China logs double-digit growth in 2010

China heads off US questions on human rights

Hu highlights need for U.S.-China cooperation, questions dollar

New US lawmakers want action on China currency

Rise in abortions in China, young women targeted

China Not Fulfilling Its Human Rights Plan, Monitors Say

Lost religious liberty around the world

China military eyes preemptive nuclear attack in event of crisis

Book review: China’s dreams of superior children

China plans marriage database

China media report mystery stealth fighter photos

World Bank issues its 1st yuan bonds in Hong Kong

China shuts over 60,000 porn websites this year

China’s online population hits 450 million

Daniel Henninger: Popes, atheists and freedom

China to go after Internet phone services

Suspicious death ignites fury in China

China to cut crucial rare earths export quotas

China rebuffs Vatican on religious freedom

Phyllis Schlafly: Re-evaluating “free trade” with China

China moving toward deploying anti-carrier missile

Pope urges courage for Catholics in China, Iraq

Report: One-child law enslaves women’s bodies

Beijing sneers at Vatican’s “dangerous” complaints over state-appointed Catholic bishops

Report cites abuses from China’s one-child rule

Vatican in new clash with China over church

Frank Dikötter on Mao’s mass murders

Family: China denies prison visits to Nobel winner

China, the Nobel, the bishops and the Vatican: Who won, who lost

    Card. Joseph Zen Zekiun: “The Eighth Assembly of the Representatives of the Chinese Catholics was ‘victoriously’ successful, as ‘victoriously successful’ was the preventing of Liu Xiaobo from going to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Are our leaders are truly proud of similar ‘victories’? The fact that China has become an economic power, allows them to ignore so shamefully the human rights? Those who bow to you for business interests, do they respect you in their hearts? Wake up! Please, save a little the dignity of our great nation, famous for its ancient civilization and its refined etiquette.”

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Why Shanghai schooled the US: Americans think they’re too smart to work hard

Hong Kong Cardinal: Catholic schools may have to close over gov’t management scheme

China: Man in euthanasia case given probation

Obama urges China to free Nobel laureate Liu

Authorities in China tighten grip on bishops

China lashes out at US Congressional Resolution to support jailed Nobel Laureate

China plans to build mosques

Heritage Foundation: Rally for Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo

Anti-China protests in Norway before Nobel prize

China declares Christian “house churches” a “cult”

China counters Nobel Peace Prize with Confucius Peace Prize

Americans no longer think the U.S. economy is No. 1

West loses edge to Asia in education: Top five OECD findings

China to choose Catholic heads; Vatican ties tense

China’s U.N. influence rising, West should be careful: institute

China, Russia quit dollar

Vatican denounces China for bishop ordination

Chinese human rights advocate disappears again

Is Catholicism in China different from elsewhere?

Nobel Peace Prize case study: China’s growing power threatens liberty

Pentagon “aware” of China Internet rerouting

A case study in trains: China stealing technology from American companies that export American jobs

Stocks dip as China forces banks to raise reserves

Bernanke takes aim at China

Pat Buchanan: Who fed the tiger?

Cardinals talk religious freedom amid China flap

China’s censors misfire in abuse-of-power case

    New York Times: “Chen Xiaofeng was a poor farm girl. The man accused of killing her, Li Qiming, is the son of Li Gang, the deputy police chief in the Beishi district of Baoding. The tale of her death is precisely the sort of gripping socio-drama — a commoner grievously wronged; a privileged transgressor pulling strings to escape punishment — that sets off alarm bells in the offices of Communist Party censors. And in fact, party propaganda officials moved swiftly after the accident to ensure that the story never gained traction. Curiously, however, the opposite has happened.”

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Vatican warns China over bishop’s ordination

Advisory panel urges action on Chinese currency

Soros: China has better functioning government than U.S.

Murdoch warns of China’s economic prowess

China readies price controls to tackle food inflation

China’s “state capitalism” sparks a global backlash

More Chinese students studying in US

Obama: Fed action not designed to weaken dollar

Stocks drop on China inflation worries

G-20 refuses to back US push on China’s currency

G20: Why the US should worry if Asian currencies strengthen

80 million Bibles printed in China – and counting

China may be bigger economy than US within two years

China and Germany slam U.S. policy before G20 summit

China to tighten control on inflows of overseas funds

Industry groups lobby G20 on rare earth supply

Obama returns fire after China slams Fed’s move

Beijing denounces Nobel prize as a Western tool

Global backlash against Fed’s $600bn easing