Prayer added to city council, county meetings following Supreme Court ruling

Hobby Lobby, corporate law, and the theory of the firm

Washington Supreme Court says anti-discrimination law requires reasonable accommodation of religious beliefs

Annual Defense authorization bill passes the House with religious liberty provision

ADF to Hawaii court: Dismiss renewed attack on churches

Public university forbids criticizing religious group as a cult

Federal judge rules Christian colleges don’t have to comply with Obamacare contraception mandate

Cameron University faces lawsuit over flyers

Dordt College exempted from contraceptive mandate

Court blocks birth control mandate for two Christian colleges

Ventura accused of stifling Good Samaritins

First round freedom win for Dordt College and Cornerstone University against HHS mandate

Human rights at stake in upcoming European Parliament elections

It’s time to end public university speech zones

Boko Haram attacks Nigerian villages, as US sends in troops to hunt for kidnapped girls

Saeed Abedini’s family: pastor yanked from hospital bed, beaten, taken back to Iran prison

Aids expert fired for testifying “gay sex is harmful to public health”

“Free to be a jerk” – Slate agrees that academic freedom is important

Dordt College wins first round against HHS mandate

Judge: Obama admin can’t force Christian colleges to obey HHS Mandate

Senators urge Obama admin to help 8-month-pregnant woman sentenced to death for rejecting Islam

Sixty percent of voters say Obamacare debate is not over

First round freedom win for Iowa, Mich. Christian colleges against HHS mandate

ADF to America: Public prayer is OK, secularist threats empty

ADF to S.D. school: Ignore empty ACLU threats

Benham brothers speak out after both HGTV and SunTrust issues

Action being taken to help Christians in the Middle East

UK government minister issues official protest at death sentence for pregnant Christian woman in Sudan

U.S. Citizen rushes to Sudan to save pregnant wife from hanging for Christian faith

PM ‘undermined Christianity’, marriage poll reveals

Benham brothers thank Christians for standing with them during SunTrust debacle

New Hampshire may pass a law crushing pro-life free speech unless you speak out

Supreme Court still considering another big religious test case

Military opens door to religious accommodation

Man denies attempting to kill Sikh religious leader after axe attack

Bellingham targets tax break for religious hospitals

Sudan order to hang Christian woman for apostasy ‘outrageous’ – UN

Six years into the Pulpit Initiative – Has the IRS responded?

Courts acknowledge religion protects against tyranny

Haiti church hopes for lead in slain missionary

Bill of Rights “don’t exist on school’s campus”

Kentucky school to allow ‘transgender’ students access to opposite sex restrooms

    Christian News Network: Meanwhile, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) threatened to pursue legal action if the non-discrimination policy goes into effect. In a letter to the governing board members of Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), ADF spokespersons argued that Atherton High School should not make restrooms available to both sexes.

    “Not only may JCPS prevent students from accessing opposite-sex restrooms and changing areas, JCPS should do so to avoid violating the rights of JCPS students and parents,” the letter states. “With respect to JCPS students, they have the right to bodily privacy.”

    “Permitting students to use opposite-sex restrooms and changing areas would seriously endanger student safety, undermine parental authority, and severely impair an environment conducive to learning,” the letter continues. “These dangers are so clear-cut that a school district allowing such activity would clearly expose itself—and its teachers—to tort liability.”

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