Atheist who ‘prayed’ to Mother Earth, Satan denied request to open Palm Beach meeting

Arizona biology teacher mocks Jesus, Biblical creation in lecture slide

Virginia attorney wants public schools to stop renting to churches

Here’s how the media got the latest religious liberty bill wrong

Catholic higher education in ruins

Campus speech codes decline, but federal government threatens to impose censorship codes at 100% of colleges

Schools warned of lawsuits over gender accomodations

ADF to Supreme Court: Ariz. town’s excuses for speech discrimination fall short

Bible passages banned from Irish religion class

Pro-life family no longer forced to pay Obamacare ‘abortion surcharge’

High school bans student prayer during school day

ISIS militants behead 4 Christian kids who won’t denounce Jesus, church leader says

China’s Urumqi bans Islamic veil, sparking rights concerns

Problems with your boss? Try a chat with the office chaplain

Conservative group sues California AG over donor list demands, ‘bullying’

The Chinese celebrate Christmas, whether the Communist Party likes it or not

Russell Moore: Extending John Leland’s religious liberty legacy for Southern Baptists – and everyone else

Atheist couple keeps $1 million legal battle against two churches alive – but these faith leaders aren’t backing down

Christian printer was punished after refusing to print pride shirts – and now he’s fighting back

T-shirt printer appeals discrimination ruling

Hands On Originals appeals ruling on refusal to print pride festival T-shirts

This small business owner is convinced that justice will prevail

Lexington business appeals discrimination charge

T-shirt company appeals discrimination ruling

Christian printer fights back against discrimination charge for refusal to print pride t-shirts

T-shirt case latest in culture war over ‘equality’ vs. freedom of religion

Atheists launch legal attack against Hawaii churches

Council declines to reconsider Nativity removal

Cromnibus gives $35 M to UN Population Fund, continues tax subsidies for abortions

$1 trillion Cromnibus bill includes victories, losses for pro-life movement

Student privacy and safety concerns remain with bathrooms in schools

ADF to schools: Respect, protect all students’ privacy rights

Gloucester School Board OKs policy protecting students’ bathroom privacy

Floral Quarrel: AG threatens to close shop over marriage

Washington florist who declined to make arrangements for a same-sex wedding may lose her business, personal assets

Florist who refused to provide flowers for same-sex ceremony sued by state

Chaplain Alliance to Army: Chaplain shouldn’t be threatened for doing his job

Sudan: Lawyers appeal eviction notice issued to tenants of Anglican church building

Oahu churches seek dismissal of atheist lawsuit

Free to speak or not speak? That is the question in Ky. printer case

Second appeal hearing for three Iranian clergymen

Make army chaplains secular, British officer says

Northern Ireland ‘conscience clause’ consultation launched

Michigan house approves Religious Freedom Restoration Act despite opposition

Australian ‘Grand Theft Auto’ fans seek to ban Bible after game banned in stores

Should children make up their own minds about religion?

Religious nonprofits challenge health law

Atheists still technically banned from holding office in seven states

Flower shop in court over same sex wedding case

Change looming for city’s pastor-targeting ordinance

Gloucester schools face challenge with proposed restroom policy

Case against Richland florist who wouldn’t provide flowers for same-sex wedding moves ahead

Call for justice for murdered Pakistani Christians

Christian convert imprisoned and tortured in Egypt vows to ‘starve himself to death,’ lawyer says

Christians join new militia to combat ISIS in northern Iraq

ISIS battle kills 67 soldiers; Terror group advances on final military air base in Syria

School board drops Hobby Lobby president’s proposed Bible course following complaint

Legal group: Repeal of D.C. Amendment will have ‘severe impact on religious liberty’

“Stop listening to Planned Parenthood and start listening to the Constitution,” pro-lifers’ lawyers tell Pittsburgh

Same-sex wedding florist case in Kennewick court

ADF recommends policy to protect student privacy in restrooms, locker rooms

10th Circuit to hear Christian universities’ challenge to abortion-pill mandate

American Atheists’ ‘Skip Church’ This Christmas billboards aimed at non-believers in religious households, says AA president

Ex-church employee alleges discrimination after his same-sex engagement

Gender-bending proposal a threat to Minnesota high school sports, say critics

Iraqi government discussing operations to liberate Ninevah and Anbar from ISIS

‘Teachers avoid the true meaning of Christmas’

Texas conservatives boldly reclaim textbooks

    One News Now: The controversial changes were highly contested by the five Democratic board members who voted against adopting the conservative changes. They argued that global warming should be portrayed as a scientific fact and that Islam should be shown in a positive light as a religion of peace – while playing down or altogether avoiding any discussion of Moses as a historical figure that helped shape America’s democracy through the adoption of his laws and principles written in the Pentateuch of the Bible.

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