Man who had no idea his mom was euthanized until the morgue called takes doctor to court

This is how Iran allegedly tried to recruit a U.S. journalist

Where ISIS has directed and inspired attacks around the world

The death treatment: When should people with a non-terminal illness be helped to die?

‘The New Yorker’ doubts Belgian euthanasia policy

The religious left campaign to use taxpayer money for abortions for Boko Haram victims

Groups demand Organization of American States respect life, family, and religious freedom

Court rejects woman’s attempt to bear grandchild with frozen eggs

Euthanasia doc kills woman because she was depressed, even though she didn’t have cancer

Egypt’s vanishing youth

Case of doctor who killed woman for being depressed goes back to Belgian criminal court

CitizenGO defend life and the family in the XLV General Assembly of the OAS

European court votes to “kill a disabled person,” says French Bishop

    Aleteia: After the confirmation of the death sentence pronounced against Vincent Lambert by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Vincent Lambert’s mother (pictured above, with his lawyer) expressed her grief, her anger and her unwavering desire to save her son: “Far from despairing because of the decision, this 70-year-old woman who sparked the legal battle against the medical team and Rachel Lambert, is more than ever ready to fight,” said theJournal du Dimanche. For her, a possible withdrawal of the tubes that hydrate and feed the former nurse is euthanasia. This would not be helping him to die, it would be killing him. (…) ‘Vincent is not at the end of his life. If they start again, we will go to court again,’ she promises.”

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American pastor imprisoned in Iran again brutally beaten behind bars

Japanese court says adultery OK if it’s for business purpose

‘Star Trek’ actor Patrick Stewart sides with Christian bakers in gay cake flap

Gay Marriage: The ‘right side of history’?

Widow of slain Christian in Uganda receiving death threats

The last gasp of the cradle Christians?

Religious leaders urge U.S. to fund abortions for rape victims in conflicts abroad

Gay marriage is not about gay marriage

Ruling makes Guam first US territory to legalize same-sex marriage

Euthanasia without consent continues in Belgium

ISIS seen undermining Islamic faith as more Muslims convert to Christianity

Getting a handle on Boko Haram

Sex trafficking and forced marriages flourish under China’s one-child policy

Scots Govt accused of ‘bribing’ parents over Named Person

RC Archbishop: Named Person plans ‘interfere in family life’

Assisted suicide ‘creates problems for wider society’

Named person could target parents on ‘spirituality’

‘Tolerance is a two-way street’, church leader says

Dignitas recommends banned doctor for suicide assistance

I was raised by a transsexual: Celebrating it is ‘insensitive’

Gay marriage to be debated by Belfast City Council

The one year for minorities in India

Patrick Stewart backs bakery after ‘gay cake’ court battle

Why Christian education in Israel could vanish

Sudan: USCIRF gravely concerned by trial of pastors

Kenya: Almost 100 schools forced to close as Christian teachers fear al-Shabaab attacks

Malaysia church to reinstall cross it removed following April protest

Malaysia has more religious freedom than US, Singapore, Christian group says

Iran sentences 18 to prison over faith

Pressure grows for gay marriage in Germany

Five recent pro-life statements of Pope Francis

Ireland: A country without a conscience?

The state of evangelicalism in Canada

Pope Francis upholds link between Catholic pro-life and social teachings

Australian Opposition Party proposes same-sex marriage bill

Minorities under PM Modi: A landscape scarred with hate, violence, impunity

Scotland parliament rejects bill to legalize assisted suicide

Kurds oust ISIS from Syrian Christian villages

Defending life in the womb requires an increasingly international effort

Confidential meeting seeks to sway synod to accept same-sex unions

How same-sex marriage won out in Ireland

Chinese authorities deny “abortion quotas,” local officials say otherwise

UN official reports on Islamic State’s “War on Women”

US airstrikes credited for liberation of Christian villages in Syria

Ireland’s historic decision may be ironic, but it is hardly surprising

The gay rights revolution in Ireland

“It wasn’t the gays who trashed marriage in Ireland”

Senate right to pass Trade Promotion Authority bill with religious freedom amendment

    ADF International Executive Director Benjamin Bull “We commend Sen. James Lankford for leading a successful and historic effort to promote international religious freedom with the unanimous passage of his amendment to the Trade Promotion Authority bill. Should the House follow suit, the U.S., for the first time, will be required to evaluate religious freedom conditions in countries before entering into trade agreements with them. As Sen. Lankford said, ‘our greatest export is our American values,’ the bedrock principle that all people should be free to live and act according to their faith without being persecuted. When nations protect and cherish religious liberty, economies flourish and innovation increases. We applaud Sen. Lankford’s affirmation of the dignity of people of faith both here and around the world.”

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Canadian Catholic church sued for not letting boy use girl’s bathroom

China says religion must have no foreign influence; pope urges Chinese Catholics to heed Rome

‘Scandalous’ for UN to push abortions on girls raped by Boko Haram, says pro-life Nigerian groups

Same-sex marriage for Church of Scotland ministers? – not just yet

Students attempt to ban Bible from halls

Conscience and cake

Pope: end “unacceptable crime” of persecution of Christians

Embryonic stem cells sold on black market for plastic surgery

Ireland votes in referendum on same-sex marriage