Erik Stanley to speak at Politics According to the Bible Conference Sept. 10th

Erik Stanley: Indonesian police tear down house church

Erik Stanley: Poll: 48% of Americans have a great deal of confidence in the church

    ADF Attorney Erik Stanley writing at Speak Up Movement / Church: “A new Gallup poll shows how much confidence Americans have in their institutions. The big news from the poll is the very low confidence rating Americans have in Congress – only a shocking 11% of those polled have great confidence in Congress as an institution. But among the major institutions in American life, Americans ranked their confidence in the ‘church or organized religion’ as fourth behind only the military, small business, and the police. … Archbishop Caput and DeTocqueville are right. The church must be free for freedom to flourish, but the church also has responsibilities to shape the virtue of the citizens for freedom to continue to flourish. The Gallup poll is good news for the church in America, but it should also serve as a sobering reminder of the Church’s responsiblity in American life.”

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Erik Stanley: Appeals Court decision shows need for churches to update their by-laws

Patients’ health, pharmacists’ conscience protected in Wash., court agrees to halt trial

Erik Stanley: The Blogging Bishop of Bridgeport

Erik Stanley: Pulpit Initiative featured on research on religion podcast

The church, politics, and the IRS

Erik Stanley: “No tax exemption can ever be contingent upon someone giving up a constitutional right.”

Erik Stanley: Pulpit freedom in America’s infancy

Alliance Defense Fund to defend Rapid City church in political endorsement case

ADF agrees to represent SD church reported to IRS

Erik Stanley: Pulpit Initiative pastor in his own words

SD: Pastor tests IRS by endorsing candidate

Erik Stanley: The Johnson Amendment is a “fat opossum”

    ADF Attorney Erik Stanley writing at Speak Up Movement / Church: “[At a recent CLE presentation] I spoke on the history of the Johnson Amendment and how Lyndon Johnson got his amendment to the tax code passed with no legislative analysis, no committee hearings, and no debate. After the presentation, a professor at a local university told me that in West Virginia, what Johnson did with his amendment to the tax code would have been called a ‘fat opossum’ because it snuck through under cover of darkness. That’s a perfect tag line for the Johnson Amendment . . . It was a bill that got inserted into the tax code through back-room deals made by a powerful Senator who wanted to be able to seek reelection at any cost and, in the process, trampling freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion. We have grown up with a generation of chuch-goers that believe it is illegal for their pastor to address candidates and elections in light of Scripture or church doctrine when there is no valid justification for believing that.”

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Erik Stanley: The history of politics from the pulpit

Erik Stanley: Freedom of religion – don’t ever take it for granted

Religious freedom returns to Phoenix

FPCWV hosting CLE about nonprofits on Friday

Pelosi changes tune from 2004 on Bishops’ involvement in politics

Erik Stanley: Pelosi to Catholic Bishops: Talk about politics from the pulpit

Erik Stanley: Christian preacher arrested for saying that homosexual behavior is a sin

Phoenix churches ring bell of victory

Erik Stanley: Pastor’s conviction for ringing church bells overturned

Erik Stanley: Church bells ringing since 16th Century under attack

Baptist Bulletin world news for April 28

Churches deemed as important as ice cream trucks, court rules

Judge: To silence Phoenix church bells is unconstitutional

Court blasts city’s ban on sound of church bells

Let freedom ring! Court rules city of Phoenix can’t stop church bells

Group seeks fight with IRS to overturn pulpit “censorship”

Church bells will chime amid legal clatter

Phoenix loses legal battle over church bells

Phoenix: Churches win injunction in city noise ordinance dispute

Court: Let the bells ring while Phoenix churches’ suit proceeds

About Erik Stanley

    Erik W. Stanley serves as senior legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom at its Kansas City Regional Service Center in Kansas, where he heads the Alliance Defending Freedom Pulpit Initiative to empower pastors across the nation to speak freely from their pulpits on all matters of life, including how Scripture and church teaching have application to candidates and elections. He has focused his practice on appellate law, free speech, traditional family values, pro-life, and religious liberty constitutional law. Stanley has filed, briefed, and argued numerous trial and appellate cases on constitutional issues throughout the United States. Stanley graduated from Temple University School of Law in the top five percent of his class and is a member of the Florida, Kansas, and the District of Columbia bars, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous federal district and appellate courts.

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Debate bubbles over pulpit “electioneering”

ADF attorney to debate at Stanford Law School on IRS religious speech restrictions

Erik Stanley, Gary McCaleb on radio: Phoenix prosecutes for ringing church bells

Bishop imprisoned for ringing church bells

Church fights for right to ring bells

Church bells at center of legal scuffles

Court hears arguments over church bell in Phoenix

Bishop a convicted criminal over church bells

Bishop sentenced to jail for ringing bells; three Phoenix churches sue city over vague noise ordinance restricting age-old practice

“Hate crimes” law named No.1 anti-Christian act of 2009

Erik Stanley: Get government out of our pulpits

“The 2009 Hate Crimes Prevention Act”

US pastors plan to defy law and endorse candidates

US pastors plan to defy law and endorse candidates

Pastors to Holder: Bible still condemns homosexuality

Maine Churches Threatened with IRS Complaints for Supporting Marriage

Maine churches threatened with IRS complaints for marriage support

Maine churches need not fear IRS

Law signed extending “hate crime” protections

“Gay marriage supporters threaten to strip churches of tax exemption”

Legal group pledges to defend pro-Question 1 churches targeted by “frivolous” IRS complaints

Maine Churches threatened over marriage support

Maine: Churches targeted by “gay” intimidation campaign

Maine churches threatened with IRS complaints for supporting marriage

PA: Ordinance attacking abortion opponents struck down

Christians to take “hate crimes” challenge to Holder

A dark day for American Christianity

Religious reaction to new “hate crime” law mixed

Conservatives vow to keep close watch on “hate crimes” law