Chinese woman dies during forced abortion: was six months pregnant

China activists renew efforts to see blind lawye

China Forced Abortion Opponent Chen Guangcheng Possibly Killed

‘Like pigs in the slaughterhouse’: The day Chinese officials brutally murdered my unborn child

Land: Cut U.S. Funding to UN’s Population Fund

House panel OKs money cut for UN population fund

Wesley J. Smith: “Biological Colonialism: Bioethicists Urge Science Boycott of China Over Organ Killings”

Boehner dismisses move to punish China on currency

Land: Cut U.S. Funding to UN’s Population Fund

Obama says he has no regrets about a $528 million loan to failed Calif. solar panel maker

Bill Bans China’s Population Controllers From U.S. Entry

Chinese Banks Close to Collapse. Fears of zero growth

Cardinal Zen: Beijing National Education a form of “brainwashing”

‘Blood streamed across his body’: Leaked report details chilling stories of China one-child policy

Coca-Cola chief: US less business friendly than China

One Child Policy — Groundbreaking New Report Documents Brutal Coercion

Americans losing jobs to China: 2.8 million in 10 years or 2% of the current unemployment rate

Two monks immolate themselves in protest of China; Beijing to decide the next incranation of the Dalai Lama

‘Religious persecutors’ list incomplete

Bill Saunders: Time to End Funding for UNFPA Over Forced Abortions in China

Alan E. Sears: The Philosophical Tyranny of the Homosexual Agenda

China stuck in a gender balance time warp

Congressional Hearing Marks 35 Years of China’s One-Child Policy

Chinese respect for elderly devastated after decades of population control

Book Review: God Is Red In the early 1990s, he spent four years in jail for writing and recording “Massacre,” a poem about the killing of democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square in June 1989. Recently he was warned that he faced going back to jail for the upcoming publication abroad of two books: a memoir of his imprisonment and “God Is Red.” In July, Mr. Liao slipped out of China and took refuge in Germany. “God Is Red” consists of informal profiles of Christians in the cities of Beijing, Chengdu and Dali and in remote areas of the southwestern province of Yunnan.

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China states price for Italian rescue

Christians in China: Is the country in spiritual crisis?

    It is impossible to say how many Christians there are in China today, but no- one denies the numbers are exploding. The government says 25 million, 18 million Protestants and six million Catholics. Independent estimates all agree this is a vast underestimate. A conservative figure is 60 million. There are already more Chinese at church on a Sunday than in the whole of Europe.

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Chinese Human Rights Oppression: Anyone deemed disloyal to the Party is excluded from the people and loses his rights

N Korea implicated in missionary death

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Biden Voted Against Condemning China’s One-Child Policy

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Pentagon: China’s quest for military might is showing results

WH: Biden finds China one-child policy ‘repugnant’

Bill Would Deny Chinese Human Rights Abusers U.S. Entry

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Chinese marriages: case study

Joe Biden “Fully Understands” China’s Mandatory Abortions

China doubted over announced end of sex-selection abortion

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Macau sex fair kicks off amid growing Asian demand

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Repressing the Internet, Western-Style

Insight: China’s microbloggers rattle the censor’s cage

Ex-Planned Parenthood Director Praises China’s One-Child Policy

China: 1 underground priest released, 4 others jailed

Dollar to Be ‘Discarded’ by World: China Rating Agency

China says debt financing unlikely ‘to save’ US, EU

Woman facing prison, sterilization over 1-child policy in China

China Joins Russia in Blasting U.S. Borrowing After Debt Ceiling Agreement

China Takes New Steps Against House Churches

China blames Muslim extremists for attack in Xinjiang

China’s Soaring “Clean” Energy Sector Dwarfed by Coal Increases

89 Kids Saved From China One-Child Policy Trafficking Ring

Why is biggest U.S. creditor getting U.S. grants?

“China calls Vatican ‘unreasonable’ in bishop spat”

China to ordain 7 more illicit Catholic bishops

House Amdt Supports China Forced Abortion Opponent Chen Guangcheng

Canadian judge: Chinese fugitive is not a refugee

Report: China building electromagnetic pulse weapons for use against U.S. carriers