Bowdoin College encourages non-Christians to lead Christian groups

School blocks NRA, GOP, Christian websites – but not Dem, Islam sites

After denying promotion to conservative prof, UNC must pay his $700k legal tab

Diocese of La Crosse announces keynote speaker

Supreme Court: 1st Amend. protects speech on matters of public concern outside workplace

Court tells VA community colleges to loosen free-speech rules

Attorney: courts overturning marriage laws use ‘raw judicial power’

Preacher arrested for crossing police barricade blocking Christians found not guilty

Another church’s cross removed in China’s crackdown on religion

Rick Warren: Pastors may have to go to jail in defense of religious liberty

Nuns file suit against strip club claiming music prevents them from praying in peace

More than 550 Coptic Christian schoolgirls in Egypt kidnapped since 2011

Intolerance as illiberalism

    Public Discourse: We live in intolerant times. A former Secretary of State is disinvited from speaking on campus. Corporate leaders are forced to resign because of their views on marriage. People are forced by the courts to violate their consciences. A prominent Senate leader calls Tea Party activists “anarchists” and, in a speech reminiscent of McCarthyism, brands the businessmen-philanthropist Koch brothers “un-American.” The Internal Revenue Service—harking back to the Johnson and Nixon eras—is accused of targeting individuals and groups for their political views. And government leaders routinely ignore laws they are sworn to uphold.

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Reopening the question of China and Hobby Lobby

Boko Haram threat has not stopped Bible translation work in Nigeria

Will Obama’s executive order protecting LGBT people from employment discrimination respect religious liberty?

Scalia’s very, very, very rare dissent: Court should have reviewed school graduation case

‘My husband told them we were Christians and they shot him in the head and chest;’ 48 Kenyans killed in terrorist attacks

Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal over graduation ceremonies held in evangelical church

Family to lose health plan, pay for abortions under Obamacare

Forsyth County asks court to drop ban on sectarian prayers

Costs mount for NC school in discrimination case

Supreme Court won’t wade into fight over graduations in churches

How religious liberty can unite conservatives and libertarians

In Iraq, Christians flee homes amid brutal conflict

A guide to the Supreme Court’s remaining cases

Thousands of Christians flee as ISIS militants burn, loot churches in captured Iraqi city

Calif. grad defies high school order and cites ‘my Christian faith’ in speech

Supreme Court rejects appeal from Wisconsin school on graduations in church

A way out of the for-profit conundrum

University must pay $700,000 legal bill for retaliating against Christian prof

Family to lose health care plan, must pay for abortions under Obamacare

Family to lose health plan, pay for abortions under Obamacare

NAACP threatens LifeNews for reporting its abortion advocacy

NC county seeks to resume prayers in light of US Supreme Court decision

At White House rally, lawmakers ask Obama to save Christian mom in Sudan

Saeed Abedini, Hobby Lobby owners honored at SBC for religious freedom commitment

Ted Cruz joins demonstrators in front of White House, calls on Obama to help imprisoned Sudanese Christian woman

U.S. Bishops unanimously reauthorize religious-liberty initiative

Christian refugees – Growing crisis around the world

Government union wants Duck Dynasty fans fired

NYTimes: Waves of generic refugees run for their lives in Iraq

B.C. lawyers vote against religious school

Elmbrook and religion as ‘hazardous waste’

Archbishop: Probably there is not one Christian now left in Mosul

You heard, you responded – And a church is saved

UNCW criminology professor wins case, UNCW to pay $700,000+ in legal fees

Obama Administration’s attacks on religious freedom intensifying

Judge rules UNCW must pay professor $700,000 for legal fees

Moore, Warren predict Hobby Lobby win at Supreme Court

House Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitution and Civil Justice hearing

American majority supports company contraception insurance mandate: survey

The cleansing of Iraq’s Christians is entering its end game

Meriam Ibrahim and the Obama administration, an interview with Nina Shea

University sticks taxpayers with $700,000 bill for retaliating against conservative professor

India: A looming new arena for religious persecution

Not all religious liberty cases are black and white. Many are gray.

Baker takes a stand for religious freedom (video)

Colleges and evangelicals collide on bias policy

Religious freedom is the new civil rights issue, Samuel Rodriguez and Rick Warren say

Va. Christian student wins free speech lawsuit; 23 college campuses agree to change policy

Biblical viewpoint grounds for discrimination? UNCW thinks so

Lawsuit results in speech policy changes at VA community colleges

Most courts in agreement re: Obamacare mandate

Ariz. closes church for unpaid taxes despite exemption

Strange bedfellows support religious freedom

    National Review: A broad coalition from across the political spectrum has filed amicus briefs in support of Mr. Holt: the U.S. government, Alliance Defending Freedom, the ACLU, Prison Fellowship Ministries (originally founded by Evangelical Chuck Colson), Islamic law scholars, Christian Legal Society, Jewish organizations, the Catholic bishops, the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board, the Anti-Defamation League, and even Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

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Obama’s administration’s attacks on religious freedom increasing

Utah police officer suspended for refusing to work at openly lewd ‘gay pride’ parade

Police launch probe into church sign after one person complained

Opponents of health-care law turn to faith-based nonprofits to cover medical expenses

Judge reprimanded by N.C. Court of Appeals for referencing Bible during sentencing