Five KS Supreme Court justices recuse, won’t sit in judgment of Kline

Virginia Senate hopefuls differ on judges who engage in homosexual behavior

GOP Senators Compare Planned Ninth Circuit Conference in Hawaii to ‘Vacation’

George F. Will: When the looter is the government

Clinton Era Roadless Rule Headed to the Supreme Court?

“Obama may stay clear of court fight over Prop. 8″ | San Francisco Chronicle

Legal Decay Follows Cultural Decay In Marriage: The Devolution of Law

Another NJ high court nominee faces skepticism, marriage at issue

Federal Circuit Will Hear Judges’ Back-Pay Challenge

Democrats Seek to Force Vote on Watford 9th Cir. Nomination – Monday

Justice Joan Orie Melvin to step away from state Supreme Court to fight charges

Crooks target Supreme Court Justice Breyer for second time in three months

White House nominates two to the M.D. Penn.

“George Allen: Sexual orientation shouldn’t factor in qualifying judges” Allen said he hadn’t heard all of the arguments for or against Thorne-Begland, but his inclination would be to overlook sexual orientation. “What I’d look at as far as judges is, I’d look at their qualifications. As far as judges are concerned, sexual orientation is not one of their criteria for being a judge,” Allen said during a campaign stop in Prince William County on Tuesday evening.

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Iowa: State costs for outside legal counsel highest in at least a decade

Ex-AG wants 2 Kan. justices recused in ethics case

Law Professor: Same-Sex Marriage Wins in Court May Lead to Public ‘Backlash’

“Obama’s Judicial Restraint”

“Gay prosecutor’s rejection for judgeship lands Virginia back in spotlight”

“Scalia Turns Advocate Against Obama as Queries Criticized”

“Gay judge nominee Tracy Thorne-Begland challenged in Virginia”

Dream Act students, Congressmen sue to stop Senate filibuster

Iowa Justice says he’ll defend same-sex “marriage” vote in campaign

“Four ways to improve Michigan Supreme Court elections”

Court says farmers must pay bankruptcy tax

Environmental Groups Collecting Millions from Federal Agencies They Sue

    NCPA Policy Digest: Deep-pocketed environmental groups are collecting millions of dollars from the federal agencies they regularly sue to enforce conservation measures. The payouts, which aggregate to tens of millions of dollars, even allow for reimbursement of legal fees, further encouraging enterprising environmentalists to take on the government in court, says Fox News.

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Justice Dept. plans to sue Arizona sheriff Arpaio for alleged racial profiling

Leading Democratic Primary Candidate for Senator from Maine Calls for Court-Packing

Judicial independence: The new threat from within

Jacqueline H. Nguyen of L.A. confirmed to U.S. 9th Circuit Court

Superior Court Advertises Magistrate Judge Opening

Kansas AG spends $628k to defend abortion laws despite free alternatives

“Failing Law Schools”: Serving professors or students?

    Orin Kerr at the Volokh Conspiracy: Last week I had the pleasure of reading a pre-publication draft of Brian Tamanaha’s new book, Failing Law Schools, which has not yet been released but can be pre-ordered now. I found the book engrossing and its argument powerful. I read it in 2 days after receiving a copy, and I think it should be required reading for all legal academics. Brian’s basic argument is that law schools have been on an unsustainable path fueled by the ready availability of student loans, the cartel power of the ABA, and the influence of the U.S. News rankings, all of which have led schools to adopt policies that help law professors more than they serve students.

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Three candidates vie for open Oregon Supreme Court position

Senate set to confirm three more judges

Ousted Iowa judges who legislated marriage redefinition to receive “Profile in Courage” awards

9-11 defendants ignore judge at Guantanamo hearing

Maryland, Virginia and the court that divides them

Vacant court benches draw strategy session

Pro Bono Work Now Required to Pass NY Bar

Hill Counsel Uses Perch to Try to Change ‘Hearts and Minds’ on Abortion

Misreporting the Costs of Going to (Some) Law Schools

John Yoo: Litigating for Terrorists: The Obama Admin refused to defend me, now reverse the political polarities

Rep. Issa circulates contempt resolution against AG Eric Holder

Coburn clears way for hearings for two Oklahoma judicial nominees

Supreme Court justice urges civility in legal talk

    Las Vegas Sun: Then Kennedy leaned forward to the lectern to urge those schooled in what he called “the language of the law” to set a good example for the rest of the world with “rational, quiet, thoughtful, respectful discussion and debate.” “The verdict on freedom is still out in over half the world, and the rest of the world is looking at us,” Kennedy said. “They see the current dialogue and discourse and they are horrified by it.”

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Will SCOTUS Stamp Out Montana’s Constitutional Mischief? – Corporate Campaign Expenditures

UC Hastings shrinking with market for lawyers

SCOTUS for law students: What does the Solicitor General do? (sponsored by Bloomberg Law)

CA: “Judge slams prosecutors for dismissing gay jurors”

Judge Janice Brown Writes Scathing Economic Rights Concurrence

Law school applications down 15.6%, but admits could be even lower

Debate rages over severity of child-porn sentences

    AP: On one side of the debate, many federal judges and public defenders say repeated moves by Congress to toughen the penalties over the past 25 years have badly skewed the guidelines, to the point where offenders who possess and distribute child pornography can go to prison for longer than those who actually rape or sexually abuse a child.

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Lawmakers move toward citing Holder for contempt

Senator Holds Fast to Principle with ‘No’ Votes for Judicial Nominees

Ken Klukowski: “Analysis: Supreme Court May Split Decision Arizona Immigration Law”

Wisconsin Judicial Commission to consider complaint against judges who signed Walker recall

The Use of Legal Scholarship by the Federal Courts of Appeals: An Empirical Study

    David Schwartz & Lee Petherbridge at the Cornell Law Review(2/22/2012): The study produces three important results. First, the data collected support the interpretation that the use of legal scholarship by the U.S. circuit courts of appeals has not declined. Rather, the use of legal scholarship by such courts has increased. Taken together, the data gathered in this study call into serious question the conventional wisdom that courts have little use for legal scholarship. Second, the study provides evidence that a relatively small cohort of judges is responsible for the overwhelming majority of citations. Third, this study develops statistical arguments about which factors influence a court’s decision to cite legal scholarship.

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Top 10 Law Schools That Hire Their Own Graduates

High court seems favorable to Arizona immigration law

Senate Confirms Federal District Judge for Missouri

Sen. Dick Lugar’s challenger, Richard Mourdock: I’ll be more conservative on Supreme Court nominees

Supreme Court is political by design

Heritage Foundation: Do You Know What the Constitution Really Means?

On Gov. Christie’s Judicial Nominations

What is Going On at Law School Admission Council (LSAC)?

    Brian Tamanaha at the Balkinization Blog: Law schools elect the Board of Trustees that oversees LSAC. It is time to elect people who will take a hard look at its operation. What are LSAC’s priorities? Why is it amassing a huge pile of money? Why is it raising fees when it is not losing money? Why are the officers paid so much? Why is there a general counsel and assistant general counsel, with a combined salary of half a million dollars, along with legal fees to outside law firms totaling another half a million dollars? Why is a million dollars spent each year on lobbying? Why does LSAC pay for “guests” to accompany staff members to two board meetings a year? (All of this information is available on Guidestar).

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Michael Stokes Paulsen: The Unprecedented, Extraordinary, Anti-democratic, Activist Power of Judicial Review