“Same-Sex Marriage: Delaware and Rhode Island Inch Closer to Marriage Equality” | PolicMic

EMU Student Government changes mind on exhibit | Eastern Echo

Higher-Education Groups Split Over Workplace-Retaliation Case at Supreme Court | Chronicle of Higher Education

“Delaware House moves forward on marriage equality” | Watermark Online

In Memoriam: Carol Garlow, Wife and Ministry Partner of Dr. Jim Garlow | NRB

    NRB: Our hearts join Jim’s and the tremendous number of others who are mourning the death of Carol Garlow,” commented Alliance Defending Freedom President, CEO, and General Counsel Alan Sears. “Her unwavering faith and perseverance was an example to many. She loved God, was a pillar of strength for her husband, and had an immense impact, including upon those of us who have worked closely with the Garlows in support of religious freedom. Our prayers are with Jim and the entire Garlow family.”

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Religion and politics 101: A Q&A with Rev. Steven Baines | MinnPost

    MinnPost: This past October, just a month before the election, the Alliance Defending Freedom, a very far-right religious organization in this country, prodded more than 1,500 clergy to stand up in their pulpit and directly oppose President Obama for re-election. We have filed many a complaint on the pastors to the IRS and we are a little frankly disappointed that so far we have not seen any action. MP: It’s interesting that you mentioned the Alliance. They were active here in the last two electoral cycles working to loosen our campaign finance and public disclosure laws in preparation for some of the issues on the Minnesota ballot. Is there a countervailing force?

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Family-owned lumber business wins injunction against HHS mandate | Life Site News

Opposition to Boy Scouts’ compromise on gays grows on both sides of issue | Wash. Times

Family-run Businesses Successfully Defend Faith Against ObamaCare Mandate | The New American

State House Approves Marriage Equality Bill 23 to 18 | WGMD 92.7

“Delaware gay marriage bill stays on track after close House vote” | Del. Online

State officials keep boy “captive” for four years | MercatorNet

Del. House votes to redefine marriage: 23-18

Boy Scouts Propose Dropping Ban on Gay-Identifying Youth | The New American

Seneca Lumber Company Wins Exemption From Obamacare Contraception Mandate | Huffington Post

Mayor Dupree says prayer breakfast will go on as planned

U.S. Christians Rally Around Home-Schooling Romeiki Family Facing Deportation

Skyline Church Pastor Jim Garlow’s Wife Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

Utah’s Snow College Changes Policies to Restore Students’ Religious Freedom | Citizen Link

Christian Club Drops Lawsuit Against Utah College After School Agrees to Protect Religious Freedom | Christian News Network

SB535: Illegal to Fire Your Child’s Babysitter | Hawaii Free Press

Street preacher raises a ruckus in Springfield | Daily Journal

Virginia Board Oks Stricter Building Standards For Abortion Clinics | Baptist Press at Townhall

Sweden: Homeschool Parents Have 1 Shot To See Son Again | WorldNetDaily

The Closing of the British Mind? As a case study shows, freedom of speech in British universities is under threat. | Peter Smith at the Bell Towers

Family-Run Business Wins Battle Against Obama HHS Mandate | Life News

Taxpayer-funded Professors Desperate to Save Abortion, Rant at Students | Speak Up Movement

Falling fertility rate poses problems, author says | BRNow

Street preacher raises a ruckus in Springfield | Fort Mill Times

    Fort Mill Times: “I told him to go ahead and keep preaching. Hang in there,” said Springfield attorney Dee Wampler. Wampler, who last year had similar charges dismissed against a trio of street preachers in Noel, said Brummitt’s speech is especially protected by the Constitution because that speech is religious. Wampler is providing his services for free in part to fulfill his membership obligations to the Alliance Defending Freedom, formerly known as the Alliance Defense Fund, which advocates in the courtroom for religious liberty, the sanctity of life and marriage and family. “He’s trying to change people’s lives for the good,” Wampler said of Brummitt

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Hillsborough Easter egg suit could change policy on religious speech | Tampa Bay Times

Atheists Pressuring Mississippi Mayor to Put a Fork in Hattiesburg Prayer Breakfast | Christian News Network

Atheists Hungry to End Prayer Breakfast Tradition in Miss. | Charisma News

Boy Scouts Beware: If You Don’t Stand for Something | David Cortman at Townhall

“New Mexico Gay Marriage Lawsuit May End Couple’s Decade in Limbo” | Bloomberg

Utah college and Christian club settle lawsuit | Salt Lake Tribune

The great stakes in the debate over homosexual marriage

Christian Club’s Suit Against Snow College Settled | Religion Clause Blog

Defending Christian Taxpayers And The Religious Freedom Of Families

Student files suit against DMACC over flier policy | Des Moines Register

Judge rules against Christian innkeeper who refused to rent bedroom to lesbian couple | LifeSiteNews

Delaware investigates conduct of staff at Planned Parenthood | Delaware Online

DMACC student sues campus over free speech policy

Beginning Of Abortion Grief From Gosnell Trial | Examiner

Baptist Colleges Can’t Accept Baptist Theologians

Falling fertility rate poses problems, author says | Baptist Press

NAACP countersues black pro-life leader | JillStanek.com

NAACP Sues Black Pro-Lifer Who Exposed It’s Pro-Abortion Views | LifeNews

Elmbrook School District v. Doe: will the U.S. Supreme Court rule on the constitutionality of holding public high school graduations in Elmbrook Church?

LBJ and the sixty-year assault on the First Amendment

Delaware Planned Parenthood Under Investigation Over Multiple Botched Abortions

Council considers six options for prayer policy | Rapid City Journal

They exist: millennials opposed to gay marriage | Baptist Press

Who Said That?: A Simple Question That May Change the Way Courts View Legislative Prayer | Brett Harvey and Joel Oster at Fed Soc

Ex-Employee Sues P. Parenthood for Medicaid Fraud

Genocide Awareness Project visits EMU

Part II–Self-Governing Individuals Are Necessary for a Self-Governing Society

    Diane Rufino at Beaufort Observer: What exactly do we mean by “Our Christian Heritage”? We certainly don’t refer to it as a way to suggest that Christianity be the official religion of the United States. We have the First Amendment to protect us from the establishment of any one religion, so that our religious conscience is free from the coercion or criticism of other religions (or non-religion) and no one is forced to support an offensive religion with their tax dollars . . . Michael and Jana Novak, “Washington’s Providence,” Alliance Defending Freedom. Referenced at: http://www.alliancedefendingfreedom.org/Faith-and-Justice/5-3/Opinion

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Is downtown street preacher disturbing the peace?

Taxing the Third Space | Forbes

The Legal Battle to End Taxpayer Support for Planned Parenthood Abortions

Updated Report Alleges Continued Abuse, Potential Fraud by Planned Parenthood

Wa State Atty Gen Violates Christian Florist’s Constitutional Rights | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

The marginalization of Christianity | Kelly Boggs at Baptist Press

Giving the Media the Benefit of the Doubt on Gosnell (Sort of) | Casey Mattox at Christian Post

Shocking Photo Shows Empty Media Benches at Kermit Gosnell Trial

    LifeNews: Casey Mattox, an attorney with the pro-life legal group Alliance Defending Freedom, also noticed the empty benches and responded. “Like many, I’m both not surprised and disgusted by the fact that the bulk of the media continues to ignore the multiple murder trial of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist accused of killing a Nepalese immigrant and at least seven infants, born alive and grotesquely murdered with scissors,” he said. “Gosnell’s employees have testified that the babies screamed and flinched when Gosnell and his team snipped their spines to brutally and painfully end their minutes-old lives. Yet, the media deems this not newsworthy. While the first, and perhaps more likely rationale, is that this is exhibit 108 in the ongoing public trial of the media’s integrity on the abortion issue, perhaps there’s another answer. Dog bites man.”

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‘What right do they have to do this, to take away our freedoms?’ health care exec asks Obama | LifeSiteNews