College campuses resemble closed countries

Christian group denied recognition at two dozen college campuses

Church must fight for truth or lose our nation, says author

Christian Aid calls for end to identity-based violence in Iraq and UK

Hindu nationalist group seeking to cleanse Christian presence from India is not unlike ISIS, watchdog group warns

Missouri lawmaker challenges birth control mandate

ISIS committing ‘slow-motion genocide’ against church, say Iraqi Christians

We have a confirmed sighting of an old-school (think liberal) church-state coalition

Kennewick city councilman wants to start meetings with prayer to Christian God

Wash. state city councilman demands all prayers be directed to Christian God

Rights group challenges Pittsburgh protest ordinance

California bishops ‘distressed’ by abortion mandate, planning response

Russia: Further fines for religious literature

    Forum 18 News Service: Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to be targeted by law enforcement operations aimed at combating “extremism”, Forum 18 News Service notes. Seizures of religious literature, mostly during raids or detentions, frequently result in prosecutions under Article 20.29 of the Administrative Code (mass distribution of extremist material). These are based on the possession of literature which has been ruled “extremist” by courts and thereby prohibited from distribution in the Russian Federation.

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California’s abortion insurance mandate spotlights the left’s 40-year devolution on conscience

As Iraqi Christians in U.S. watch ISIS advance, they see ‘slow-motion genocide’

ISIS atrocities and beheadings continue from Syria to Iraq

The culture that is at the mercy of the Islamic State

    Aleteia: The human toll, of course, is the most important concern: the killing of innocent people, the rape and enslavement of women, the brutal uprooting of a population whose ancestors have lived there for untold generations. But the story of civilization that is recorded in everything from stone tablets and sculptures of winged lions to ancient monasteries and languages is also very much at risk as the Islamic State tries to establish a caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

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Penn State denies removing Bibles from hotels following atheist complaints

Coalition of interfaith charities support UN efforts to investigate atrocities committed by ISIS in Iraq

Iranian pastor facing death penalty for ‘spreading corruption on earth’ with Christianity

Indonesia marriage laws: Students challenge law preventing people of different faiths from marrying

Protestant union issues ‘urgent appeal’ to help Iraqi Christians

Mr. Weinstein, meet Rocky Raccoon

Catholic org dismantles California’s claim that elective abortion is ‘medically necessary’

Obama admin. throws in the towel in multiple abortion-pill mandate appeals

You should treasure your faith

Obama administration drops fight against 3 businesses over abortion pill mandate

Anti-abortion plaintiffs sue over protective buffer at Pittsburgh clinics

Obama administration drops appeals on three challenges to contraceptive mandate

Obama admin. drops appeals in three for-profit mandate cases

ADF signs letter to Pentagon regarding Navy Bible policy

ADF files suit against Pittsburgh censorship zones

Protecting religious freedom in prison (video)

Pro-life students could be punished under vague new ‘solicitation’ policy, suit says

Pharisees and Pharoahs

Obama admin. throws in the towel in multiple abortion-pill mandate appeals

Atheist poll claims over a third of Americans want ‘Under God’ removed from Pledge of Allegiance

‘Freedom of religion does not require freedom from religion:’ Gov. vows to defend memorial

Syrian Christians offer humanitarian aid to fleeing Yazidis

One month since their displacement, Iraqi Christians are ‘becoming extinct’

Coalition hosting week of prayer and fasting to stop ISIS

Iran evangelical pastor facing death penalty

Atheist lawsuit results in IRS promise to audit churches

UK mother leaves children behind to join ISIS; Threatens Christians with beheadings on Twitter

When it comes to free speech, not everyone is a good sport

Supreme Court to hear prisoner’s case requesting 1/4 inch longer beard

New York farmers stop hosting weddings after $13,000 fine for declining lesbian ceremony

Calif. covers only ‘medically necessary’ abortions for state employees, but forces Catholics to cover elective abortions

Lawsuit seeks free speech for pro-life students at University of South Alabama

Ethnic cleansing occurring in Iraq, Amnesty International charges

After kidnapping schoolgirls, Boko Haram takes aim at churches in northeast Nigeria

ADF letter affirms First Amendment freedoms of NC public school employees

10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for “insulting Islam” in Saudi Arabia

YouTube sermon censorship: Account canceled after pastor posted sermon message on ISIS

Pope Francis to Iraqi Christians: You are the heart of the church

Cross at Indiana state park prompts atheist protest

American missionaries detained in North Korea make plea to U.S. in TV interview

The plight of Christians in Iraq and Africa: The obscenity of silence

International religious freedom needs a champion

    World Mag: Founded in 1977 by Baroness Caroline Cox, Christian Solidarity Worldwide is a human rights organization specializing in religious freedom. Benedict Rogers represents Christian Solidarity Worldwide in what is perhaps the roughest neighborhood on the planet when it comes to religious liberty concerns, East Asia. His 2013 book, Burma: A Nation at the Crossroads, includes an introduction by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Rogers has traveled to Burma more than 40 times in the past 15 years. He contributes regularly to The Guardian, International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. I had this conversation with Rogers in Florida at a conference hosted by Christian religious liberty law firm Alliance Defending Freedom.

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What pro-choice? California mandates employers must cover elective abortions

Christian farm owners will no longer host wedding ceremonies after same-sex couple’s lawsuit

Question of beard and religious freedom unites groups who’ve been opponents

Libertarian students are leading the fight for free speech on campus

Pro-lifers seek freedom from restriction to 1% of campus

Abortions covered: State mandates health insurers to include elective abortion in group plans

Farm owners fined for their faith

Archbishop urges vigilance against US religious freedom threats

Ruling on New Mexico town’s Ten Commandments display put on hold

A conversation with Benedict Rogers of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (audio)

NH Supreme Court unanimously rejects challenge to school choice program

Life together, again: After Hobby Lobby, vibrant corporate life is needed more than ever