“Gay-Marriage Letdown Looms as High Court Weighs Narrow Ruling” | Bloomberg

IRS antics are nothing new, churches have been bullied for years | Erik Stanley at Speak Up Movement

NYC City Council to Vote on Permitting Worship Services in Empty Public Schools | Jordan Lorence at the NYC info

Pro-Life Students Increasingly Face Free Speech Limits on Campus | LifeNews

Free speech for conservatives? | The Journal

Pregnancy Center Counselors Prepare For Surge: New law pending that requires visit to state-approved advisers before abortion | WND

Bible Publisher Scores Major Victory Against Contraception Mandate | The New American

Minnesota Case Asks: Do Your Children Have Rights? | CBS

DOMA and the “Living Constitution” | Bradley Abramson at Townhall

Indiana expands school voucher program | DFW Catholic

Free Speech for Conservative Students? | L. Brent Bozell at the Patriot Post

Judge revives Pa. college suit over birth control | GoErie.com (AP)

Judge revives Geneva College lawsuit over birth control | WTAE.com

Judge revives Geneva College’s suit over birth control | Times Online

Court Reinstates Christian College’s Obamacare Lawsuit | CNSNews

PACE condemns violence against believers | Roger Kiska on Voice of Russia Audio

Veteran Pro Bono Lawyers Fight Health Care Law | Womensenews

North Dakota School Allows Pro-Life Poster After Initial Censorship | Life News

Marriage redefinition passes Delaware Senate; Gov. immediately signs into law | Sussex Countian

The First Amendment Doesn’t Have An Age Limit | Matt Sharp

Expect ‘retaliation’ on marriage traditionalists, says Delaware group | One News Now

Team steps up to defend Christians in armed forces | WND

DMACC reaches agreement with student in free-speech suit | Des Moines Register (AP)

HHS appeal withdrawal gives temporary relief to Bible publisher | CNA at DFW Catholic

Mexico Supreme Court Upholds State Constitutions Banning Abortion | Piero Tozzi at LifeNews

Delaware Becomes 11th State With Marriage Equality | Think Progress

“Delaware Senate Approves Gay Marriage Bill” | On Top Magazine

    On Top Magazine: Jordan Lorence, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a leading group representing clients who claim equal marriage laws violate their Christian beliefs, argued that allowing same-sex couples to marry would lead to discrimination against Christians. He warned that the bill’s true objective was to foster “a cultural change” and shun opponents as “bigots.”

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The Business Of Planned Parenthood | FRC Blog

Vt. Legislators Urged to Reject Doctor-Prescribed Death

Bible publisher wins court battle over contraceptive mandate | Shreveport Times

Minnesota judge dismisses challenge to abortion funding | AP on KSFY.com

A Vote to Redefine Marriage is a Vote to Undermine the Dignity of Mothers and Fathers | Kellie Fiedorek at Townhall

Obama administration backs out of appeal over new contraceptive mandate | Minn Post

Tyndale wins again against abortion mandate | Michael Foust of BP on Christian Examiner

Another step in saga of Swedish home-schooling family | One News Now

‘Nervous’ administration retreats in Bible publisher lawsuit | One News Now

Obama Admin. Backs Off in Bible Publisher Suit Over Birth Control Mandate | Christian Post

Minn. judge dismisses challenge to abortion funding | In Forum

Obamacare case against Bible publisher dropped | Examiner

Court Kills Obamacare Lawsuit Against Bible Publisher

Supreme Court may hear upstate lawsuit over town board prayers

Obama administration backs out of appeal over new contraceptive mandate

Minn. judge dismisses abortion funding challenge | MPR (AP)

Minnesota: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit to Stop Taxpayer-Funded Abortions | LifeNews

What Country Am I Living In? | WorldNetDaily

    WorldNetDaily: While the Pentagon has backed off its threat to court-martial military personnel for “proselytizing,” the handwriting is so clearly on the wall. It took the filing of a Freedom of Information Act request by Alliance Defending Freedom for all Defense Department statements on the issue to force that action. “Members of our military should not be denied the very freedoms they fight to defend. Freedom of religion and speech are paramount among those freedoms,” said ADF Legal Counsel Joseph La Rue. “We appreciate the Pentagon’s clarification, but little or no evidence exists of coercive proselytization in the military, so we are still troubled over what motivated the original comments.

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Pentagon says military personnel can evangelize but not proselytize | Deseret News

Pentagon Changes Mind, Says Soldiers May Share Faith

    The New American: The outcry from chaplains and religious leaders over Weinstein’s rhetoric prompted the Defense Department to issue its updated statement backing down from implying that service members might be targeted for sharing their faith. According to Charisma News, the clarification came after the conservative legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking a clarification from the Defense Department on the issue. “Members of our military should not be denied the very freedoms they fight to defend,” explained ADF Legal Counsel Joseph La Rue. “Freedom of religion and speech are paramount among those freedoms.”

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Pentagon Backtracks and Says U. S. Soldiers Can Share Their Faith

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