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ADF to Colo. high court: Children at faith-based schools shouldn’t be excluded from school choice program

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U.S. Chaldeans decry ‘genocide’ of Iraqi Christians, rally for aid

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Islamic extremists impose reign of terror on Iraq

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Rockdale County to pay $30,000 to settle church lawsuit

‘Major Victory’: Atheist group reveals what led to its settlement with the IRS over church politicking

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Thoughtcrime in Sweden

Congress passes two bills on international religious freedom

Protecting the religious liberty of adoption and foster care providers

For Ginsburg, a human being isn’t a RFRA “person” either

Atheist groups rejoice over IRS decision to monitor churches. But should they?

Don’t close your eyes: Iraq is torturing and purging Christians

    The Federalist: To listen to the news, one would think that the only grave problems in the world right now are Vladimir Putin, Israeli war crimes in Gaza, the humanitarian crisis on the southern U.S. border, and the possibility of Ebola reaching the West. Granted, those are all huge concerns—in part because those stories as presented are riddled with questionable assumptions and relevant omissions—but there is another story of the world in meltdown: the Christian purge in Iraq.

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Meriam Ibrahim, Sudan woman who faced death over faith, receives hero’s welcome in U.S.

Christian bakery criticized by new NI minister

Kaiser: Americans’ views of Hobby Lobby ruling are evenly divided

Firing health professionals who refuse to abort babies is watershed moment for Europe

ACLU sides with MO over denying daycare application

ADF has had record year in protecting religious freedom nationwide

Religious freedom nominee’s record prompts worry

US Supreme Court win supports Wash. pharmacist case

Justice Ginsburg on the five male Jusices’ “blind spot” in Hobby Lobby, and the influence of daughters on their fathers

Professor receives justice after years of battling discrimination

IRS agrees to probe churches preaching politics, says settlement to atheist lawsuit

China’s grim religious freedom problem

As persecution of faithful rises, so does the religious response

Satanists using Hobby Lobby decision to seek exemption from pro-life law

Four Christians killed in bomb attack in northern Nigeria

Meriam Ibrahim leaves Rome for the US after escaping Sudan

Ruth Bader Ginsburg accuses pro-Hobby Lobby SCOTUS judges of having a blind spot towards women

No, Wheaton College’s accreditation should not be revoked

Washington council votes to display ‘In God We Trust’ motto amid controversy

Should a special counsel investigate the IRS targeting of conservatives?

Is anyone answering Iraqi Christians’ cries for help?

State Dept. should act on Pakistan’s religious freedom violations, watchdog group says

All 45 Christian institutions in Mosul destroyed or occupied by ISIS

Can we protect religious freedom abroad?

Gordon College and pluralism in higher education

China removes crosses from two more churches in crackdown

Nigerian Christians killed by Muslims in first half of 2014 nearly equals 2013 totals

Christian cake artist sent to ‘re-education’ after same-sex marriage flap

ADF having record year defending freedom at America’s universities

Court permits church to move ahead with RLUIPA claims

Weary of culture-warring

Court unanimously rules against ailing atheists claiming 9/11 cross causes illness

Meriam Ibrahim praised in open ‘thank you’ letter by Christian woman

    The Christian Post: Meriam Ibrahim, arrested last August in Sudan and sentenced to death after being accused by family members of apostasy and adultery, was not only pressured to recant her Christian faith and thereby nullify her marriage, but was kept in shackles while giving birth to her second child in prison. At least one Christian woman, also from Africa, was lauding the 27-year-old’s resilience, and thanking her for bearing “heroic witness to the virtues of faith, marriage, and motherhood.”

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State Dept.: Syrian Christian persecution part of ‘largest displacement of religious communities in recent memory’

Why no one cares about the Christians of Mosul

IRS strikes deal with atheists to monitor what your pastor says in church

Is the IRS planning to crack down on pastors and churches?

Pro-life nurse files lawsuit after being denied job