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Abortionist who missed decapitated head ‘followed all laws’ | WorldNetDaily

    WorldNetDaily (7/7): “We are grateful that the attorney general continues to be concerned about the safety of women, which is clearly more important than abortionists’ bottom-line profits. It is shocking to see that Women’s Health Center of West Virginia believes that what it did to Itai Gravely could possibly be called ‘quality medical care services’ in light of the serious allegations against it,” said Jeremiah Dys, the president of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia. He’s also an allied attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom. “Whatever ‘regulations’ it thinks are ‘currently on the books’ – and we believe there are none – Dr. Stephens and Women’s Health Center of West Virginia exposed Itai to extraordinary suffering and placed her life in danger. We continue to urge the governor to end his silence on this issue and join with the attorney general in leading this state’s implementation of sensible abortion regulations.”

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