China Forces Woman Nine Months Pregnant to Have an Abortion

Obama Will Nominate Baucus As Ambassador To China

Chinese journalists face Marxist ideology exam

The Christian Underground In ‘Atheist’ China

China Withholds Visas For NYT, Bloomberg Reporters

After Unilateral Air Defense Move, Beijing Sends Carrier to Another Sensitive Area

US bombers defy Chinese no-fly zone

Google could end China’s web censorship in 10 days – why doesn’t it?

China Top Court Rules Out Forced Confessions

China: Birth Limits Still Needed Despite Easing | AP

Don’t Buy China’s “Dramatic” Change To One-child Policy

Coercion and Abuses Remain at Core of China’s Birth-Limitation Policy

China Backtracks: Will Maintain One-Child Policy “Over a Long Period of Time”

China Relaxes 1 Child Policy? Not Really

China, Russia in running for top UN human rights body

What America Can Learn From China: In Politics, Competence Matters

    Yahoo Finance: In America, meanwhile, 29 members of Congress will meet this week as the latest, greatest ‘super-committee’ picks up the can that was kicked down the road last month. If the committee isn’t able to come up with a budget deal by Dec. 13, the world’s largest economy could suffer another government shutdown when the current continuing resolution expires Jan. 15, followed by another potential debt ceiling crisis a month later. In other words, China continues to plan years ahead while America is too consumed with partisan battles to successfully deal with issues of immediate importance, much less address long-term issues.

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Chinese authorities block internet access to bishop’s pastoral message

The U.S. needs a new strategy in addressing China’s human rights

China is getting better at influencing media outside China China doesn’t just exert heavy control over state media; its influence over media outlets outside China is expanding, according to a new report by Freedom House . . . Perhaps most remarkable is that the traditionally critical Chinese-language press outside the mainland are starting to fall in line. The report notes that in Hong Kong, influential newspapers like the Ming Pao Daily, Sing Tao Daily and Sing Pao are now controlled by tycoons with core business interests on the mainland and who have close ties to officials.

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West criticizes, China defends human rights record at U.N.

Revealed: India is home to nearly half of world’s 30 million modern-day slaves

Why China Wants to Dump the Dollar

    Chriss W. Street at Breitbart: Having benefited for twenty years from their under-valued currency, importing manufacturing jobs, and exporting lower priced products, China’s comparative advantage is being destroyed by America’s oil and natural gas fracking boom. The Chinese communist authorities are terrified their loss of competitiveness will cause unemployment and the social consequences that flow from it. But with the terms of trade now substantially against China, convincing the world to dump the U.S. dollar as reserve currency and switch to the Chinese “renminbi” is their best hope to try to save tens of millions of manufacturing jobs.

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The Next Human Rights Revolution | Chen Guangcheng at Public Discourse

Baby girl targeted for gendercide is … a boy!

5 Things To Know About China’s New Aged Care Law

US report says little progress on China rights

Chinese Christian Activist Fights Communist Government to Spread Christianity, Religious Freedom

China family planners storm home, drag off mom to forced abortion

Chinese woman opens up about brutal, 13-day-long forced abortion that nearly killed her

Chinese Dissident Has 3 New Academic Ties In Us

China Courts Lift Veils But Keep Courtroom Closed

Did You Know 200 Million Girls are “Missing” Thanks to Abortion, Infanticide?

China: When will five-fold state-backed religious monopoly end?

    Forum 18: In a system established by China’s communist rulers in the 1950s, five state-backed religious headquarter bodies have an official monopoly over all legal religious activity in the country. Only Buddhist, Catholic (independent of the Vatican), Daoist, Islamic and Protestant Christian groups under these headquarter bodies can gain legal status. Yet while this monopoly is gradually being eroded, Forum 18 News Service notes that other religious communities wonder if, when and how the Chinese government will open up to allow any religious community that wants it to gain legal status.

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China billionaire businessman detained for ‘dissent’

Two Child Policy in China: Too Little Too Late?

    C-FAM: With its announcement of possible reforms, China has implicitly admitted its forty year-old one child per-family policy has been a failure. The rules led to draconian abuses. There were an estimated 336 million abortions, including forced abortions and sterilizations at the hands of a powerful and intrusive family planning establishment controlling the most intimate aspects of Chinese life.

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China: Wife Missing Who Lobbied Govt After Husband’s Forced Sterilization

Catholic cardinal warns of possible violence in Hong Kong over democracy protest

Chinese Woman Victimized by Forced Abortion at Nine Months of Pregnancy

Organ trafficker gouges out Chinese boy’s eyes for corneas to sell on black market

First Circuit refuses to reopen asylum request for Chinese Christian

$2M NIH Grant to Study Effect of Cultural Stigma on Chinese Homosexual Men

Priest arrested in China, numerous priests have disappeared and been tortured

Relaxing China’s Birth Limits Won’t End Coercion or Abuses, Activist Says

US Official: Human Rights Deteriorate In China

Father of ‘illegal’ child attacks Chinese family planning office, kills two, injures four

Chinese Woman Dying From Forced Abortion at 18 Weeks

Icon Of China’s Anti-labor-camp Lobby Wins Appeal

Tibetan parliament slams Chinese firing on prayer meet

NYU Drops Chinese Human Rights Defender For Pro-life Stance

USCIRF Calls On Administration To Raise Religious Persecution Concerns With Chinese Officials

China unofficially allowing monks to ‘revere’ Dalai Lama in Tibet

Law Requires Chinese To Visit Their Aging Parents

Study: Next Baby Faces Low Birth Weight, Death if Mom Has Multiple Abortions

Activist Says Human Rights Will Grow In China

Obama administration slaps Russia, China on sex slavery, trafficking

Chinese city forces all women of child-bearing age to be fitted with IUDs or sterilized

China Bans Private Adoptions Of Abandoned Infants

Letter smuggled from Chinese labor camp reveals suffering Christians

China Launches Huge Campaign to Force Women to Get IUDs or be Sterilized

Mother of Baby Rescued From Sewage Pipe Victimized by One-Child Policy

U.S. and China Among 15 Countries Agreeing That the U.N. Charter Applies in Cyberspace

Chinese Against Sex Abuse: Sleep With Me, Not Kids

Chinese City Plans To Fine Unmarried Mothers

China: Mother Dies After Forced Abortion at Six Months

Chinese baby rescued from toilet pipe after being flushed by parents

A surprising map of where the world’s atheists live | Washington Post

China: Tight state controls on religious education

    Forum 18: China does not allow religious communities to run schools for children, even though regulations do not forbid the provision of religious education to minors. Nor is religious education provided in state schools. For students beyond school age, only state-approved religious groups affiliated with China’s five state-backed monopoly faiths are allowed to apply to set up institutions for the study of their faith or training of clergy, Forum 18 News Service notes. Restrictions are especially tight in Tibet and Xinjiang. The state limits the number of such institutions and their size. Establishing new colleges is cumbersome and long drawn out, even when successful. Their curricula must include “politics” and “patriotic” education, as defined by the state. The state also discourages religious activity on general university campuses. These restrictions reflect the authoritarian state’s desire to control religious groups, including by intervening in the training of their leaders and the level of education of their members.

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Russian Patriarch seeks official recognition for Orthodox in China

Famous Chinese Filmmaker Investigated For Breaking One-child Policy

China Named as Violator of Freedom of Religion in European Parliament

UK: MP urges Govt to record gender of aborted babies

Christian Tourists in Kashmir Face Violence over Conversion Claims

Rights Groups Urge Us To Raise Concerns With China