Brazil: A lesson in the peaceful navigation of religious change

Brazil leads the world in religious freedom, finds Pew study

Brazilian court affirms right of Adventist to close his service station for Sabbath.

Religion and same-sex marriage debates take center stage in Brazil elections

Brazil’s police take Bible classes to reduce stress

Brazil Launches Campaign To Promote Religious Tolerance

The Defusing Of Brazil’s Sexual Rights Activists

Brazilian Legislator Speaking At Evangelical Rally Orders Arrest For Lesbian Kiss In Audience

Brazil Army Must Recognize Same-sex Civil Union

Brazil to provide ‘morning-after’ pill for rape victims

Brazil has lowest government restrictions on religion among 25 most populous nations, as country undergoes major religious shifts

Brazil Leaders To Meet As Protests, Violence Grow

“Brazilian Notaries Must Register Gay Unions As Marriages”

Governments’ Attempts To Censor Google Have Doubled Since 2011

Brazil: “Court rules that gay couples can marry in Rio de Janeiro state”

Brazil Doctor Group Urges Legalization Of Abortion

Video: Brazilian politicians seeking to outlaw ‘homophobic’ speech, warn evangelicals

Brazilian judge redefines marriage | LGBT Weekly

Transgenders break into Brazil’s modeling sector

Class Of 2012: Young Europeans Trapped By Language

BRICS: The World’s New Banker?

Brazilian Court Bans Anti-islam Film From Youtube

Brazil judge orders arrest of Google exec over elections law

Brazil Notary Formalizes Three-person Civil Union

“Brazil Government Grants Gay Man ‘Maternity’ Leave”

Three-person civil union sparks controversy in Brazil

Brazilian psychological society objects to counselor’s ‘Christian’ label

Brazil: Number of judges under threat has gone up

Gays disrupt hearings in Brazilian Congress on psychological treatment for homosexuality

Brazil police say child-porn ring broken up

Persecuted homeschoolers wow Brazilians by winning numerous prizes in academic contests

Brazilian Senate Committee OKs Civil Unions

Brazilian Evangelical, Catholic congressmen seek impeachment of top pro-abortion judge

Attorney: Latin American babies under siege | One News Now

Brazil court allows abortion in case of anencephaly | SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Brazil Condemned for Allowing Abortions on Disabled Babies

    LifeNews: Alliance Defense Fund Senior Legal Counsel Piero Tozzi responded to the decision to allow, what he calls, Brazil’s Supreme Federal Tribunal’s decision to “decriminalize the killing of pre-born children for eugenic reasons.” “Every innocent life deserves to be protected. Instead, Brazil’s high court has approved of slaughtering the country’s most vulnerable people, the severely disabled. Eugenic abortion further erodes respect not only for human dignity in general, but the dignity of the disabled in particular. Protecting the innocent is a chief duty of the legislature, and the court was wrong to overstep its authority and tear down the protections long ago established by Brazil’s lawmakers–protections that are consistent with the pro-life views of most Brazilians.”

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ADF comment on Brazil high court’s decision to approve “eugenic abortions”

Brazil’s supreme court decriminalizes abortions where fetuses develop without brains

Pro-lifers rally outside Brazilian high court as it weighs allowing eugenic abortions

Sex Rights for Children = The Right to Child Rape

Brazilian court acquits child molester, says twelve-year-old girls were prostitutes

Brazil takes on websites that promote sex tourism

UN, Brazil Falsely Claim 200K Women Die From Illegal Abortion

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‘Cultural Marxism’ new threat to society says Brazilian commentator

Brazil moves closer to passing devastating ‘homophobia’ law: are Catholic bishops retreating?

Brazil government seeks to shut down Catholic TV network in ongoing conflict over abortion

“Brazil grants a foreigner permanent residency based on same-sex-marriage”

“Brazil grants a foreigner permanent residency based on same-sex-marriage”

International conference declares ‘war’ on culture of death |

Video: Global ‘right to abortion’ rejected at Brazilian pro-life conference

International Congress for Truth and Life to be held in Brazil in early November

Top Brazil court ok’s marriage redefinition

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Brazil: Abortion Hinders Achievement of Development Goals

PBS: “Brazil’s Shifting Views of Church, Abortion and Lifestyle”

Islam on the rise in Brazil

Ctr. for Reproductive Rights: Historic U.N. Ruling Finds Brazil Violates Woman’s Human Rights in Maternal Death Case

Brazilian city council imposes fine for inducing children into homosexuality

Majority of Brazilians reject homosexual civil unions following imposition by Supreme Tribunal

Sao Paulo council approves Heterosexual Pride Day

Ratings agencies rattle cages in U.S., Europe

AP: “Hundreds of thousands back gay pride in Brazil”

Brazil sex education material suspended due to homosexual content

Brazil: Pele fertility doctor ‘deceived IVF parents’

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Sen. Vitter asks why the U.S. is sending money to Brazil

“Brazilian Lawmaker to Introduce Gay Marriage Resolution”

Brazil law gives grandparents visitation rights