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    Brainerd Dispatch: Alan Sears, president of Alliance Defending Freedom said, “The level of hostility to Christianity on many of America’s tax-supported campuses — the ones you are paying for where seven out of 10 students attend — has reached a crisis point. He also told about his own family’s brush with anti-Christian hostility on campus when one of his daughters chose to attend a state university. “While our daughter quietly stood with other women who were standing for marriage as the unon of one man and one woman — she saw the vicious response almost immediately. She heard not only name calling from passing students, but also witnessed a physical attack, as some threw wooden stakes at her Christian sister.” . . . For more information on discrimination against Christian beliefs, go online to AllianceDefendingFreedom.org.

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Attorneys Claim Conviction of Christian Men in India “Biased and Unfounded” | Persecution.org

    Persecution.org: Some have suggested that the investigating officer may have neglected to question eyewitnesses at the crime site, as witnesses there at that time did not disclose information to police, said Tehmina Arora, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom-India, who appeared for the accused at the Supreme Court for their bail application. “It’s hard to understand why those who were eyewitnesses to such a tragic event failed to disclose the same to the police,” she told Morning Star News. “The reliance placed on certain witnesses by the court seems unjustifiable and based on assumptions and presumptions. Furthermore, in spite of little evidence of the same, the court has made very strong and unwarranted statements against the seven Christians.”

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    FRC Washington Update: During the debate in the Hawaii legislature, some of these same churches have been outspoken proponents of marriage. Could it be that they’ve been targeted for exercising those rights from the pulpit? Alliance Defending Freedom’s (ADF) Erik Stanley, who’s helping to defend the congregations, is stunned that the atheists would attack such a primary source of Oahu’s public service and charity. “Churches who serve the neediest in their communities should be welcomed, not driven out by false accusations. The claims in the lawsuits are false and are driven by an atheistic agenda that is hostile to churches. The undeniable fact is that these churches were at all times truthful, and they have paid all the required rent to the schools. These churches have not only faithfully paid all of their rent, they’ve sacrificially given much more in service and funding to the schools and communities they love.”

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