In plain view: Spite, hypocrisy in ‘gay marriage’ push

Sixth Circuit hears Tree of Life appeal

US Judge: Christian printer free to refuse gay pride order

Decorator wins court decision

Shop appeals gay wedding case to state high court

ISIS executes dozens of Ethiopian Christians in Libya

Florists’ funding ‘not found’

We believe in free speech, but…

The Culture War: Stand up and fight

New California bill would end abortion coverage mandate for employers, churches

NC allies of religious act press on

Anti-religion group launches campaign against college basketball chaplains

Land of the free? Not with same-sex marriage

Tri-Cities flower shop appeals to state Supreme Court in gay marriage case

Christian florist targeted for ‘personal ruin’ fights back

GoFundMe removes Christian grandma-florist Barronelle Stutzman’s fundraising page

Christian printer wins court battle in T-shirt discrimination case

Kentucky court rules Christian t-shirt company doesn’t have to print gay pride shirts

Egypt’s religious book burning backfires

Grassroots movement for NC religious freedom grows

Kenyan bishop says ‘stop playing around’ on anti-Christian violence

Judge says MTA must display anti-Hamas ads on NYC buses

GOP candidates dial up evangelical fears at Iowa forum

After receiving over $100K in donations, baker’s crowdfunding page shut down

Kentucky court says printing business has right to deny service for religious reasons

Kentucky court upholds freedom of printers not to print

Court: KY law protects Christian businessman

Christian print shop owners have constitutional right not to print gay pride t-shirts, Kentucky court rules

Fayette Circuit Court judge reverses finding in Hands On Originals discrimination case

Christian printer punished by the gov’t for refusing to print gay pride t-shirts just scored a major victory

Kentucky T-shirt printer that wouldn’t make gay pride shirts vindicated by court

Christian t-shirt printer wins victory in Kentucky court after refusing to print gay pride messages

ADF on Baker v. Hands On Originals (video)

Kentucky judge upholds Christian printer’s refusal to print gay pride T-shirts (+video)

Appeal filed to state Supreme Court in Arlene’s Flowers case

Arlene’s Flowers appeals to state Supreme Court

ADF to 6th Circuit: Ohio city’s zoning code should not punish Christian school

The rules of tolerance: you must bake for same-sex weddings; you must not host a Ted Cruz event

Nigerian forces invade last known stronghold of Boko Haram

Report: Beijing responded to growth of Christian in 2014 with harsh persecution

Christian persecution in Zhejiang more severe than first thought

The end of the Arab Spring, the rise of ISIS and the future of political Islam

Michigan adoption agencies may soon be allowed to refuse some applicants applicants on religious grounds

House Committee passes resolution disapproving local act threatening religious freedom in the nation’s capital

Texas chef says feeding homeless in park is protected by state’s RFRA

Oklahoma legislature passes two bills protecting clergy, judges, and churches that object to same-sex marriage

    Religion Clause: The Oklahoma legislature this week gave final passage to HB 1007 (full text) protecting clergy and religious organizations that object to same-sex marriage. The bill provides that clergy shall not be required to solemnize marriages that violate their conscience or religious beliefs. Religious organizations shall not be required to provide religious-based services designed for engaged or married couples or couples where the services are directly related to solemnizing, celebrating, strengthening or promoting a marriage, such as religious counseling programs, courses, retreats and workshops, if doing so would violate the conscience or religious beliefs of an official of the organization. Clergy and officials of religious organizations are immunized from civil liability for refusing to solemnize or furnish services for such marriages.

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Supreme Court denies certiorari In Title VII case

    Religion Clause: Last Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari in Macon v. J.C. Penney Co., (Docket No. 14-946, cert. denied 4/20/2015) (Order List.) In the case, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in a Dec. 29, 2014 opinion (full text) affirmed the district court’s dismissal of plaintiff’s Title VII religious accommodation claim. Plaintiff was fired when she refused to sign her company’s Statement of Business Ethics because according to her Christian beliefs the Bible prohibited her from taking oaths or making promises. She also refused to sign a document titled Our Integrity Promise because it would prevent her from writing an autobiography that included her work experiences. BNA Daily Report for Executives(subscription required) reports on the denial of review.

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Michigan Senate panel OKs bills on adoption and religion

Cancelled services at Navy boot camp spark outrage

Pastors descend on Texas Capitol to support bill protecting them from performing same-sex marriages

Small businesses split on religious freedom laws and marijuana, poll shows

Complaint targets continued use of cross in L.A. County seal

California bill ending ‘beliefs’ exemption for childhood vaccines advances

ADF asks Washington Supreme Court to review floral artist’s case

Christian printer wins victory for conscience rights

Win! Kentucky court won’t force Christian printer to print messages he disagrees with

Court upholds right of Christian company not to print t-shirts with ‘gay pride’ messages

Christian print shop wins case

Court: KY law protects Christian businessman

Fayette Circuit Court judge reverses finding on Hands On Originalscase

Kentucky printer wins religious freedom battle

ADF: Sports team chaplains aren’t unconstitutional

After bakers’ fundraising campaign shut down, florist who rejected same-sex wedding faces same fate

Freedom of conscience wins a round

Calif. bill ensures churches, religious employers aren’t forced to pay for elective abortions

Ky. court upholds freedom of printers not to print

No retreat, baby, no surrender

Are liberals finally rallying to save liberty?

State says bakers should pay $135,000 for refusing to bake cake for same-sex wedding

Harboring Doubts: On Justice Scalia’s majority opinion in ‘Employment Division v. Smith’

Modern ‘Monuments Men’ seek to save Christian history from ISIS