions
20131003 10th Circuit upholds order against abortion pill mandate
20131002 Arizona Appeals Court Upholds School Voucher Program
20131001 Ariz. appeals abortion law to US Supreme Court
20130927 Obamacare Provides $7,200 ‘Divorce Incentive,’ $11,000 for Older Couples
20130926 Obamacare May Fund 111,500 Abortions a Year
20130925 Suit seeks to compel Ohio coroners to recognize same sex “marriage”
20130924 Annual ‘See You at the Pole’ event champions students’ freedom to pray
20130923 Legislators to NM Supreme Court: Marriage is societal bedrock, presumed valid
20130920 Christian universities in Okla. challenge abortion pill mandate
20130919 Pa. woodworkers ask Supreme Court to shelve abortion pill mandate
20130918 Labor Department: Same Sex “Spouses” Must Be Recognized
20130917 Two federal courts render different results on abortion pill mandate
20130916 Colo. elected officials, Nat’l Day of Prayer leaders defend prayer proclamations
20130913 Minn. African-Americans make case against unauthorized abortion spending on appeal
20130912 “Pa. Judge Orders End To Same-sex Marriage Licenses”
20130911 8th Cir: Minneapolis Park Board was too restrictive to man distributing Bibles at Twin Cities Pride Festival
20130910 Hawaii Governor calls for special session to redefine marriage
20130909 Os Hillman Got It Totally Wrong About the Christian-Owned Bakery in Oregon
20130906 Obama abortion pill mandate stopped
20130905 Lawsuit against Obama’s abortion pill mandate moves forward
20130904 Ky. Gideons’ freedom to distribute literature like others reaffirmed
20130903 Oregon bakery that refused wedding cake for same-sex ceremony closes
20130830 Iowa Board of Medicine bans “webcam” abortions
20130829 9th Circuit upholds California Ban on Change Therapy
20130828 Ind. church appeals cross ban
20130827 Ohio college sued for limiting free speech to less than one percent of campus
20130826 A bad picture in New Mexico: State supreme court tramples Christian beliefs
20130823 NM Clerk Ordered To Issue Same-Sex “Marriage” Licenses
20130822 NM Supreme Court: Price of citizenship is compromising your beliefs
20130821 Doctors support Okla. RU-486 law requiring FDA standards
20130820 US again urged to designate Boko Haram as terrorist group
20130819 Judge blocks Oklahoma ‘morning after’ pill law
20130816 Free to ‘exercise’ religion, too
20130815 Federal Court Refuses to Dismiss Suit Against Minister Accused of Persecuting “LGBTI people”
20130814 Calif. Supreme Court dismisses Prop. 8 case
20130813 Chaplain’s ‘no atheists in foxholes’ essay returned to Air Force website
20130812 Judges OK 75% of Abortion Waivers for Arizona Teens
20130808 Ala. abortion clinic shut down, Ill. mobile pregnancy center rolls on
20130807 Confusion about corporations and religious freedom
20130806 GAO to investigate Planned Parenthood, others
20130805 Broad support for prayer reflected in numerous briefs at Supreme Court
20130802 Ariz. abortion rate drops 7.4 percent
20130801 42nd Abortion Clinic Closed This Year Due to Filthy, Unsafe Conditions
20130731 Family business asks full 3rd Circuit to protect religious freedom from Obama mandate
20130730 Federal Judge Says Doma Ruling Changes Private Companies’ Retirement Plans
20130729 New suit challenges marriage in Kentucky
20130726 N.C. Gov. McCrory vows to sign abortion bill
20130725 Boehner Non-Committal on Defunding Obamacare
20130724 Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast admits to defrauding taxpayers
20130723 Obamacare fate is in hands of GOP
20130722 Federal judges put Ohio DOMA and ND abortion law on hold
20130719 Federal court allows public invocations in Hamilton County, Tenn.
20130718 Federal Court Enjoins Veterans Memorial Containing Religious Symbols
20130717 House defies veto threat, votes to delay ObamaCare mandate
20130716 Prop 8: Why It’s Still Good Law And The Fight To Defend It Is Far From Over
20130715 CA Supreme Court case concerning Prop. 8 moves forward without stay
20130712 Prop. 8 proponents ask Calif. Supreme Court to uphold rule of law
20130711 IL Supreme Court unanimously upholds parental consent law
20130710 63% of Babies Aborted in Texas Are Black or Hispanic; Annual Total Exceeds Pop. of Galveston
20130709 Federal judge blocks new Wisconsin abortion law
20130708 CBO: 20+ Week Fetuses Aborted at Rate of 30 Per Day; Saves Money for Government-Run Health Care
20130702 ObamaCare’s employer mandate delayed until 2015
20130701 Costs of marriage fight will be staggering
20130626 SCOTUS DOMA ruling raises grave concerns
20130625 SCOTUS: Major rulings today, marriage rulings expected tomorrow
20130624 US Supreme Court to weigh in on buffer zone case in ‘Cradle of Liberty’
20130621 Removing High School Student from Class for Saying “I Don’t Accept Gays” Violates First Amendment
20130620 Supreme Court asked to uphold free speech at graduations
20130619 Social Security Administration: “gender change” merely requires letter from a doctor
20130618 Abortion pill mandate suspended for Pa. college
20130617 Wis. Supreme Court to weigh in on full meaning of marriage amendment
20130614 Slouching Toward Gomorrah and Moloch
20130613 Obama admin. says it ‘strongly’ opposes religious freedom in military
20130611 Ania Joseph of Pro-Life Revolution on her organization’s targeting by the IRS
20130610 IRS caught on tape: Keep faith to yourself
20130607 Pastors to stand again for pulpit freedom this weekend
20130606 On Marriage, Inevitability Is a Choice We Can Reject
20130605 Christian schools at risk!
20130604 UK: Lords Approve Marriage Redefinition In Preliminary Round
20130603 5th Circuit Backs Coaches in Disclosure of Student’s Sexual Orientation to Parents
20130531 Marriage Redefinition Proponents Face Tough Fight In Blue Illinois
20130530 Calif. Senate votes to revoke Scouts tax status
20130529 House bill responds to Gosnell horror by attacking pro-life speech
20130528 France: 400,000+ Protest Marriage Redefinition
20130524 Defending Our Liberty in the Courts
20130523 Boy Scouts Vote To Redefine Timeless Values
20130522 Boy Scouts at the Brink: Vote Tomorrow
20130521 9th Circuit: Arizona cannot prohibit abortion beginning at 20 weeks gestation
20130520 Prayer will be heard on high
20130517 Redefined marriage forced on people of France
20130516 Think Progress: Religious liberty is big loser in the marriage battle
20130515 Texas Lt. Gov. Demands Probe of Abortion Doc Who Twisted Off Babies’ Heads
20130514 6th Circuit Upholds Denial Of Asylum For Persecuted German Homeschoolers
20130513 Gosnell convicted; MN redefines marriage
20130510 Vermont Legislature Approves Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide
20130509 Christian college’s suit against abortion pill mandate reinstated
20130508 Kountze Cheerleaders Granted Victory in Bible Banner Case
20130507 Delaware approves marriage redefinition
20130506 Obama admin. surrenders in abortion pill mandate case
20130501 Pentagon Confirms May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith
20130430 Archbishop states powerful case for marriage
20130429 Motion to redefine marriage defeated in Northern Ireland
20130426 Be Cool: A New Guide for Culture, Politics and Policy
20130425 Military Blocks Southern Baptist Convention Website
20130424 Redefine Marriage? DE House and RI Senate say yes, Columbia says no
20130423 Marriage Under Assault: RI, NV, DE, France, Brazil
20130422 BSA Executive Committee’s decision on resolution caves under the guise of compromise
20130419 Court blocks abortion pill mandate against Pa. family business
20130418 Religious freedom restrictions thaw at Snow College
20130417 New Zealand’s Parliament approves marriage redefinition
20130416 Hawaii Court: Conscience Refusal of B&B To Rent To Lesbian Couple Violates Law
20130415 A Simple Question May Change the Way Courts View Legislative Prayer
20130412 ACLU, AU attacks on NH school choice program rebutted
20130411 Megachurch Denied Property Tax Exemption For Gym And Bookstore/Cafe
20130410 Washington AG sues Christian florist for refusal to service same sex “wedding”
20130409 Okla. House votes for marriage: 84-0
20130408 Should Calif. punish Boy Scouts with loss of tax-exempt status?
20130404 Federal court halts Obamacare contraception mandate as applied to American Manufacturing Company
20130403 Cuccinelli Fights To Keep Sodomy Law On The Books in Prosecution for Soliciting a Minor
20130402 Indianans shouldn’t be forced to fund abortionists
20130401 Tenth Circuit Grants Hobby Lobby Full Court Hearing
20130328 Abortion enters Arizona debate on Medicaid expansion
20130327 Ky. lawmakers override religious freedom veto
20130326 9th & 11th Circuit prayer wins support case heading to Supreme Court
20130325 U.S. Supreme Court hears Prop. 8 marriage case tomorrow
20130322 North Dakota passes first-ever personhood amendment
20130321 Marriage under attack in New Mexico again
20130320 Pro-life display too ‘controversial’ for EMU
20130319 Attacks on Prop. 8 rebutted: Reply brief filed with U.S. Supreme Court
20130318 ll., Wis. school districts OK to use church-run camp
20130315 Strong marriage culture is essential to limited government
20130314 Groups Ask US To Back Off Demand For Abortion At UN
20130313 Letter encourages Boy Scouts: ‘Do the right thing,’ uphold Scout Oath
20130312 3rd Circuit rules in favor of student prohibited from handing out Christmas party flier
20130311 Finnish Parliament Committee rejects redefinition of marriage
20130308 Is artistic freedom in jeopardy? NM Supreme Court hearing over photographer’s conscience rights
20130307 Judge Strikes Down Idaho’s Fetal Pain Abortion Law
20130306 Colo. mortgage co. seeks to stop foreclosure on religious freedom
20130305 Federal Judge Rejects Challenge to Missouri Prayer Amendment
20130304 Ark. Gov. Beebe Vetoes 12-week Abortion Ban
20130301 Attack on Colo. county’s voucher program thwarted
20130228 March madness begins: Religious freedom outscoring ObamaCare 12-4 in court
20130227 DOJ brief shows path to DOMA’s constitutionality
20130226 Arkansas Gov. Beebe vetoes 20-week abortion bill
20130225 6th Circuit: Warren, Michigan need not add “Winter Solstice” sign to Christmas display
20130222 Australian Court dismisses marriage redefinition suit, says no gender discrimination
20130221 Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court upholds law barring homosexual adoptions
20130220 New lawsuit: Planned Parenthood forced, botched abortion
20130219 More than 100,000 rally to protect marriage in Puerto Rico
20130213 lllinois Senate to vote on marriage on Thursday
20130212 Mt. Sinai ends forced abortion-participation policy
20130207 “Florida judge reportedly allows gay man, lesbian couple to be on daughter’s birth certificate”
20130206 Boy Scouts Delay Decision on Redefining Virtue
20130205 Leading Religious Liberty Attorneys Warn Boy Scouts Of “Unintended Consequences”
20130204 HHS Mandate Cases: A Scorecard
20130201 ADF ‘Confident’ Contraceptive Mandate’s Days Are Numbered After Latest Victory
20130130 Obama administration issues regulations for individual mandate
20130129 White House, Big Biz behind push to pervert Boy Scouts’ timeless values?
20130128 Disabled children a threat? Fredericksburg thinks so
20130125 Hundreds of Thousands Gather for Record-Breaking March for Life
20130124 Supreme Court asked to toss ruling that treats church buildings like toxic dumps
20130123 Panetta opens combat roles to women
20130122 Prop. 8 defenders: Uphold marriage, let public debate
20130121 Study: Children Of Divorce Less Likely To Practice Religion
20130117 Egyptian court sentences Christian family to 15 years for converting from Islam
20130116 Approval of Same-Sex “Marriage” Spells TROUBLE for the Church
20130115 Obama admin. continues attempt to force Bible publisher to violate its beliefs
20130114 French Protests Opposing Marriage Redefinition Draw Hundreds of Thousands
20130107 Supreme Court refuses to hear embryonic stem cell research case
20130104 Illinois Court halts Obamacare mandate enforcement against for-profit company
20130103 More Than Three Million Human Embryos Destroyed in UK IVF
20130102 RI House Speaker promises marriage vote by Jan. 31
20121231 Texas court got it right; taxpayers shouldn’t be victimized by predatory abortion businesses
20121221 Missouri Court parts ways from 10th Circuit, rules against Obamacare mandate
20121220 10th Circuit: Obama Admin Can Force Hobby Lobby to Obey HHS Mandate
20121219 Contraception Mandate Taking on Water
20121218 Ireland: Threat of suicide ‘will be grounds for abortion’
20121217 Montana Supreme Court rejects same sex couple’s demand for marriage benefits
20121214 UK: Supreme Court volunteer ruling protects churches
20121211 Britain outlines plan to redefine marriage
20121210 US Supreme Court asked to weigh in on strange ruling against NY town’s prayer policy
20121207 U.S. Supreme Court to hear Prop. 8 and Windsor marriage cases
20121206 Mexican Supreme Court rules state must redefine marriage
20121205 Will Md. pro-life centers be forced to sign away their rights?
20121204 One judge blocks Cal. ban on reparative therapy another refuses
20121203 Nevada federal court rejects challenge to marriage
20121129 Supreme Court to consider marriage cases tomorrow
20121128 Minn. taxpayers illegitimately charged for elective abortions
20121127 ‘Christmas’ trees axed at NC college
20121126 Good grief! Atheist group disgruntled with ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’
20121121 Judge to DOJ: Are you saying doctors have waived their religious freedom?
20121120 Judge: Hobby Lobby Must Offer Morning-after Pill
20121119 100,000+ protest French socialist plans to redefine marriage
20121116 Good news for Bible publisher challenging abortion pill mandate
20121115 Florida ends funding discrimination against Christian college
20121114 Governor Brownback, Kansas Legislators Called Upon to Support Phill Kline in Court
20121113 NJ Supreme Court: Infertile men, women not treated same
20121109 6th Circuit upholds $300K ruling for parents vs. expert who made fake child porn of their kids
20121108 Social Issues Outperform Romney Nationwide
20121107 Nevada Supreme Court Allows Hearings In Abortion Case
20121106 Marriage redefinition in Spain affirmed by top court
20121105 Wash. bar pushing marriage redefinition with fees of objectors
20121101 Second Plaintiff Beats Obama HHS-Abortion Mandate in Court
20121031 Free speech boxed in at LSU
20121030 Maryland polls swinging dramatically toward the historic definition of marriage
20121029 Sears: Judges who redefine marriage will answer to the ‘We the People’
20121026 Planned Parenthood loses again at 5th Circuit in Texas funding case, files new suit in state court
20121025 Support for Marriage Surging in Washington State
20121024 God Knows and Loves Babies Conceived in Rape: A Tipping Point Moment?
20121023 9th Circuit rules in favor of student newspaper trashed by OSU
20121018 2nd Circuit: DOMA is unconstitutional
20121017 Alberta Court: Pastor’s letter on homosexual agenda not criminal “hate speech”
20121016 Fame Daddy: Celebrity sperm donor service gears up for launch
20121015 “Court upholds Ala. act banning same-sex marriage”
20121012 Doctors tell 9th Circuit: pre-born babies feel pain at 20 weeks
20121011 Ontario: Catholic schools can’t teach abortion is wrong – that’s ‘misogyny’
20121010 Supreme Court appeal seeks to stem Obama admin.’s illegal research funding
20121009 Alaska Parental Notice Upheld, Minors Protected After 15-Year Fight
20121008 Federal Court Halts Montana Law Restricting Clergy Speech to Voters
20121004 Obama Admin sues to force AZ to fund Planned Parenthood
20121003 Jim Garlow explains Pulpit Freedom Sunday
20121002 “Obama administration: Bible publisher isn’t religious enough for exemption”
20121001 MO Federal Court Rejects Religious Liberty Challenges To Obamacare Mandate
20120927 Has Christianity Become Intolerable?
20120926 Delaware outlaws spanking by parents
20120925 Appeal contradicts Obama’s claims of ‘unwavering’ support for religious freedom
20120924 France set to ban the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from official documents
20120920 ADF: Bourbon Street outstrips religious expression
20120919 Australian Parliament rejects SSM, but the battle rages
20120918 9th Cir. tosses ban on partisan endorsements in Montana judicial elections
20120917 Cameron: church schools should not say homosexuality is a sin
20120914 Planned Parenthood sanitary rules enforced by VA Board of Health
20120913 New Obamacare Challenge: The Origination Clause
20120912 Missouri overrides veto, enacts religious exemptions to Obamacare mandate
20120911 9th Circuit “Narrows Bar on Enforcing Idaho Abortion Statute”
20120910 Interpol Hunting Saudi Christian Convert
20120906 God runs deep: The crux is not just a platform word
20120905 8th Cir. Puts Minnesota’s Political Committee Burdens on Hold
20120904 MA: Federal judge orders taxpayers to pay for murderer’s sex change
20120831 India: Conversion Notification Requirement Ruled Unconstitutional
20120830 The ACLU And Gov’t Can’t Redefine Freedom To Mean “discrimination”
20120829 Court refuses to enjoin Hamilton Co. prayer; Same-sex study author vindicated
20120828 European Court Nixes Italy Embryo Screening Ban
20120827 Minnesota Supreme Court removes deceptive marriage amendment ballot title
20120823 ADF: Christian opposition to abortion pill mandate grows, two more colleges sue
20120822 Which babies should get the death sentence?
20120821 5th Circuit: Texas Can Cut Off Planned Parenthood Funds
20120820 Woman Conceived in Rape Responds to Akin Abortion Controversy
20120817 LivePrayer to File $100 Million Lawsuit Against Southern Poverty Law Center
20120816 Pregnancy Center Case To Be Heard By Full 4th Circuit
20120815 Chick-Fil-A and the one day that changed the world
20120814 Court dismisses suit vs Arizona’s Day of Prayer
20120813 “Reservist Becomes First Openly Gay US General”
20120810 DNC draft platform language on marriage redefinition, related issues
20120809 ADF: Arizona town discriminates against church signs
20120808 Federal Judge Upholds Hawaii DOMA
20120807 Louisiana teachers union threatens to sue private schools over voucher program
20120806 U.S. Supreme Court should uphold Ariz. marriage benefits
20120803 Christianity requires more than free worship, it requires exercise
20120802 Christophobia: Why the Chick-fil-A Boycott is really about Jesus
20120801 Do Americans have freedom to do business according to their faith?
20120731 Marriage defenders ask U.S. Supreme Court to hear Calif. Prop. 8 case
20120730 Obama mandate halted in CO; AZ abortion law upheld
20120726 GOPers approve UN disabilities pact despite abortion concerns
20120725 No building permits for Chick-Fil-A since it opposes marriage redefinition
20120724 8th Circuit upholds South Dakota abortion informed consent law
20120723 MN: New poll shows large margin in favor of marriage amendment
20120720 Chaplains: ‘Gay pride’ parade is no place for service members in uniform
20120719 Court dismisses Belmont Abbey College challenge to the Obamacare mandate
20120718 ADF: Calif. student free of disciplinary hearing, but not of unconstitutional speech policy
20120717 Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit Challenging SBA List Legislation in Arizona
20120716 Two Classes in America Divided by “I Do”
20120712 ACLU sues over Arizona ban on abortion after 20 weeks
20120711 Proposed Alaska rule requires abortionists to certify medical necessity

20120710 Obama says it is ‘not fair’ that Catholics won’t fund birth control
20120709 Alliance Defense Fund now Alliance Defending Freedom
20120703 North Carolina Legislature De-Funds Planned Parenthood
20120702 California bill would allow a child to have more than two parents
20120629 House ask SCOTUS to decide Fed. DOMA; NYC churches get HUGE victory
20120628 Why did he do it? Obamacare cancer continues . . .
20120627 4th Circuit: Pregnancy center abortion disclaimer requirements in Maryland are unconstitutional
20120626 ACLU threatens Utah parents’ right to protect children from same-sex propaganda
20120625 ADF: Religious freedom prevails in Texas school flier showdown
20120622 Advocates of homosexual behavior disgrace White House with vulgar conduct
20120621 Does Biology Matter? The Commoditization of Children
20120620 Preparing for Supreme Court opinion-release-aggeddon
20120619 Court: Pro-lifers’ use of abortion clinic videos was “fair use” under copyright law
20120618 MN CEO rallying fellow execs to publicly oppose marriage amendment
20120614 Pentagon to celebrate “gay pride”
20120613 ADF calls on U.S. leaders to condemn forced abortion atrocity in China
20120612 Chinese woman forcibly aborted at 7 months, dead baby photographed on bed beside mom
20120611 Family Net Worth Drops to Level of Early ’90s, Fed Says
20120608 Catholic schools will follow Ontario’s gay-straight club requirement
20120607 Federal Court: Former West Point Cadet May Challenge “Cadet’s Prayer”
20120606 November referendum blocks Wash. same-sex “marriage” law
20120605 Marriage defenders will ask U.S. Supreme Court to hear Calif. Prop. 8 case
20120604 ADF will appeal NM court’s decision against photographer
20120601 ADF: Sidewalk Sunday School kicked to the curb
20120531 1st Circuit: Federal DOMA is unconstitutional in part
20120530 Suits filed challenging marriage definition in Illinois
20120529 Maryland marriage referendum gets 2x signatures needed
20120524 Senate Committee votes to force taxpayers to fund abortions internationally
20120523 Christian helping professionals under assault for reparative therapy
20120522 ADF: UNC-Greensboro agrees Christian club can be Christian
20120521 Tax Court: $25k Deduction Denied Due to Inadequate Church Receipt
20120518 Maryland High Court recognizes same-sex “marriages” for purpose of divorce
20120517 EU victory for churches; ADF to appeal 2nd Cir. prayer ruling
20120516 DOJ ‘actively’ working to see DOMA overturned
20120515 Kansas Gov. signs act allowing pharmacists to refuse to dispense abortion drugs
20120514 RI governor signs order to recognize same-sex “marriages” performed out of state
20120510 Reid: Democrat Party platform will call for marriage redefinition
20120509 Huge marriage victories in NC, CO despite Obama flip flop
20120508 Mr. Biden, I’m ‘Absolutely Comfortable’ with Mothers and Fathers
20120507 ADF creates new legal victories for religious freedom in India
20120504 ADF: Trojan Warfare in Colorado House: A Vote for Civil Unions is a Vote to Redefine Marriage
20120503 ADF launches new nationwide effort to change unconstitutional policies at public universities
20120502 NC Baptist Pastor under assault for marriage sermon (video)
20120501 5th Circuit: Appeals judge lifts order forcing Texas to fund Planned Parenthood
20120430 OK Court strikes personhood initiative; TX court puts hold on PP defunding
20120426 Sixth Circuit rules in favor of campus preacher
20120425 ADF: “Maine town: No parking lot taxes for charities… except for churches”
20120424 Arizona Senate Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood
20120423 Chuck Colson: 1931-2012
20120420 ADF: Ky. T-shirt company not required to promote message it disagrees with
20120419 MN Supreme Court declines review of marriage challenge
20120418 Oregon Forces Taxpayers to Spend $11M on 26,000 Abortions
20120417 Eliminating the Competition
20120416 Mississippi Gov. Signs Bill That Could Force Last Abortion Clinic to Close
20120413 Arizona Governor Signs Bill Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks
20120412 Vermont Senate rejects assisted suicide bill
20120411 Planned Parenthood sues Texas over exclusion
20120410 Arizona House OKs Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks
20120409 Video: Mike Wallace Interview With Margaret Sanger Surfaces After Death
20120405 N.D. Cal.: “Same-sex benefits denial is ruled discriminatory”
20120404 58% of Anchorage voters reject Prop 5, the divisive sexual orientation initiative
20120403 Federal Court rules Minn. DOMA doesn’t apply to some “transgender marriages”
20120402 ADF: Minneapolis board sued for relegating free speech to empty park space
20120330 Ga. legislature passes fetal pain bill; La judge tosses abortion liability law
20120329 AZ Senate to revote on conscience exemption from contraception coverage
20120328 Oklahoma Judge Strikes Down Abortion-Ultrasound Law
20120327 Scalia: “What is left if the government can do this? What can it not do?”
20120326 ADF tweeting live Tuesday from ObamaCare arguments at Supreme Court
20120323 Thousands of Pro-Life Advocates Rally for Religious Freedom
20120321 Bill to restore marriage fails in NH House
20120320 Council on Foreign Relations endorses parental choice in education
20120317 “Destroy all the churches” says Saudi Arabia Grand Mufti
20120316 NM restrictions on assisted suicide challenged
20120315 South Dakota Becomes 15th to Cut Abortion in Obamacare
20120314 Court rules WA marriage referendum can move forward
20120313 Obama Admin Finalizes Rules: $1 Abortions in ObamaCare
20120312 Obama admin nixes Texas Medicaid program over Planned Parenthood ban
20120309 ADF: “Hierarchy in higher education: Fla. offers grants for some, but not all”
20120308 ADF: Hundreds of Christians face jail time in El Paso
20120307 Bill mandating insurance for abortion defeated in Wash. Senate
20120306 ObamaCare’s Next Gift: After-Birth Contraception
20120305 Same-sex custody battle could change Florida law
20120302 21 Democratic Senators call for marriage redefinition in party platform
20120301 Senate Dems Defeat Blunt Amendment to Stop Obama HHS Mandate
20120229 Mohler: Santorum is right about JFK
20120228 Texas Jumps On The Planned Parenthood Banned Wagon
20120227 “California Asks Judges: Gay or Straight?”
20120224 Maryland Legislature votes to redefine marriage
20120223 Cal. federal judge rules Federal DOMA is unconstitutional
20120222 ADF: “Court: Wash. pharmacists can’t be forced to violate their consciences”
20120221 Proposition 8 Proponents to Seek Full Ninth Circuit Review
20120220 Maryland Senate Committee vote on marriage Tuesday, floor vote possible on Wednesday
20120217 Maryland House vote on marriage expected this afternoon
20120216 New life: Like a phoenix rising, churches can continue meeting in NYC schools
20120215 Maryland marriage debate on House floor Thursday, vote possible by Friday
20120214 Virginia legislature approves abortion related bills
20120213 ADF: “ObamaCare mandate: Pay for other people’s abortions”
20120210 EWTN Files Suit to Block Contraception Mandate
20120209 Washington legislature votes to redefine marriage, Gov. to sign
20120208 Washington state House poised to pass bill redefining marriage
20120207 “Ninth Circuit to 7 Million California Voters: You Are Irrational Bigots”
20120201 ADF: Austin renews attack on pro-life centers
20120131 WA Senate to vote on marriage bill Wednesday
20120130 Thousands March For Equal Access Across The Brooklyn Bridge
20120127 6th Circuit to EMU: ‘Tolerance is a two-way street’
20120126 WA: Senate committee approves bill to redefine marriage
20120125 House GOP drafting bill to replace Obamacare
20120124 ADF: Six-foot ‘speech zone’ deep-sixed at Oregon college
20120123 Washington Legislature has the votes to redefine marriage
20120120 Obama Admin orders health plans to cover birth control without co-pays
20120119 1/5 of the human race being aborted
20120118 ADF: Maricopa Community Colleges puts price tag on free speech, ends up in court
20120117 Supreme Court refuses Forsyth County prayer case despite divided lower courts
20120116 Judge upholds Ind. school voucher law
20120113 ADF: “NJ judge: Ministry engaged in ‘wrongdoing’ by adhering to its faith”
20120112 Ky.: Judge sends Kentucky Amish men to jail over fines
20120111 U.S. Supreme Court upholds ministerial exception for Christian school teachers
20120110 5th Circuit: Texas can enforce abortion sonogram law
20120109 ADF: Court says pregnancy help centers can defend SD abortion waiting period law
20120106 High court to hear TV profanity, nudity case
20120105 Iowa: Same-sex parents win birth certificate case
20120104 Florida court says both lesbian “mothers” have parental rights
20120103 Scientists grow sperm in laboratory dish
20111223 ADF: Victory for pro-life nurses in lawsuit against NJ hospital
20111222 “Utah Supreme Court rules unborn children qualify as minors”
20111221 ADF asks U.S. Supreme Court to end Idaho censorship of all religious, classical texts in public schools
20111220 ADF: Court suspends city of Duluth’s First Amendment ban
20111219 Pastor Yousef: Convert or die
20111216 ADF to Alabama school: Don’t silence ‘Silent Night’ in Christmas program
20111215 ADF asks U.S. Supreme Court to reverse ruling that excludes religious groups from college campuses
20111214 Florida judge removes ‘religious freedom’ amendment from the ballot
20111213 AZ: Federal judge tosses suit to block Brewer’s ‘day of prayer’ declaration
20111212 7th Circuit strikes down part of Wisconsin election law
20111209 Defense bill repeals military law on sodomy and bestiality
20111208 6th Circuit: Lawrence v. Texas does not impair filing of incest charges for sex with adult step-daughter
20111207 HHS Says No to Teens Buying Plan B Without Prescription
20111206 Presidential Memo: “International Initiatives to Advance the Human Rights” of LGBT Persons
20111205 ADF: Supreme Court lets NYC ‘unequal access’ policy at public schools stand
20111202 Gingrich: Life begins at implantation
20111201 11th Circuit hears “transgender” discrimination case
20111130 Federal judge blocks NC “Choose Life” plates, for now
20111128 ADF: El Paso mayor fails to stop recall election in lawsuit against churches, others
20111123 “Sister Wives” beware: BC Supreme Court rules “there is no such thing as so-called ‘good polygamy’”
20111122 B.C. Supreme Court’s polygamy ruling expected tomorrow
20111121 NJ hospital threatens employment discrimination against pro-life nurses despite court order
20111118 Fierce “LGBT” push in federal workplace; 200 “LGBT” Presidential Appointees
20111117 ADF: “Calif. Supreme Court: Prop. 8 deserves defense”
20111116 Get Ready for Group Marriage?
20111115 Iowa Christian baker refuses to make cake for lesbian “wedding”
20111114 Supreme Court to hear Obamacare and in vitro fertilization benefits cases
20111110 Senate Judiciary votes for repeal of Defense of Marriage Act along party lines
20111109 ADF: NY ‘Choose Life’ license plates vindicated
20111108 U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. Circuit upholds Obamacare
20111107 Nike, Microsoft, Google other major companies support striking down Defense of Marriage Act
20111104 Pelosi and 130 House Dems challenge the Federal Defense of Marriage Act
20111103 Senate Judiciary postpones vote on federal marriage law
20111102 3rd Circuit: FCC Wrongly Fined CBS over Janet Jackson breast display
20111101 ADF: 12 nurses sue NJ hospital for forcing them to participate in abortions
20111031 ADF: “Indignity: Fallen Utah troopers struck down twice”- Thomas dissents vigorously
20111028 Kentucky Appeals Court rejects atheist challenge to Commonwealth’s “reliance upon Almighty God”
20111027 ADF attorneys ask U.S. Supreme Court to review Forsyth County prayer case
20111026 Top Brazil court ok’s marriage redefinition
20111025 Ultrasound viewing part of NC abortion law blocked
20111021 ADF: El Paso mayor on witch-hunt in attempt to stop recall election
20111020 Victory! God Welcome Again at VA National Cemeteries
20111019 Okla. judge blocks abortion law from taking effect
20111018 Kansas: Federal judge orders restoration of taxpayer funds to abortion clinic, for now
20111013 Army General: “Where were the churches?”
20111012 Not a Single Christian Church Left in Afghanistan
20111010 Sweden: Social services threaten homeschooling parents
20111007 ADF attorneys defend church’s right to speak out for El Paso citizens
20111006 ADF: Austin ordinance forces pregnancy resource centers to highlight abortion
20111005 Military Court: Marine can wear part of uniform in homosexual porn film
20111004 NJ: Court Trims ‘Psychological’ Parent’s Right To Restrict Child Visitation
20111003 Court to Consider Constitutionality of Third-Party Consent for Abortions
20110930 Participation in ADF Pulpit Freedom Sunday more than quadruples over last year
20110929 Judge refuses to block Kan. abortion insurance law
20110928 5th Circuit: Student-to-Student Religious Speech In School Protected By 1st Amendment
20110927 ADF asks Supreme Court to halt NYC unequal access policy
20110926 Court issues mixed ruling on Idaho abortion law
20110923 TN: Groups say Bellevue church is in violation of tax-exempt status
20110922 ADF tackles fishy ‘expression zones,’ hooks free speech win at Salmon Fest
20110921 No standing: what marriage radicals really think of “the people”
20110920 Alaska Judge: State’s marital classification violates equal protection for same sex couples
20110919 ADF: Christian activity no longer avoided like plague by University of Montana work-study program
20110916 ADF: Illegal badgering of Christian groups proves costly to UW-Madison
20110915 Couple Gets $4.5M Because Doctor Didn’t Suggest Abortion
20110914 Obama Forces New Hampshire to Fund Planned Parenthood
20110913 North Carolina voters to decide on marriage amendment
20110912 HHS Blocks Abstinence Education As ‘Unallowable’
20110909 7th Circuit upholds public school graduation being held in rented space at a Christian Church
20110908 4th Circuit Panel of Dem Appointees Shoot Down Va. Challenges to Healthcare Law
20110907 Cal. Gov. Signs Bill: Businesses Contracting With The State Must Provide Benefits to Same Sex Partners
20110906 One Sperm Donor, 150 Sons and Daughters – Societal Ramifications?
20110902 ADF: 8th Circuit upholds critical portions of South Dakota informed consent law
20110901 To tax or not to tax: That is the court’s question regarding Tenn. church
20110831 Idaho woman challenges abortion laws after prosecution
20110830 Judge Orders Kansas to Send Tax Money to Planned Parenthood
20110829 ADF will ask U.S. Supreme Court to reverse ruling that upholds discrimination against religious student groups
20110826 Texas Supreme Court upholds so-called “pole tax”
20110825 Australia: Overwhelming rejection of marriage redefinition
20110824 Leftist manipulation of marriage polls
20110823 California Couple Sue Fertility Doctor Over ‘Lost’ Embryos
20110822 Biden to China: “Not Second-Guessing” One-Child Policy
20110819 ADF responds to additional ACLU demands that schoolchildren be exposed to porn
20110818 Florida teacher of the year suspended for calling “gay marriage” a “cesspool”
20110817 Maine: Same-sex “marriage” petition approved for ballot
20110816 Judge denies request to block Ind. voucher program
20110815 School Codes of Conduct in question after federal court’s ruling on out-of-school vulgarity?
20110812 11th Circuit strikes Obamacare individual mandate
20110811 ADF: Court unshackles Arizona Abortion Consent Act
20110810 Boomers Leaving a “Third World Existence” to the Fatherless?
20110809 ADF: Colorado’s high court asked to stop illegal abortion funding
20110808 Prayer and the Fabric of America
20110805 3rd Circuit rejects Del. school board prayer
20110804 Are San Francisco officials abusing the political and legal process?
20110803 Taxpayer-funded ‘gay’ spaces anything but ‘safe’
20110802 Indiana Appeals Ruling Against De-Funding Planned Parenthood
20110801 Return to sender: No handing out tracts at Tenn. post office
20110729 ADF: 4th Circuit’s decision on Forsyth County prayers out of step with other courts, American history
20110728 Federal Court Denies FFRF Petition To Bar Texas Governor From Prayer Rally
20110727 ADF considering all options for appeal in embryonic stem cell funding case
20110726 Hundreds of thousands of human embryos discarded
20110725 136 Texas public colleges, universities asked about religious discrimination at career centers
20110722 Obama, Panetta, Mullen authorize lifting of DADT
20110721 Obama Admin Demands New Hampshire Restore Planned Parenthood $
20110720 Attorneys to Ariz. Supreme Court: Don’t silence legal advocates
20110719 Obama Supports Repeal of Federal DOMA
20110718 Pulling the rug out from underneath “gay adoption”
20110714 Calif. governor signs law mandating “gay history” lessons
20110713 New York nix: Court suspends law threatening pregnancy care centers
20110708 ADF to Wis. Attorney General: Stop UW Hospitals from illegally funding abortions
20110707 German parliament OKs genetic embryo tests
20110706 DOJ tells Federal Court that the Defense of Marriage Act is motivated by animus
20110705 The Church Devalued and Demeaned
20110701 Something Missing From Our Fourth of July Celebrations
20110627 Federal court: Human life begins at conception
20110621 “USDA gay-sensitivity training seeks larger audience”
20110620 Wis. judge: Marriage imitation does not imitate marriage
20110617 U.N. vote proclaims “gay rights”
20110616 Married to marriage: 62% of Americans say it’s one man, one woman, nothing else
20110615 North Carolina Becomes Third State to De-Fund Planned Parenthood
20110614 Court: Judge in same sex relationship had no duty to recuse from Prop. 8 litigation
20110613 ADF argues to breathe new life into Arizona Abortion Consent Act
20110610 ADF: “Tenn. college: Student must pay solicitor fee to share faith”
20110609 Goodbye yellow brick road: Calif. high school a dead end for free speech
20110608 Opposition mounts against Baltimore ordinance that targets pregnancy care centers
20110607 Catholic Charities sue Illinois over foster rules
20110606 Wyoming Supreme Court: State can grant same-sex couple a “divorce”
20110603 Federal Court Lifts Ban on Public Prayer at Texas High School Graduation After Uproar
20110602 Bronx fail: 2nd Cir. says churches can’t rent NYC school facilities, but all other community groups can
20110601 Obama Admin Denies Indiana Request to De-Fund Planned Parenthood
20110531 Texas court again affirms sex is determined at birth, not changed by surgical procedures
20110527 VA May Not Require Memorial Day Invocation At National Cemetery To Be Non-Denominational
20110525 Kentucky court says fathers of children conceived during affairs have parental rights
20110524 Why the Same-Sex “Marriage” Experiment Will Not Work
20110523 No Email Digest due to technical problems, posts will be included in the 20110524 edition
20110520 House vote on MN marriage amendment could come as soon as this evening
20110519 ADF: All students deserve to be protected from bullying
20110518 MN marriage amendment clears committee; second GOP legislator votes no
20110517 Wis. gov: Domestic partner law is unconstitutional
20110516 Big GOP donors join push to redefine marriage in NY
20110513 Kansas OKs Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood, Hits Abortion
20110512 Veto proof majority passes MO late term abortion law
20110511 Judge Refuses to Block Indiana Law De-funding Planned Parenthood
20110510 Cal. Senate passes bill requiring contractors to offer domestic partner benefits
20110509 Navy says chaplains may perform same-sex unions
20110506 DOJ moves to undermine Federal DOMA in immigration cases
20110505 Ronald Reagan’s Prayer Legacy
20110504 House Passes Complete Ban on Taxpayer Funding of Abortions
20110503 Iowa Lawmakers Send Fetal Pain Abortion Ban to Senate Floor
20110502 Short fuse on Long Island for religious student clubs
20110429 Daniels to sign legislation defunding Planned Parenthood
20110428 Daniels in the Lion’s Den
20110427 ADF battle against religious discrimination policies at public facilities marches past halfway point
20110426 Catholic adoption agency loses “gay adoption” fight
20110425 King & Spalding succumbs to homosexual lobby; Clement quits firm, stays on DOMA case
20110421 Montana court rules against same sex couples
20110420 ADF takes Utah roadside crosses case to U.S. Supreme Court
20110419 Tennessee Senate OKs Amendment to Limit Court on Abortion
20110418 ADF: House heading in right direction in defense of DOMA
20110415 SC court rules off-campus Bible classes OK for public school credit
20110414 7th Circuit rejects lawsuit against National Day of Prayer
20110413 5th Circuit: Constitution does not require states to pretend two men can create a child
20110412 Maryland Senate quashes “transgender” bill
20110411 Thursday vote: Should Americans be forced to support the nation’s largest abortion provider?
20110408 New European Convention Defines “Gender” as Social Construct
20110407 MN school district: Politically incorrect pro-life club need not apply, but environmental club OK
20110406 Victory for academic freedom: 4th Circuit says professor’s speeches, columns protected by First Amendment
20110405 Illinois Court enjoins rule requiring pharmacists to distribute “emergency contraception” in violation of conscience
20110404 ADF: Thousands of children’s educations saved at U.S. Supreme Court
20110401 House Republicans kill Colo. civil unions bill
20110331 GOP spending cuts threaten international abortions
20110330 ADF attorney argues before 11th Circuit: Ga. counselor wrongly fired for following conscience
20110329 Indiana Senate approves marriage amendment by 40-10 vote
20110328 Supreme Court Grants Review In “Ministerial Exception” Case
20110325 Chinese scientists discover way to turn homosexuality on and off in male mice?
20110324 ADF: Stop parent’s second prison sentence for keeping children from German ‘sex education’ programs
20110323 Viable sperm grown in laboratory
20110322: SD governor signs 3-day wait for abortion into law
20110321: Pavone to Reid: A government that funds massive child-killing has betrayed its very purpose anyway, shut it down
20110318: European Court of Human Rights: Crosses can stay in Italy’s classrooms
20110317: ADF files suit to protect Ariz. church from foreclosure based on $50K illegal tax bill
20110316: Democrats Vow to Oppose Any Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood
20110315: No more unconstitutional strip searches of pro-life advocates after settlement in Md.
20110314: Babies with 3 parents proposed using IVF technique
20110311:  Maryland bill to redefine marriage dead – for now
20110310: House GOP leaders vote to defend marriage act
20110309: MN judge dismisses marriage challenge says U.S. Supreme Court has already decided the issue
20110308: NH town: Christian roadside sign more distracting, dangerous than gas station signs
20110307: Victory for Catholic student group: U.S. Supreme Court says no to U. of Wis. appeal
20110304: Maryland House Judiciary narrowly passes marriage redefinition bill
20110303: ADF moves to have mother released from jail for keeping children from permissive German ‘sex education’ programs
20110302: Supreme Court OKs Protests at Military Funerals

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