Hobby Lobby ‘overjoyed’ by Supreme Court victory, as the White House pledges to fight

Hobby Lobby and the legal rights of people organized as corporations

US Supreme Court agrees to take up govt speech discrimination against churches

US Supreme Court rules against Obama admin.’s abortion pill mandate

Supreme Court rules for religious liberty in Hobby Lobby case

Supreme Court delivers momentous religious freedom victory

Court: Closely held companies can’t be required to cover contraceptives

Supreme Court strikes down abortion pill mandate (video)

EWTN granted emergency relief in wake of Hobby Lobby ruling

ISIS terror group declares Caliphate in Iraq, Syria; Nails 9 men to cross for rebellion

Hobby Lobby decision is an encouraging step, not the end of the debate

Hobby Lobby: Why traditionalist will win long term

The Hobby Lobby decision shows the culture war isn’t over, it has only just begun

Let religious freedom ring

    First Things: When Chuck Colson, Robert George, and I drafted the Manhattan Declaration back in 2009, some people questioned why we had chosen to include religious freedom, along with the sanctity of life and the integrity of marriage, as one of the three most pressing moral issues of our time. Life is sacred, and matrimony is holy, they said, but isn’t religious freedom just another “political” tenet? What does it have to do with the Christian faith?

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Do your politics require you to oppose the Bill of Rights? That’s not good.

A perpetual haven: Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act matters

US Supreme Court rules against Obama administration’s abortion pill mandate

US Supreme Court rules against Obama admin.’s abortion pill mandate

After Town of Greece Supreme Court decision, school board mulling sectarian prayer policy

“They want to cleanse the Christians:” 10,000 flee Christian communities in Northern Iraq as ISIS takes over Mosul, says UNHCR

Chinese Christians tearfully sing hymn as Church cross removed (video)

Conservative groups demand religious freedom for cadets at Air Force Academy

Indonesia is at a crossroads – Its future as a pluralistic democracy hangs in the balance

Interpretation of ruling on meeting prayer puts effects in question

Meriam Ibrahim freed again in Sudan, flees to U.S. Embassy

I am a Christian, and I will remain a Christian: What we can learn from Meriam Ibrahim

The intuitive guide to religious liberty law

Federal Judge: Forced removal of Christian materials from classroom was legal

Pictures of faith at work: This family waits, prays for Obamacare ruling

Rick Santorum: Baker that would not make a cake for same-sex wedding sent to ‘re-education camp’

Montgomery County pays $375,000 to anti-abortion pregnancy center

How NOT to cover the ruling in the Hobby Lobby case

Who are Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties?

Town of Greece decision may change how Supreme Court looks at First Amendment

Faith group leaders to Obama: Protect religious freedom in LGBT workplace discrimination order

Sudanese Christian woman freed again

Copt convicted of ‘blasphemy’ in Egypt for ‘liking’ Facebook page

7th Circuit: Church lacks standing to appeal injunction against city on cross display

Sudan summons U.S., South Sudan envoys in row of Christian convert

In face of ISIS advance, many Iraqi Christians insist on staying put

    Huffington Post: Across the street from a Christian church in this quiet northern Iraqi town, Mounir Behram sits down for lunch with his family. He works as an armed guard protecting the church, an easy job on most days. But now, hardline Sunni extremists — infamous for targeting those who don’t conform to their brand of Islam — control nearby Mosul, the country’s second-largest city. He is plagued by worries that the extremists will invade this predominantly Christian town.

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After Hobby Lobby, what’s next?

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Law of Life Project celebrates free speech victory

North Korea publicly executes 80 for possessing Bibles

Chinese red herring: Hobby Lobby and false charges of hypocrisy

Boko Haram abduct 60 females, kill 30 men in northeast Nigeria

Egyptian court sentences Christian journalist to prison for ‘sectarian strife’

Sudan death row woman Meriam Ibrahim freed again

Supreme Court punts on Establishment Clause case

Pope Francis opens Center for Law and Religion Forum’s conference with statement on religious liberty, persecution of Christians

Can churches legally get involved in politics?

Atheist to offer invocation in N.Y. town at the center of public prayer case

The stolen girls of Nigeria

The Baltimore inquisition [Commentary]

The Hobby Lobby ruling is coming with religious freedom at stake

Benham brothers: Christians can speak boldly if they are willing to lose it all

Judge grants Colorado Christian University injunction from birth control mandate

Eight big cases await Supreme Court rulings

Iraq’s beleaguered Christians make final stand on the Mosul frontline

A Christian convert, on the run in Afghanistan

Sudan court will free Meriam Ibrahim, sentenced to death for her Christian faith

Twenty-one ways to defend religious liberty

Arizona church facing foreclosure raises $68,000 to stay open

Supreme Court maintains ban on graduations in churches

School board pushes for prayer after high court ruling

Ariz. church threatened with unjust foreclosure raises $68,000 to keep doors open