This seemingly innocent ordinance is a major threat to your privacy

Appeals court rules against Geneva College in Obamacare abortion drug case

Westerners join Iraqi Christian militia to fight Islamic State

Coptic Christians increasingly feel endangered in Libya and Egypt

Education & age divide American religion — 44 religious groups in one graph

Contraception, Round Two: A new wave of lawsuits tests insurance mandate

What ISIS really wants

Frank Wolf calls for safe haven for Mideast Christians

Commentary on NYT: Freedom for cartoons, not for man’s conscience

CUs will be safe from ‘anti- terror’ plans, Govt pledges

Mississippi Senate rejects ‘Tim Tebow Act’ allowing homeschoolers to play school sports

‘Uncomfortable’ UK university students want Gideon Bibles removed from rooms

Study finds homeschoolers less likely to leave faith than public, private schooled kids

Almost all U.S. presidents have been Christians

HHS pushes church talking points, bulletins to promote Obamacare

Islamic State carries out mass beheadings of Christians

Libya and Egypt launch air strikes against Isis after militants post beheadings video

Pope Francis condemns Islamic State’s executions of Christians in Libya

“Pecan farms, lunch counters, and wedding photography”

ADF calls for Colorado lawmakers to stop using tax dollars to fund abortions

Oklahoma Senator backs religious groups fighting for their religious rights

Balancing religious rights, nondiscrimination a tall order for Utah lawmakers

Young Brits reject religion, approve of atheist politicians

Chaldean bishops rally to defend Christians persecuted in Iraq

Christian homes bulldozed in Pakistan; human rights group suspects landgrabbing

Despite limits on liberty, Vietnam’s new cardinal-designate sees hope

Cautious optimism on religious freedom in Vietnam

Group says teacher memorial at school violates First Amendment

South Carolina lawmakers campaign for freedom of association

    FIRE: Since the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, religious student organizations at colleges and universities across the country have struggled with a dilemma: accept all students as voting leaders or members in accordance with so-called “all-comers” policies, regardless of their agreement with the club’s beliefs, or forego official recognition by the college and all the resources that comes with such recognition. In response to this ongoing dilemma, South Carolina’s Republican members of Congress have signed on to a letter urging universities in the state to protect religious student groups by allowing them to limit membership or leadership positions to those who are fully committed to the mission of the group. Other student organizations should take note, because the same principles of freedom of association should protect all political or belief-based groups.

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U.S. Satisfaction with religion settling at lower levels

    Gallup: A slight majority of Americans, 53%, are satisfied with the influence of organized religion in the U.S. This level of satisfaction has changed little over the past three years, but remains down from what Gallup has measured previously — including higher levels measured in 2001 to 2004 — suggesting that Americans’ satisfaction with organized religion has settled in at a new baseline.

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Ashers court action ‘over the top’ – Presbyterian leader

‘God Bless America’ morning announcement at Florida school deemed a ‘Constitutional violation’ by atheist group; student forced to drop phrase

ERLC’s legislative agenda, 2015

Atheist group threatens to sue Florida school over student’s “God Bless America” comment

Liberty Counsel: We will defend – or deal with – Alabama judges

CNN anchor to Ten Commandments judge: “Our laws do not come from God”

Pharmacists forced to pay legal bill after activists tried to make them sell abortion pills

Exemption from HHS mandate reversed for Christian college, Catholic dioceses

US court upholds religious freedom in employment

ADF to Colo. appeals court: Stop illegal funding of abortion

European court vindicates Bulgarian woman unjustly arrested for private worship meetings

Dawkins among atheists urging Irish PM to hold blasphemy law referendum

Al Qaeda supporters in Yemen pledge allegiance to Islamic State

Media reports wrong on decision in NJ same-sex attraction counseling case

    Via Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund: Contrary to several media reports, a New Jersey court has not ruled that a counseling referral service that provides help to people with unwanted same-sex attraction has violated the state’s Consumer Fraud Act or that faith-based counselors violate the act when they express their views. The court did not make any findings of fact and preserved the First Amendment defenses of JONAH, the counseling referral service sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center in Ferguson v. JONAH.

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Congress demands answers from Army over chaplain disciplined for doing his job

CNN Anchor: ‘Our Rights Do Not Come From God’

Thousands flock to show support for Ashers Baking Co.

‘Uncomfortable’ students call for ban on Bibles

Why politics still matter: The temptation to withdraw is ever with us

    Christianity Today: It’s not news that politics can be dreary and dysfunctional. For this reason, as we begin another long season of presidential election politics, many Christians are running for cover, eager to avoid politics as much as possible. The reasons for withdrawal have become predictable. Some suggest politics is too broken, too corrupt, for Christians get involved in without sacrificing faithfulness. Others claim politics is a distraction from more spiritual pursuits. These are both long-held, persistent ideas, each with their own merits, but they are ultimately incomplete.

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Report: 20,000 ISIS supporters worldwide have flocked to Iraq, Syria to join terror group

School drops disclaimer requirement, settles lawsuit

Brownback right to rescind executive order

S.F. archbishop’s morality clause at Catholic schools outrages many

ADF to Congress: Laws protecting religious freedom must be safeguarded

Christian ministries win right to fire workers who violate beliefs

Florida school board votes to ban Bibles over Satanists passing out coloring books

Tennessee legislator wants the Bible to become official state book

New wave of health care lawsuits reaches high court

Obama speech spurs India’s minority faiths to seek religious tolerance

Niger approves sending troops to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram

‘Don’t kill the sufferer to end the suffering’

Good news for the right of Christians to make business decisions on faith

Ousted HGTV duo the Benham brothers say Biblical principles are under attack

Wyoming Senate passes anti-discrimination bill

Archdiocese joins religious, pro-life groups in asking Congress to disapprove two recently enacted laws in the District of Columbia

New D.C. laws violate religious liberty, leaders say

Baptists, Catholics oppose D.C. laws

ADF attorneys may appeal ruling forcing Christian college to provide access to abortion pills

Chaplains commend Air Force for retaining article about airman’s humanitarian work

Student reprimanded for saying “God Bless America”